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  • ps3Icon ps3 xbox360Icon xbox360 Installing The Pitt causes user placed map markers to cease functioning correctly in a large area around Megaton, Meresti trainyard, Agatha's house, the Bethesda Ruins and Wheaton Armory. An example of this is the map markers send the player in the opposite direction or halfway around the map when all the player wants to do is move a few feet. Also when you go in to Megaton itself, even if you've previously 100% explored it, the bottom 1/4 of the map will be blacked out and when you go by the women's washrooms the whole Megaton map reverts to "unexplored" status. [verified]

PC onlyEdit

PS3 onlyEdit

Xbox 360 onlyEdit

  • xbox360Icon xbox360 Confirmed that it works on the Xbox 360 GOTY edition, with all the content installed, and if you had Wernher conceal a gun on you, in theory it should work with the knife as well, any way, go through the door after all your gear is stolen, drop your weapon and ammunition, (don't move any more than needed, if you see the raider interrogating the three slaves the door will lock behind you) turn around and head back through the door, then go through it again, drop your weapon and ammunition, then repeat the process, do it as many times as you wish, be careful though, the game might freeze on you, not only do you get all the ammunition and guns you dropped, but when you retrieve your stuff, you will find a bunch of 32. pistols and ammunition in your locker. [verified]

Auto-axe audio problemEdit

  • It is possible that upon first use of the auto axe the audio will play the sound of the axe being started, constantly repeating throughout use. This sound takes the place of the normal sounds of the axe blades spinning. So far there is no solution to this problem. [platforms tag needed] [verification overdue]
  • Sometimes in first person, (notably in the steelyard but other locations as well) the auto axe may disappear completely when in use and when you bring up your Pip-Boy everything but the screen will be gone. Equipping and re-equipping the auto axe solves this problem. [platforms tag needed] [verification overdue]

Problems retrieving your gearEdit

  • For some people, if, after the third fight in The Hole, you don't retrieve your gear, then complete all three quests, it is no longer in the footlocker. [platforms tag needed] [verification overdue]

Ashur's SpeechEdit

  • Do not talk to Midea during Ashur's speech, he will stop talking and you'll probably walk around to try to talk to people. Once you have done so, You'll walk back to the spot where Ashur is having the speech. Your game will begin to glitch and your Xbox may freeze up. So if this happens go to your last save point; Which would be when you left Midea's quarters. [platforms tag needed] [verification overdue]
  • Walking under the platform where Ashur is giving the speech may cause the game to crash. [platforms tag needed] [verification overdue]

Terrain GlitchesEdit

  • It is a possibility that after downloading or re-downloading The Pitt that areas within the steelyard will de-solidify allowing the player to get outside the area of the map with ease, though when getting higher in the Steel Mill, it becomes impossible with the loss of footing higher up making certain ingots impossible to locate. This error does not correct itself nor does it change upon starting the game over or reloading a save. The only way to fix this problem is to replace your Pitt download. (On the Xbox leaving the area and re-entering and re-loading may suffice). [platforms tag needed] [verification overdue]
  • A popular example is that the wall directly to the right (behind a generator and yellow light stand) when you enter the steel mill is not solid and allows the PC to be in the building of the supply plant from the outside as it is hollow. Also, it is possible to shoot trogs from the inside where they cannot hit you. [platforms tag needed] [verification overdue]
  • At the Bridge you encounter at the start, if you jump onto the rocks below and start getting irradiated, then quickly fast-traveling back up, the bridge will be uncrossable. This is because after fast traveling, it registers the bridge as the rocks, making the bridge extremely irradiated.

Attempting to cross the bridge will kill you, because the bridge now has the radiation levels that the water has. [platforms tag needed] [verification overdue]

Non-player characters lose voiceEdit

  • Various NPC's can lose their voice in "real-time" dialogue after a certain point. They will still mouth the words and be subtitled, and will have their voice acting in conversations with the player. [platforms tag needed] [verification overdue]

Non-player characters go invisibleEdit

When you enter the mill and kill slaves who are working with an auto axe they suddenly can turn invisible they only turn visible again when you killed them. [platforms tag needed] [verification overdue]

Auto axe goes invisibleEdit

  • When you enter the mill and kill slaves who are working with an auto axe, the auto axe and your Pip-Boy may become invisible. Also using the primary fire for the auto axe for the first time may cause this glitch. [platforms tag needed] [verification overdue]

Ashur bug in HavenEdit

  • When entering Haven and talking to Ashur for a quest objective, Ashur may stop talking mid-conversation, and you will exit the speech box. He will then continuously say "Don't let me keep you". This will prevent you from speaking to him again. You can't leave the house after this bug has occurred. There are only two ways to leave, the first way is to reload the game to before you talked to Ashur. If you accidentally saved AFTER speaking to Ashur, the only way to get out of his house is to kill him and take the baby. If this is your only option, you will miss a chunk of the story. There is another glitch when after you kill him, leave and then return he will be stretched out. He will not be hostile but if you shoot him he will attack but you cannot kill him and he will become knocked out. [platforms tag needed] [verification overdue]

Getting out of the mapEdit

  • If you go to the Steelyard you will see a large silo with a walkway attached to it. There appears to be no way to it. If you go up the stairs to the upper levels where the wild men are, you will see a building near the silo that you can't reach. You have to climb to the higher levels to get to it then jump off onto the roof. The fall will probably kill you so when you jump pause the game and save it just before you hit. Then load the save and you will be fine. You will see another building slightly below you. You have to jump onto that and from there you can jump onto the ground right outside the Steelyard. You will now see buildings that are slightly off the ground and a very hilly terrain. You will also see the walkway leading to the top of the silo, for access back into the Steelyard. From here you can walk towards the buildings which are just decorative, so you can walk through them. You will reach a very steep hill that will take some time to get over. Once you do you can walk for a while and see almost nothing except flat ground and a hill that you can't climb. Keep walking, however and you will see what looks like a colorful chasm stopping you from going any further. It's actually a very deep river. If you throw grenades into it they will cause a massive explosion of bluish-light. Eventually you will no longer be shown on the map. Presently there is nothing else of interest and you can presumably walk forever as the longest time walking here in a perfectly straight line was 4 1/2 hours with no edge in sight. [platforms tag needed] [verification overdue]
  • Outside of the map is a river colored blue, like the water in the Nuka-Cola plant. [platforms tag needed] [verification overdue]

Prevent gear strippingEdit

  • You must take off your gear including ammunition in the Pitt after traveling and store it into the nearest container. Go to Downtown, through Mex. After Mex "takes" your gear, head on up and find the place where you store your gear through fast traveling through the location you stashed your gear. Note: The location must have a marker on the map. [platforms tag needed] [verification overdue]

Fall through the floorEdit

  • There is a glitch where you can fall through the floor on one of the roofs where some steel ingots are. To prevent this from happening try to start at a different save. Note: This bug was fixed 2 years ago when Point Lookout was re-released as it was that DLC that was causing the problem. [platforms tag needed] [verification overdue]

Partially-invisible gunEdit

  • After exiting Haven after kidnapping Marie, if you pull out the Infiltrator while near the northwest corner of the map, the game won't render the barrel of the gun, and will in turn freeze your game. [platforms tag needed] [verification overdue]

Gun on floor but in your hands?Edit

  • When by the Pitt tunnel when drawing a weapon somehow the gun falls out of your hands and lands on the floor. But what is even stranger is that an invisible gun is still in your hands but when firing it, it fires the gun on the floor. This can simply be fixed by selecting another weapon. [platforms tag needed] [verification overdue]

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