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Try "The Gray." Beats me why people go into that forsaken thing. At least with huts and sewers you know they ain't crumbling on top of your head.


The Gray is a location inside North Vegas Square, near the western junk door.


The Gray is a residential building, and one of the largest structures in North Vegas Square. The Gray is inhabited by numerous North Vegas citizens, most of whom will not speak with the Courier. It is also inhabited by a ghoul named Andy Scabb, who lives behind a locked door on the first floor. Two thugs with keys to the room guard the hallway.


Notable lootEdit

Related questsEdit


  • On a table in the third room from the left when entering The Gray, a dino toy is smoking a cigarette.
  • On the second floor, a dino toy and teddy bear are pointing knives at each other in the room with the reloading bench.


The Gray appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


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