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For the location, see Glowing Sea.

The Glowing Sea is a main story quest in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Main Quest: The Glowing Sea
Travel to Edge of the Glowing Sea.
Walk to the southwest, following the road, until you reach Crater of Atom.
(Optional) Talk with Mother Isolde
Head southwest to the rocky cave.
Talk with Brian Virgil.
Reward: 350+ XP
Leads to: Hunter/Hunted
Virgil's Cure

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Kellogg's memories and Doctor Amari's advice indicate that the Sole Survivor should locate an escaped Institute scientist, Virgil. His last known position was deep in the most irradiated region of the Commonwealth, the Glowing Sea.

Before embarking on this quest, consider how you will deal with high radiation levels for an extended period of time. A hazmat suit is recommended, along with a supply of RadAway. Head southwest, following the remains of the freeway until the Pip-Boy indicates a hike off-road is in order. You can expect to face deathclaws, radscorpions, feral ghouls, and other irradiated wildlife. When reaching the map marker, you will find yourself close to the Crater of Atom, a site holy to followers of the Church of the Children of Atom.

When entering the location of a strange cult, led by Mother Isolde, you are actually trespassing. Though violence is always an option (search the area for a scrap of paper indicating a nearby cave), you can lower your weapon and speak to Mother Isolde instead. Answer her politely, and she will direct you to a rocky cave nearby.

Locate the Rocky cave roughly southwest of the Crater of Atom, being wary of the roaming deathclaw in the area. You will find Virgil inside this cave. He requests that you help him locate a serum within the Institute, in return for his knowledge.

Quest stagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
10 Talk to Doctor Amari
15 Enter the Glowing SeaI need to find Virgil, the escaped Institute scientist, somewhere in the Glowing Sea and hope that he can help me reach the Institute.
20 Find Virgil in the Glowing SeaI need to find Virgil, the escaped Institute scientist, in a cave southwest of the crater in the Glowing Sea and hope that he can help me reach the Institute.
50 Virgil gives information on Courser
200Quest finishedIcon checkQuest completeI spoke with Virgil, an Institute scientist who willingly turned himself into a Super Mutant to escape. He's told me that the key to teleporting into the Institute is a chip from an Institute Courser. I'll need to track one down and kill it.


  • When entering the rocky cave be sure not to destroy any of Virgil's defenses. Any defenses destroyed prior to returning to complete the quest will result in failing the quest when returning with the serum. Virgil will immediately turn hostile upon your return in this case.
  • Because of the radiation level, using furniture to wait in the Crater area is not possible.


pcIcon pc Upon entering the cave Virgil isn't there. The marker for finding him points to the ground. This may be the result of having visited Virgil's cave prior to the quest. [verified]

  • On PC, using console command prid 6b505 and then enable may force Virgil to appear in the cave.

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