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The Last Plank is a bar in Far Harbor in 2287.


Inside The Last Plank you can find the barman, Mitch, Debby, and a house cat named Tink. You can also rent a room upstairs for 10 caps. When you first enter, Mitch will be trying to get everyone's attention before announcing the next round of drinks are free. You can try to convince him to give you something stronger and he will sometimes hand over a bottle of vodka he says is top shelf. If you have completed the quest Rite of Passage, Mitch will give you a drink for free.


There are two entrances to The Last Plank. Both will take you to an open room on the first floor which consists of a bar area where you can find Mitch, a few booths, tables and chairs, as well as a jukebox next to the bar. You will find Old Longfellow in one corner of the room sitting in a corner table. On the second floor there are three rooms. Two bedrooms on either end of the upstairs and one open room in the middle. One room which you can rent has a bed and a few dressers. The other bedroom contains a bed with a desk and everything in it is owned. The room in-between the two bedrooms is an open area with the stairs leading up to one side. There are three beds all of which are also owned.

Notable lootEdit

  • Islander's Almanac issue #5 (Marks a couple of locations on the map) - On the table where Old Longfellow is sitting when first met.
  • RUN! note - Behind the bar under a bottle of Vim Platinum.
  • Four notes - 2 under the cash register, on or in upstairs trashcan, on upstairs desk.

Related questsEdit

  • Walk in the Park - The Sole Survivor is sent to the Last Plank to meet with Old Longfellow.


The Last Plank appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.