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The Price of Memory is a side quest in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Far Harbor side quest: The Price of Memory
Speak with Jule
Speak to Cog
Investigate the boat
Search the Lab Terminal
Tell Jule about her past
Speak with Cog

Detailed walkthroughEdit

After speaking with Jule and completing the quest Data Recovery, speaking with Cog will lead to him taking the Sole Survivor to see Jule about her problems. After some convincing, Jule will speak with the Survivor and hand them Victoria's key, indicating that the wrecked tugboat near the flames at the Southwest Harbor has something to do with her memories. The key will unlock the steamer trunk on the aft end of the tugboat, allowing Victoria's note to be collected from the trunk. The note indicates something is hidden on Faraday's terminal at Acadia and reading the Reconstruction Surgery 009 entry under Past Projects on the terminal reveals more information about Jule.

From here, the Sole Survivor may either relay the information to Cog and agree to keep it a secret, or tell Jule about her past. Siding with Cog completes the quest and he will give the Sole Survivor a crippling sledgehammer as a reward.

Completing the quest by telling Jule about herself will get the player character Jule's key which can be used to unlock Jule's chest. The chest is located down the north stairwell in the extended alcove left of the stairwell exit. It is on the bottom of the shelves at the back of the extended alcove. It contains the unyielding synth chest piece, the only piece of 'unyielding' armor in the game that isn't a random drop.

Quest stagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
50 Speak with JuleCog is concerned about Jule's mental state, and has asked that I speak with her.
200 Speak to CogAt Cog's insistance, Jule has told me about some things she can't quite remember, and has given me a key she thinks is important. I should talk to Cog about what all this means.
250 Investigate the BoatCog is concerned about Jule's mental state; he believes that there's some connection to the boat Faraday sent me to and things Jule can't quite remember. I should return to the boat with the key I was given, and see what I can find.
300 Search the Lab TerminalCog has suspicions about Jule's mental state, and asked me to look into the matter. On a wrecked boat on the island, I've found a note referencing Faraday's lab terminal - I should find out if it's connected.
400 Tell Cog about Jule's pastAfter being asked to look into something that may have happened to Jule, I've learned that she used to be a synth named Victoria. After an accident, she had her mind wiped without her knowledge. Now I need to decide what to do with this information.
400 Tell Jule about her pastAfter being asked to look into something that may have happened to Jule, I've learned that she used to be a synth named Victoria. After an accident, she had her mind wiped without her knowledge. Now I need to decide what to do with this information.
500Quest finishedIcon checkAfter discussing Jule's situation with Cog, I've agreed to hand over the evidence of the mind wipe performed on her, and keep it a secret.
700Quest finishedIcon checkAfter learning about the mind wipe performed on her, I decided to tell Jule what happened to her. She didn't take it well.
1000Quest finishedIcon checkQuest CompletedCog had suspicions about something that happened to Jule; it turns out her mind was wiped without her knowledge, leaving her in a very affected state. I've resolved the issue as best I can.
1500Quest failedIcon crossQuest Failed


  • This quest can only be attained after exhausting Jule's dialogue, completing Faraday's quest Data Recovery (not specifically in that order) and then starting it by talking to Cog. For Cog to begin the quest one must also have returned with DiMA's memories and then talked with Kasumi. (Kasumi and DiMA quest completion may not be required in some instances.)
  • Faraday receives extra dialogue after searching his terminal. He will request that the contents be kept secret. If one decides to tell Jule the truth, he will mention this is why Jule refuses to come back inside or look him in the eye; making him wonder if this was the right thing to do.
    • Even though she leaves, Jule can still be found on the Acadia grounds outside, sitting in a small shed located around the corner to the right side of the front door. She is unresponsive if one tries to talk to her.
  • Hancock, Danse, Valentine, Deacon, Curie, Piper, Preston and Longfellow will like telling Jule the truth and dislike lying about it. MacCready will dislike lying about it, but will neither like nor dislike if the truth is told.