The Overlook Drive-In

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The Overlook Drive-In is a location in the Capital Wasteland near to and eastward of the Cliffside Caverns.


The drive-in consists of a movie screen, a parking lot with several derelict cars, and a small projector booth containing some loot. Some raiders have occupied the area. It is near Tenpenny Tower.


  • There are at least 7 frag mines you can harvest along the road leading into the Drive-In.
  • It is possible to attack the occupying raiders by exploding the cars.
  • There is a raider base in the caverns north of the Drive-In: Cliffside Cavern. One entrance is to the north, in a dip in the ground, with a hard locked door; the main entrance is to the west in the straight direction of Tenpenny Tower, not locked at all - but probably guarded.


The Overlook Drive-In only appears in Fallout 3.


  • ps3Icon ps3 xbox360Icon xbox360 Firing at the cars with a laser pistol might cause a raider to fly into the air, their body will bounce around with his limbs stretching and twisting 30 to 40 feet in all directions. They would occasionally come back down wreaking havoc on the rubble. Does not disappear until fast traveling away and back.

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