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The Dig is a dig site set up by Bobbi No-Nose for The Big Dig quest.


A series of tunnels connecting Bobbi's place in Goodneighbor to a disused subway station, and finally to the stronghold located under Mayor McDonough's office in Diamond City. Contains many feral ghouls and mirelurks.


A series of dirt tunnels and buried subway platforms and tracks. Activating weak walls directs a temporary companion to open up a path. The first division in the path leads to a dead end room with a power armor and the other path leads onwards to subway tracks. The next division is on a subway platform that leads through mirelurk infested tunnels; the other path is found to the left down the subway tracks and this path is infested with ghouls and radiation. Both paths lead to a brewery. The brewery entrance is opened via a terminal. A chemistry station is in the same room. The next room is full of ghouls. There is a terminal locked room containing a duffle bag and other loot. Just before is next weak wall is a steamer trunk. The next room contains nothing of note, just the next weak wall which you must activate twice to confirm you are done with The Dig.

Notable lootEdit

  • A fusion core in the first room opened by Sonya and a second one in the room to the north of where the two paths converge.
  • Leveled power armor - In the first room where you give Sonya the order to take a wall down, there are two weak walls. Have her take down the east wall. Inside the armor (incomplete/leveled) is guarded by a mirelurk king.
  • Another fusion core is in a generator behind an expert locked gate in an optional path opposite to the path leads to a Brewery area that will loop back to the previous subway station area.
  • Overdue book in the subway station on a shelf in the first train car, near a chem cooler and opposite a skeleton couple.
  • Nuka-Cola Quantum - Two may be found in a crate above a small circular room in the pipeline to the brewery. This is from the direction of the room with mirelurks. The box may be shot down, dropping the two bottles onto the floor. The other box contains a military-grade circuit board and a few grenades.


The Dig only appears in Fallout 4.

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