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The Lost Patrol is a Brotherhood of Steel side quest in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Brotherhood of Steel side quest: The Lost Patrol
Investigate the battle site north of relay tower 0MC-810.
Follow the radio distress signal.
Listen to the Battlefield holotape.
Investigate the National Guard training yard.
Follow the radio Distress Signal.
Listen to Knight Astlin's holotape.
Investigate the Revere satellite array.
Follow the radio Distress Signal.
Listen to Scribe Faris' holotape.
Investigate Recon Bunker Theta.
Speak to Paladin Brandis.
(Optional) Convince him to rejoin the Brotherhood.
Leave Paladin Brandis alone or kill him.
Reward: Survivor's Special, when speaking to Brandis aboard the Prydwen.
Report to Paladin Danse or Captain Kells.
Reward: 350 XP
Sturdy steadfast BOS Combat armor chest if reporting to Kells
200 caps if reporting to Danse.
Leads to: Duty or Dishonor

Detailed walkthroughEdit

The player character will detect a distress signal once they are near any one of the three locations where Brotherhood of Steel followers perished. To complete the objective, they must loot holotapes from the fallen soldiers, then play them from their Pip-Boy.

Knight Varham's Battlefield holotape is located in a ruined house north of Relay tower 0MC-810, south of Greentop Nursery and east of Taffington boathouse.

Knight Astlin can be found behind a table in the recruitment office inside the National Guard training yard.

Scribe Faris is found at the Revere satellite array. He is in a metal and wood structure above the ground connected to the southeast array tower. This area is inhabited by super mutants.

Once all three holotapes have been played, a quest marker will appear at Recon bunker Theta which is otherwise inaccessible. Once there, the Sole Survivor will be accosted by Paladin Brandis, who will demand to know why they are there. If they tell him the fate of the soldiers, he will allow them to loot the items in his home, which includes a fusion core. Otherwise he will initialize combat.

The Sole Survivor may have the option of persuading him to rejoin the Brotherhood of Steel (only if they are a Brotherhood of Steel member). They must pass three conversation checks and if any of them fail, he will remain where he is. If successful, they will find him aboard the Prydwen where he will reward them with the Survivor's Special.

To complete the quest, the Sole Survivor must report to Paladin Danse, or Captain Kells if the quest Shadow of Steel has been started and the Prydwen entered the Commonwealth.

Quest stagesEdit

30 Search for the Recon Team
60 Follow the radio distress signal
62 Investigate the battle site
64 Listen to the Battlefield holotape
66 (Optional) Report back to Paladin Danse
90 Investigate the National Guard Training Yard
70 Follow the distress signal
72 Investigate the battle site
74 Listen to Knight Astlin's Holotape
76 Investigate the Satellite Array
77 (Optional) Report back to Paladin Danse
80 Follow the radio distress signal
82 Investigate the battle site
84 Listen to Scribe Faris' Holotape
87 (Optional) Report back to Paladin Danse
103 Speak to Paladin Brandis
140 Kill Paladin Brandis - if Brandis turns hostile
147 Kill Paladin Brandis - played quest without joining Brotherhood.
148 Meet Paladin Danse outside
150 Report to Paladin Danse or Captain Kells
200Quest finishedIcon checkQuest complete


  • Regardless of how the quest is started, if the quest is turned into Lancer-Captain Kells, he will reward the Steadfast BOS combat armor chest piece in addition to the quest completion XP. If turned in to Danse, only the experience points will be awarded.
  • The player character can convince Brandis to return to the BOS before the player character has boarded the Prydwen, but after "Call to Arms", with two difficult and one hard speech check.
  • There is no way to start the quest with Danse after he becomes available as a companion.
  • If Captain Kells is the one that gives this quest aboard the Prydwen and Danse is taken as a companion, he has a lot of unique dialogue and scripted reactions throughout, and will even help out in the conversation with Paladin Brandis and talks about it afterwards.
  • If Paladin Danse is the current companion, and Blind Betrayal is completed, Brandis will become hostile after completing his quest.
  • If Semper Invicta is not completed before starting the quests on the Prydwen, the quest can be started by discovering one of the lost patrols, or from Kells as mentioned above.
  • If the player character stumbles across the battle site at random the quest will start even if Danse has not assigned it. If the player character speaks to Brandis before being briefed on it by Danse (i.e. if Call to Arms has not been completed), the dialogue options for convincing him to rejoin the Brotherhood will not be available, and the mission will end after speaking to Brandis. The same will occur if hostile to the Brotherhood of Steel. However, if the player returns to Recon Bunker Theta after joining the Brotherhood of Steel, they will be able to talk with Brandis again and attempt to convince him to rejoin the Brotherhood.
  • If the player character starts the quest by finding the distress signal and completes it before being briefed by Danse, the patrol's holotapes will still be marked as quest items and cannot be dropped. This can be resolved by speaking to Danse about the patrol after completing Semper Invicta. He will request the tapes from the player character and they will be removed from their inventory.
  • If Preston Garvey is brought to Knight Astlin's body, he will state that if the same thing were to occur to him, it would be his "worst nightmare".
  • Picking up the quest by first finding and listening to Knight Astlin's holotape then going onto the satellite array, the player character will need to then discover the initial Battlefield holotape in order to progress.
  • Beware that if Blind Betrayal has been completed, but not proceeded in the Brotherhood quest line, attempting to complete this quest will automatically lead to the Railroad becoming hostile. Once Blind Betrayal is completed, attempting to complete the quest by speaking with Lancer-Captain Kells will begin Tactical Thinking, which automatically turns the Railroad hostile.


  • pcIcon pc xboxoneIcon xboxone ps4Icon ps4 If the player character puts off completing this quest until after Paladin Danse has become a potential companion, they may be unable to turn the quest in as he will only offer companion dialogue options. However, after "Show No Mercy", the mission turn in you can talk to Captain Kells, allowing for completion.[verified]
  • pcIcon pc ps4Icon ps4 Captain Kells will give generic dialogue instead of allowing the player character to turn in the quest until after they've completed Show No Mercy for the Brotherhood of Steel.[verified]
  • pcIcon pc ps4Icon ps4 If Brandis is spoken to before starting the first Brotherhood quest (Fire Support), the quest will not require returning to Danse; it will simply be marked complete.[verified]
  • pcIcon pc ps4Icon ps4 xboxoneIcon xboxone While in any power armor and using the targeting HUD mod on the helmet, opening the door to the bunker may cause Brandis to be hostile.[verified]
    • This may be prevented by removing the helmet before entering if it is equipped with a targeting HUD.
  • xboxoneIcon xboxone Sometimes, after accepting the quest from Paladin Danse and convincing Brandis to rejoin the BoS, he will spawn aboard the Prydwen, but will not give you his unique weapon - he just has the 'unnamed person' (a few lines) of dialogue.[verified]
  • pcIcon pc ps4Icon ps4 Trying to complete the quest with Danse as a companion will not trigger his completion dialogue, thus preventing the quest from completing. [verification overdue]
    • Workaround - Continue with the main BoS story until the quest "Show no Mercy" is completed and then speak to Paladin Danse.
  • pcIcon pc Scribe Faris may not have the Recon Bunker Access Code 429A when looting his body, which is required to advance the quest after checking his body. This can be bypassed by inputting the console command "setstage 000b1d79 90", which should give you the code along with the quest advancement.[verification overdue]
  • ps4Icon ps4 Sometimes, a behemoth will spawn in the middle of dialogue with Brandis and interrupt the conversation. After killing the behemoth, Brandis will no longer speak and will fire on the player when approached, making it impossible to complete the quest. If this happens, reload to an earlier save and kill the behemoth prior to initiating dialogue, then talk to Brandis.[verified]
  • xboxoneIcon xboxone There is a small possibility that if the BoS quest, Tour of Duty is completed before this mission, you won't be able to complete the mission. Dance will only let you ask the four main questions in the Talk section.[verification overdue]
  • xboxoneIcon xboxone Sometimes, if you complete this quest before Captain Kells gives it to you, you will be told to hand it in to Paladin Danse; making the quest uncompletable. Instead talk to Captain Kells, who will eventually give you the quest. At this point you can tell you've already done it.


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