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Oh, thank God. Paladin Hoss sent you, didn't he? I knew he wouldn't leave me behind. When they attacked, we were cut off so quickly. My gun jammed and I never even got a shot off. I couldn't do anything but hide.

Initiate Pek

The Lost Initiate is an unmarked quest in Fallout 3.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Unmarked Quest: The Lost Initiate
Travel to Falls Church.
Talk to Paladin Hoss.
Fight your way to the office building.
Rescue Initiate Pek.
(Optional) Repair Pek's gun with a repair or small guns check.
Regroup outside of the office building with Paladin Hoss.
Reward: Karma

Detailed walkthroughEdit

During a training exercise in Falls Church, Knight Church, Paladin Hoss, Initiate Pek, and an unnamed Paladin were separated during a super mutant attack. Knight Church was killed in the initial attack, and Initiate Pek became trapped in an office building while Paladin Hoss and the other Paladin were fighting nearby. Paladin Hoss will inform you that Pek has barricaded himself inside a janitor's closet towards the back of the first floor, and request your assistance in reaching the office building where Pek is located. Once complete, the player is asked to storm the building and rescue Pek, who is cowering in a corner due to a gun jam. With sufficient Small Guns or Repair skills, Pek's gun can be fixed; regardless of weapon status, and Pek will follow you until you exit the building and regroup outside with Paladin Hoss.


  • If the player helps Pek, they will be awarded with XP (amount of XP varies between 250-350 points).
  • If the player asks Hoss for payment, the player will receive caps however, will not be awarded any Karma.
  • If the player does not ask for payment, the player will receive good Karma instead. Hoss and Pek will join the player to help clear out the area.


  • Pek, Hoss, and the Paladin can all be killed. If that happens you will not be rewarded.
  • When Pek is following you out of the office building during the quest, you can kill him and loot his items including his combat armor without losing any Karma by going to the toilet near the entrance where there is the trap and jump over the tripwire, Pek will in response follow you and hit the tripwire, releasing the grenades and subsequently killing him. Try to go around the hanging meat after setting off the trap and make it so that when he follows you, he will get hit by the meat. Note that the meat can damage you and/or Pek easily just by strafing by it, kill him this way and you can get his items without losing any Karma. An easier method is to punch the hanging meat towards his direction, he will not turn hostile when doing this unless you accidentally punch him. When you report back to Paladin Hoss, you will still get the XP for the quest and he and the unnamed knight will follow you around Falls Church despite Pek's death.
  • If you take too long to rescue Pek, the room he's hiding on may be locked (very hard) and he may be killed and stripped mostly clean.
  • The easiest way to prevent Hoss from dying (and losing the XP) is to clear all the mutants in the immediate area before talking to Hoss; once the way is clear you can trigger the event and follow him to the building entrance.
  • You may wish to save before you enter the area; Hoss wields a flamer or even a missile launcher, and has a habit of being gunned down while trying to charge the super mutants with it.
  • If you still want to gain the XP and the power armor Hoss and the Paladin would normally drop after being massacred by the super mutants, clear the area completely of super mutants before speaking with Hoss. After saving Pek and accepting no reward, all three will follow you around (sometimes even all the way to Megaton). Head northeast to where a large truck is stuck in the rubble and have them line up along side of it. Shoot the truck until it explodes (keep your distance) and then loot their dead bodies.
    • You can also use the cars outside of the office building. The car to the east of the entrance can reach to the first bus stop structure.
    • Another simple way to kill the unnamed Paladin is to go into nearby Marigold station and visit the Queen ant's hatchery. The Paladin may follow you into the hatchery and will quickly be killed by the Queen.
  • If you are skilled in the Repair or Small Guns skills, or if you have the Gun Nut perk, you get unique dialogue options to fix Pek's broken weapon.
  • If you enter Falls Church once (from Marigold station), the Brotherhood/super mutant battle begins. If you go back to the Marigold station and return later, it may happen that everyone (including Hoss and Pek) is already dead and there is no way to finish the quest. It seems like they are only sometimes able to hold their own against the mutants if you don't help them.
  • In some instances, Pek will not run, but rather will sneak everywhere after being rescued. Not only does this make him a slow follower, but will also make him an easy target for enemies with ranged weapons.
  • After completing this quest Hoss, Pek, and the Paladin will act as your followers but only when the PC is in Falls Church (in some cases they may follow to other places see bugs bellow).
  • If, after completing the quest, Hoss dies but Pek remains alive, Pek will no longer follow you. Instead, he will walk to the bus stop in front of the office building in which he was originally found and sit on the bench.
  • If Pek is still alive after Hoss and the others have died, you can trap him in the nearby Pulowski Preservation shelter to stop him from following you.


  • pcIcon pc xbox360Icon xbox360 Paladin Hoss and Pek suffer from some significant AI bugs when following you around. Refer to their pages for more detailed information.[verified]