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The Secret of Cabot House is a side quest in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Side Quest: The Secret of Cabot House
Talk to Jack at Cabot House.
Meet Jack outside of Parsons State Insane Asylum.
Help Jack reach his office.
Help Jack reach the basement.
Stop the raiders from freeing Lorenzo Cabot.
Flip the 4 switches in the room containing Lorenzo's chamber.
Open Lorenzo's chamber.
Let Jack kill Lorenzo.
Talk to Lorenzo Cabot.
Kill Lorenzo.
Return to Cabot House.
Return to Cabot House.
Talk to Jack Cabot.
Apologize to Jack Cabot.
Criticize Jack Cabot.
Kill Lorenzo.
Kill the Cabot family.
Talk to Jack.
Talk to Lorenzo.
Reward: 300 XP
500 caps & Lorenzo's Artifact gun
Reward: 300 XP
"Lifetime supply" of Mysterious serum

Detailed walkthroughEdit

When returning to the Cabot House after saving Jack's sister, the Sole Survivor will get this mission assigned by Jack to help prevent raiders from freeing Lorenzo. Although one can actually fail in preventing the raiders from freeing Lorenzo, the Sole Survivor still has to kill them all once Lorenzo is released. Regardless of the choice above, when finished on the floor with Lorenzo's cell, don't try to leave the asylum by retracing the player character's steps unless they have a jet pack. Doing so will lead to a dead end under the room they dropped from on the way down. Instead, use the elevator in the control room to return to Cabot's office.

Plan A: Kill LorenzoEdit

  1. Upon flipping the switches and killing Lorenzo, Jack states Lorenzo would have killed his family as well as the player character. He says his family influence was the only thing keeping his father in the asylum as opposed to Death Row due to his crimes during his life. Jack says that now that the world is "built for monsters," nothing would have stopped his father from presumably returning to criminal activity. One can choose to thank him or berate him for being sad only because he "lost [his] mortality juice;" though Jack seems to genuinely believe he could have removed the artifact and cured his father with a little more research. He awards the player character with about 500 caps and tells them to return to his home in about a week. He gives a slightly different amount of caps depending on what the player character says following killing his father.
  2. When an in-game week has passed, there will be a notification that says to visit Jack back at the asylum. He tells the player character he figured out how to access the telekinesis effect of the artifact. He gives the player character Lorenzo's Artifact gun.

Plan B: Free LorenzoEdit

Choosing to save Lorenzo by pushing the switch by his door will prompt Lorenzo to leave his cell; him saying he wants to have a "long overdue" conversation with his son. He tells the player charcater "we'll have to kill him, you know. And the rest of them." He says his son trapped him in there in 1898; nearly 400 years before the in-game date.

  1. Arriving to Cabot house, Jack will ask why the player character freed him. The next conversation options will allow one to either help Jack further by saying the player character can help him, or help Lorenzo by saying he is wrong and then killing the Cabots. Whatever one chooses to say, Lorenzo will appear on the balcony overlooking the family room. Wilhelmina tries to sell Jack out by saying she would never allow him to do what he did, but Lorenzo berates the family for feeding on his blood. Lorenzo then turns hostile to the Cabots (and the Sole Survivor if that option is chosen).
  2. After killing him, Jack will award the player character 502 caps, saying he no longer needs their services. Every quote from him following quests' end either mourns his lost family or berates the player character for not listening to him.
  3. (If successful in keeping every family member alive, asking for more rewards allows one to come back in a week to receive Lorenzo's Artifact gun.)
  4. Otherwise, after killing the Cabot family, Lorenzo will offer a "lifetime supply" of Mysterious serum, i.e., one at a time, which cannot be sold or traded away.

Plan C: Take Both ActionsEdit

The following describes the details for Plan C in which one frees Lorenzo and then kill him before he leaves the area that is outside his cell.

  1. One can activate up to 3 switches and still open the door of Lorenzo's cell to let him out.
  2. Once he is out, one can speak with him to find out what he intends to do.
  3. Then he can be engaged and killed easily.
  4. Return back to Cabot house and Jack will be upset that the Sole Survivor set Lorenzo free, but then they can tell him that they killed Lorenzo and that they are sorry that they did so. He will give them 500 (or so) caps.
  5. After a week the player character can return and Jack will give them Lorenzo's Artifact gun.

Quest stagesEdit

850 Meet Jack outside Parsons State Insane Asylum
910 Help Jack reach his office
950 Help Jack reach the basement
1000 Stop the Raiders from freeing Lorenzo Cabot
1200 Kill or Free Lorenzo
1210 Talk to Jack - Player chose to kill Lorenzo
1250 Talk to Lorenzo - Lorenzo is free
1300 Return to Cabot House - Either to meet Lorenzo or warn other Cabots
1340 Lorenzo dies in combat before reaching Cabot House
1350 Talk to Jack
1450 Kill Lorenzo or the Cabots
1600 Talk to Lorenzo or Jack - battle over
2000Quest finishedIcon checkQuest complete


  • If player character is high leveled, then after siding with Lorenzo in the asylum it may be necessary to protect him on his way back to Cabot house. Lorenzo is not marked as essential and during his trip home he could be killed by high level enemies (the Forged for example). If that happens, when player character arrives to Cabot House they will find only dialog about Lorenzo already being dead available.
  • After accepting the quest from Jack Cabot, the previously inaccessible doors in Cabot House leading to the family living quarters unlock; one can read Lorenzo's expedition journal and look at Emogene's computer.
  • Upon entering the asylum, Jack Cabot will attempt to go through a chained door before giving up and telling the player character that they need to find another way around. If one jumps, they can activate the chain through the smashed door windows and unlock it.
  • One is only able to get Lorenzo's Artifact gun by siding with Jack. Freeing Lorenzo does not result in Jack going to do extra research, therefore only the first method results in the pistol as a final reward. Jack may also tell the player character to return in a week if Lorenzo is killed in Cabot House after setting him free.
  • If one takes too long to choose between freeing or killing Lorenzo, he will eventually blow the door to his cell off its hinges himself and the quest will continue as if the player character decided to free him.
  • If one releases Lorenzo and then chooses to kill him, at high levels even the Mysterious Stranger cannot kill him with one shot.
  • Completing this quest unlocks access to the family portraits from Cabot House in the decorations>wall>paintings section of the workbench. It is currently unknown what quest stage or condition unlocks this.
  • If one has a follower who doesn't like wanton violence, they can dismiss them before killing the rest of the Cabot family to gain immortality with no repercussions with followers.
  • Deacon and Nick Valentine will dislike if opening the door after killing Lorenzo. This is true even after the quest is completed. One will need to dismiss them if they wish to collect the Massachusetts Surgical Journal #1 without repercussions. However, Deacon and Hancock will like killing Lorenzo beforehand, balancing this out.
  • MacCready, Hancock and Cait dislike opening Lorenzo's door, whether it's to release Lorenzo, or after siding with Jack and killing him.
  • If one has a follower who doesn't like unneeded deaths or violence (Curie, for example), one can choose to kill Lorenzo inside the machine, then open the door afterwards. The follower will dislike the Sole Survivor killing him, then subsequently like opening the door.
  • Alternatively if one has a follower who doesn't like unneeded violence, they can open the door, then simply shoot Lorenzo. This allows one to gain affinity without losing any.
  • If Lorenzo is killed, Jack Cabot can be found wandering the wasteland. He will offer to give a 'good price' on a scientific crafting material (e.g. Fiber optics).
  • Starting this quest is the only way to gain access to the rooms containing the Charisma bobblehead and issue #1 of the Massachusetts Surgical Journal. The bobblehead is located in Jack Cabot's office and the skill book is on a cupboard in Lorenzo's room.
  • When storming the asylum with Jack, there is a spot in the abandoned wing where one must jump down. If Jack just stands there and won't jump, one can push him off by walking into him. Afterwards, he should continue normally.


  • pcIcon pc Jack Cabot can get stuck in the administration lobby if you proceed to insane asylum section before killing all the raiders. If you make it to the elevator wihout Jack, you're stuck in this part of the facility. Alternativeley, you can get out of it using jetpack or the tcl console command.
  • pcIcon pc Jack Cabot sometimes spawns on the other side of the unpickable door leading to Lorenzo in the basement, preventing the quest from proceeding. This happens after following Jack inside the asylum, then leaving the building with loot and teleporting away. Upon returning Jack is on the other side of the unpickable door. No way to continue or return. [verified][platforms tag needed]
    • pcIcon pc It can be fixed by forcing the door to open (with console command "unlock") and when Jack gets back to the player then closing the door (with console command "lock").[verified]
    • A previous load my be the only other way to continue.
  • pcIcon pc Completing the quest in Jack's favor may incorrectly display the quest completion text in the Pip-Boy as if you helped Lorenzo. This does not seem to affect earning the artifact gun reward.[verified]
  • pcIcon pc ps4Icon ps4 xboxoneIcon xboxone When you reach Jack's office in the asylum and find Edward, the quest marker may appear on Edward but it is actually Jack you must talk to in order to continue. [verified]
  • pcIcon pc When you reach Jacks office and edward is just a marker, Jack will freeze kneeing at it. Open Console and enter "prid 47ec1" after that "moveto player." Edward appears besides the player and Jack starts the dialog.
  • pcIcon pc Items within Cabot House respawn at least twice during the mission.[verified]
  • Once you enter the asylum, there are 2 different doors right in front of the player with chains in them. If you have Cait with you, and get too close to the wall on the right side of the middle door with chains, near the broken window facing the courtyard, Cait will open the door and head into the yard. Jack, who might have gone ahead by this time, will come back into the room and will be hostile and start shooting. Attacking him until he falls down, will stop the hostility as he resets once up. [verification overdue][platforms tag needed]
  • pcIcon pc Sometimes the game will fail to spawn Edward and Jack will become unresponsive once reaching his office. [verified]
    • pcIcon pc Entering setstage MS09 750 into the console will spawn Edward, and Jack will finally respond, allowing the player to progress the quest.
  • The door to the right of that, has broken panes above the door. Jumping (easier to do in power armor) while spamming the chain unlock button will eventually allow the door to open. Jack will come back once you enter and immediately run up to the ghoul and commence dialog[verification overdue][platforms tag needed]
  • pcIcon pc After siding with Jack and killing Lorenzo, the last step is to "Talk to Jack Cabot about the artifact." Attempting to talk to Jack, however, will not start the necessary speech check to end the quest. Jack will only offer small talk such as "Oh, it's you" therefore leaving the quest indefinitely unfinished. [verified]
    • pcIcon pc This can be fixed by entering the console command setstage MS09MiscJackReward 100, and provides the artifact reward.
  • After siding with Lorenzo and killing the family if you get caught looting the house Lorenzo attacks you. If you kill him the quest will not finish and there will be a talk to Lorenzo marker over a blank spot in the house where you killed him.[verification overdue][platforms tag needed]
  • If the quest ended by killing Lorenzo after releasing him, but with Jack, Wilhelmina and Emogene still alive, player can kill either Emogene or Wilhelmina or both inside the house. This will make Jack turns hostile, but player can choose to leave the house and come back again a few days later to talk to Jack. Jack will have mixed dialogues of where he relieves that the family members are all alive and also blames the player for his mistake of releasing Lorenzo that results the death of Emogene or Wilhelmina, but player can still receive Lorenzo's Artifact Gun after a week has passed.[verification overdue][platforms tag needed]
  • ps4Icon ps4 Jack will somehow turn hostile if he sees the player picks lock a "Master" safe in the basement of his house, despite the safe has no red text and all items in the house have no "Steal" option.[verification overdue]
  • ps4Icon ps4 When siding with Lorenzo Cabot, the robot guards outside of Cabot House will come inside and attack the player once the other members of the family become hostile. If they are attacked and destroyed, Lorenzo will become hostile as well. At this point, the quest cannot be completed since Lorenzo is still considered the next step even after being killed. However, if the player does not attack the robots, leaving Lorenzo, Deegan, and a potential companion to destroy them, the quest will continue as normal.[verification overdue]
  • ps4Icon ps4 If the player runs ahead, Jack may not follow and will not spawn when taking the elevator down to Lorenzo's cell. This can be fixed by using the "wait" command for 24 hours and then taking the elevator down again; Jack should spawn with the player this time.[verification overdue]
  • ps4Icon ps4 If the player follows Jack on foot to the asylum and makes Jack hostile en route by attacking or pickpocketing him, Jack will attack the player and continuously respawn as hostile, because Jack is essential at this state in the quest. The player can advance to the asylum and hide behind Jack, slowly tracking Jack as he walks through the asylum until Jack disappears in front of the elevator to the basement, breaking the quest.[verification overdue]

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