The Cuckoo's Nest

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The Cuckoo's Nest
Cuckoos Nest
Icon cave
Cuckoos Nest loc
map markerThe Cuckoo's Nest
part ofBig MT
leadersThe Toaster
Other actors
Test Subject 1
questsAll My Friends Have Off Switches
cell nameNVDLC03SLCuckoosNest (exterior)
NVDLC03SLCuckoosNestINT (interior)
ref idxx001160 (exterior)
xx006880 (interior)
Gametitle-FNV OWB
Gametitle-FNV OWB

Ahahaha! I am on-line once again! Tremble, world, before my electric heating coil of doom!

The Toaster

The Cuckoo's Nest is a location in the southwest of the Big MT, just east of X-7a "Left Field" artillery launch.


The Cuckoo's Nest is a circular cave with a large outcropping in the center. The cave appears to be a lobotomite den and is littered with corpses, junk, piles of flesh, makeshift shelters, beds, and what appears to be a shrine to the Toaster. There are several hostile lobotomites within the cave, including the unique lobotomite, Test Subject 1.

Notable lootEdit


  • A number of dolls, resembling those coveted by the swampfolk of Point Lookout are hanging from the I.V. stand beside the surgical table near the back of the cave.
  • Below the slope that leads to the cave opening are five graves which can be opened with a shovel.
  • As you approach the cave opening, just below it to the right at the bottom of the slope, there is a shiny locker with an Old World Flag painted on its door in blue, painted by Ulysses.
  • Three lobotomites will repeatedly respawn if the cave is cleared earlier.
  • The only lobotomite jumpsuit not worn by a lobotomite can be found here, near a school-board in the northwest area of the cave.


The Cuckoo's Nest appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on, Old World Blues.

Behind the scenesEdit

This area is a reference to the 1962 novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, where the main character had electroshock "therapy" conducted on him to render him docile.


  • ps3Icon ps3 The location is prone to slow-down. The area around it may lag significantly, making the cave nearly impossible to get to, and made even more unpleasant by the horde of lobotomites wandering around outside. [verified]


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