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The Problem Solver is a weapon that is featured in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


A unique handmade rifle with the Furious legendary effect that causes the damage of each round to increase with each consecutive hit on the same target. Like the standard handmade rifle, it may require heavy investment into some damage perks such as Commando for automatic or Rifleman for single shot and Gun Nut to modify to the user's liking and can also end up being quite heavy.

Weapon modificationsEdit



It can only be awarded to the Sole Survivor by passing not only a Charisma check with Mason during An Ambitious Plan, but they must have used the right-hand set of dialog options throughout the entire conversation, progressing the conversation in an aggressive fashion. Mason will state that they both have a lot in common and will award them with this unique handmade rifle. If you fail the speech check you will never have a chance to get it again.