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The First Step is a Minutemen radiant quest and achievement/trophy in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Minutemen main quest: The First Step
Talk to the settlers at the assigned settlement.
Kill the raiders in the random location.
Report to the settlers.
Report to Preston Garvey.
Reward: 300 XP
~100 caps
Rank of General of the Commonwealth Minutemen
Flare gun

Detailed walkthroughEdit

This quest begins right after When Freedom Calls, by escorting the settler group alongside Preston Garvey. Arriving in Sanctuary, and interacting with Preston has him exchange thanks, and then ask the Sole Survivor to help him rebuild the Minutemen. Agreeing to this begins the quest.

In order to bring the Minutemen back, they will need more men. Preston brings word of a settlement under attack by raiders and asks you to take care of it. The settlement will generally be chosen from a limited set of nearby settlements unless they all had been unlocked beforehand. Speaking to the settlers there begins the next stage of the quest.

Here, the player has to clear out a location of the raiders that dwell there. Also randomized, the quest will not update until the raiders inside the location are killed; any raider enemies encountered outside the location don't count towards the quest, and can be ignored.

Return to the settlement. and receive the reward and allegiance from the settlers, then return to Preston. He will congratulate you, and then give you a flare gun, along with some flares, that will come in handy once the Minutemen have more allied settlements. He tells you a story, then formally acknowledges you as the new General, leader of the Minutemen. The quest finishes here.

Quest stagesEdit

50 Quest started - Talk to settlers at given settlement
100 Clear raiders at random location
200 Report your success to settlers at (Settlement)
300 Quest failure
400 Quest success - unlocked settlement
450Quest finishedIcon checkReturn to Preston Garvey

Companion affinityEdit

In the dialogue with Preston, companions have reactions to joining the Minutemen:

  • Codsworth, Danse, Deacon, Hancock, MacCready, Nick, and Piper like agreeing to join the Minutemen.
  • X6-88 and Cait dislike it.
  • Codsworth, Curie, Deacon, and Strong dislike refusing to join.
  • Since Preston is always at Sanctuary until the dialogue is completed (at which point he becomes a companion and can be relocated), all other available companions can be dismissed to Sanctuary to witness the dialogue, allowing multiple companions to have their affinities raised or lowered at once.


  • The Sole Survivor will be assigned to either Tenpines Bluff or Oberland station unless they have both been unlocked, then the player will be sent to a randomized settlement that hasn't been unlocked.
  • Although the XP and caps are only given if the player completes the quest, the rank of general and the flare gun will be given regardless of whether the quest is completed or failed.

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