The Kid-Kidnapper

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The Kid-Kidnapper
The Kid-Kidnapper
locationParadise Falls
Little Lamplight
given byEulogy Jones
rewardBoogeyman's hood

Why, hello little girl. What a lovely dress you have!

— The child slaver referring to Bumble's clothing

The Kid-Kidnapper refers to an unmarked quest in Fallout 3.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Unmarked Quest: The Kid-Kidnapper
Talk to Eulogy Jones.
Convince Bumble to follow you with either the Child at Heart perk or a speech check.
Deliver her to the child slaver outside of Little Lamplight.
Return to Eulogy.
Reward: Boogeyman's hood

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Once you have been to Little Lamplight, you have the option to talk to Eulogy Jones about kidnapping one of the children there which in turn nets you this assignment. Convince Bumble in Little Lamplight to follow you to the child slaver waiting outside, either by passing a Speech check or by using the Child at Heart perk.


Eulogy Jones rewards you with the Boogeyman's hood.


  • It's quite possible to lure the child slaver out to her death by bringing Bumble outside from Little Lamplight. This does not seem to make other slavers hostile. The Lone Wanderer suffers no Karma loss and since the 'necklace' is never placed on Bumble, Bumble will say "I don't like outside. I'm going home", and return to the caverns.
  • Killing the child slaver before luring Bumble or any other young child from Little Lamplight will turn all slavers hostile. However, drawing nearby super mutants to her, and letting them kill her will not.
  • Killing the child slaver after luring Bumble or any other young child from Little Lamplight will turn all slavers hostile. Bumble will run back into Little Lamplight and stay there with the slave collar on.
  • 200 Karma will be lost as soon as the collar is placed on the child.


Once Bumble and the child slaver reach the child slave house in Paradise Falls, the slaver is disabled and disappears from the game while Bumble somehow returns to Little Lamplight, still wearing the slave collar. [verification overdue] [platforms tag needed]

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