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We do not eat the flesh of those we kill for food. We will only drink of their blood and leave the body intact. The consumption of flesh is filthy and unclean. This action is what causes the humans to treat us like animals. We are not animals, we are The Family.

The Family is a gang of self-proclaimed vampires that live in Meresti Station, east of the settlement of Arefu.


Vance formed The Family by gathering together people like himself - people who experience a cannibalistic hunger. Vance intends to help these outcasts survive and find some sense of community by banding together and adopting a strictly vampiric lifestyle, as opposed to cannibalism.

The name comes from their metaphorical relation to each other by blood (thirst for it) as revealed by Vance in a conversation. They have been frequently raiding Arefu, and the mere mention of their name invokes fear in even the most intrepid of Arefu residents. They have also taken in Ian West as they discovered he shared the same 'condition' as the rest of The Family. Ian was lucky that Vance found him when he did. Vance covered for Ian's act by masquerading it as a 'Family' attack. Evan King pleads with the Lone Wanderer to deal with them, and gives hints to the Family's home.

One of these vague clues involves a trip to Northwest Seneca Station. Murphy lives in the station with his bodyguard making ultrajet. However, Murphy's back room has a manhole next to vats of toxic waste. The tunnel leads through mirelurks and eventually, a booby-trapped subway. The entrance to the Family's home is to the left, past Robert, the Family sentry. Going straight through leads to the exit by Meresti Trainyard.

Vance is the Family's leader; he can strike a deal in which the Family will protect Arefu in exchange for donated blood packs, or alternately to leave them alone, for which Arefu either donates or sells blood packs to The Family. It is revealed that Ian was not kidnapped, but voluntarily joined the Family. If you decide to convince Ian to leave The Family, they will accept his decision and allow you and Ian to leave unharmed.

Family members

  • Vance: the leader and guide. He is trying to make his cannibal charges to leave that urge and feed only from blood, adopting the ways of the vampires of the legend; he is very patient and understanding. After completing the quest Blood Ties, speak to him and ask him if he can teach you the ways of the vampire. This will give you the Hematophage perk; This perk allows you to regain +20 HP by consuming blood packs.
  • Holly: Vance's wife. She has reservations about Vance's beliefs, but supports him completely. You will be able to acquire the access code to Ian's room via a speech check, high Charisma or if you have the Scoundrel perk.
  • Alan: a new recruit who sees Vance as a savior. Depending on how Blood Ties is completed he is sent to protect Arefu.
  • Brianna: She offers prostitution services to the male members of the Family, in exchange for moderate caps. With the Lady Killer perk, the player is able to persuade her to divulge the entrance code to Ian's room.
  • Karl: the Storekeeper. He does not believe in Vance's teachings, but pretends to in order to maintain a store. He can be seduced with the Black Widow perk into giving the password of the security computer terminal. You can also threaten him into giving you the password with strength.
  • Justin: Ian's confidante within the Family. Justin guides Ian in the various teachings of Vance, and serves as a surrogate elder brother. The player can convince him to divulge the entrance code to Ian's room either by passing a speech check or with the Impartial Mediation perk.
  • Robert: the sentry and first member of the Family the player will meet. Robert is the only member of Meresti that doesn't act like a member of the family, this is discovered through the Cannibal perk or an out of conversation dialogue.


Vance's laws for the families can be read on two terminals. Reading them provides background information that unlocks further conversation options with Vance.

The First Law
"Feast not on the flesh; consume only the blood. This is our strength."

We do not eat the flesh of those we kill for food. We will only drink of their blood and leave the body intact. The consumption of flesh is filthy and unclean. This action is what causes the humans to treat us like animals. We are not animals, we are The Family.

The Second Law
"Bear not the child; welcome only the exile. This is our fate."

Because we carry the stain of our past in our bodies, we can never let it pass to our offspring who would in turn carry out those foul actions beginning the cycle anew. The Family must seek the Wasteland for others of its kind in order to maintain itself. That is our fate.

The Third Law
"Feed not for pleasure; partake only to nourish. This is our dignity."

We only kill the humans when we are hungry or when we must defend ourselves, we never hunt for sport or pleasure. We do not prey on children for they are not yet tainted by society's view of us. The Family will not tolerate murder.

The Fourth Law
"Seek not the sun's light; embrace only the shadows. This is our refuge."

Because we are creatures of the night, we must not set foot in daylight. We move silently across the ground only under the watchful eye of the moon above. At the rising of the sun, we must seek the embrace of the shadows and never again gaze at its brilliance. The Family seeks the dark as its refuge.

The Fifth Law
"Kill not our kindred; slay only the enemy. This is our justice."

Above all, no member of The Family will ever take the life of another member without the consent of the current leader. Anyone disobeying this action, the most heinous of all our crimes, will be exiled from this place forever. We must not let our own inner demons cause us to fight amongst ourselves. We number only in the few, and we cannot risk extinction.


  • All of the Family members are non-hostile, unless you attack a Family member.
  • If you kill all the Family, Ian will be hostile when you talk to him, until you offer him the letter. After that, Ian will ask to be left alone. The next time the player returns to Arefu, he will be told that Ian had returned, and the player will be offered a (large) reward.
  • Attacking (or killing) anyone in Arefu will cause every single person in the Family headquarters to turn hostile towards you (Including Robert, who will turn hostile if you attack or kill any members of the Family).
  • The Family will also attack you if you sneak past Robert without him letting you in.
  • The family may also attack you if you switch off their radio.
  • It is easier to enter the Family's home through Meresti Trainyard as the Mirelurks are bypassed.
  • If being rude and impolite while coming with hostile outbursts in the first dialogue with Vance, he will warn you about your behavior before turning himself and all the other members of the Family hostile if the player proceeds with angry responses.
  • Despite the fourth rule of the Family, saying not to go out in the sun, and common vampire folklore regarding vampires being injured by sunlight, leading anyone from the Family outside during daytime will have no out-of-the-ordinary effects.

Behind the scenes

  • The password to open Ian's room is "Vespertilio," which is a genus of the bat family.
  • In the movie The Omega Man, there is a cult of mutated vampire like humans who call themselves, "The Family" and seek to form a new society in the post-apocalyptic world.
  • In the 1960s the convicted serial killer, Charles Manson, was the leader of a cult of people whom he manipulated into murdering people called The Family.


The Family only appears in Fallout 3.

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