The Shamrock Taphouse terminal entries are entries found on two terminals in the basement area of the Shamrock Taphouse.

Patrick's terminalEdit


Property of Shamrock Taphouse


       <User "Patrick Merryweather" signed in>

Experimentation LogsEdit


Notes on the creation of Drinking Buddy.


Gasket SealsEdit


Godammit, that's the third set of gasket seals it's blown this week. The whole damn thing is full of mash water again. The first batch always works like a charm, but if you have to pop the chassis open every couple dayIn-game spelling, punctuation and/or grammarIcon sic to replace the gaskets no one is gonna want to buy one of these things. Hm... I wonder if the cultures are retaining more heat due to the flash fermentation process? That extra heat could be what is causing the problem.



I reworked the design to move the thermal exchanger so the coils wrap around the bottling siphon and that seems to have done the trick. Not only are the gaskets not melting, but it also cools the beer as bottles it.In-game spelling, punctuation and/or grammarIcon sic Ice cold, every time!

One of my patrons also gave me a lead on a possible investor. Jack West, the manager over at the Hotel Rexford apparently just came into an inheritance and he could front the cash I need to get the Drinking Buddy into full production. He's agreed to my terms if I let him run the prototype at the hotel for a month to drum up additional press.



Mr. West has run into a slight problem in that the hotel is contractually obligated to only serve Gwinnett beer, so I can't use my own recipes. Luckily I know a guy, who knows a guy who has cracked the encryption on their proprietary brewing holotapes, so we've put that code into the subroutines for now. It's risky if Gwinnett's lawyers catch wind, but hopefully it's just a stop gap until we can get into production or work something out with them.



West is really starting to get on my nerve. First it's the hang up with the recipes, now he says the Drinking Buddy looks toIn-game spelling, punctuation and/or grammarIcon sic impersonal. Impersonal! What a pompous ass! I told him that with the brewing vat there is no room for the servos needed to simulate a face and that idiot asked me to just put some gauges on the front like they were eyes. I'm just going to deliver it to the theater during the intermission on Friday and he'll just have to get over it.



Hm, getting it to the Rexford may be tricky. The body could probably take a direct hit from a truck, but the leg servos on those protectrons are wicked slow. Maybe I'd better rent a truck...

I'll stash the bootup password here in the basement till I get the delivery sorted out.



Shamrock Taphouse
Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink
ERROR: Unknown hardware detected
{Drinkin' Buddy Chassis v0.9}

Please be advised that unauthorized hardware will void your warranty.

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>Protectron ControlEdit


Standard Protectron Control Interface v2.40

CAUTION: Unlicensed hardware connected to Robco Protectron. Warranty rendered void. Improper tampering with Protectron units may lead to permanent injury.

STATUS: 1 Unit(s) Charging/Inactive
CONNECTED: 1 Unit(s) Connected to this terminal

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>Protectron Control (2)Edit


Standard Protectron Control Interface v2.40

This interface should be used by RobCo-licensed technicians only. Improper tampering with Protectron units may lead to permanent injury.

STATUS: 1 Unit(s) Sent for delivery to the Hotel Rexford.

Activate Unit(s)Edit


...Accessing pod...
...Initializing unit...
...Loading assigned subroutines...

Please advise any personnel standing near charge pod to make way.