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This page is about the faction appearing in Fallout 3. For the location, see Children of Atom.
For the characters, see Child of Atom (Fallout 3).
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The members of the Church of the Children of Atom worship Megaton's atomic bomb.

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The Church of the Children of Atom is a faction in Fallout 3 and Fallout 4.


The Church of the Children of the Atom seems to have existed as far back as Megaton's construction, as Manya mentions that they were instrumental in getting the town built. The citizens of Megaton do not mind them residing there as their technologies and workforce were needed to build the city, in exchange for it being "built around the bomb." The five children of the atom are named Steve, Audrey, Claire, Henry, and Billock

By 2287, the church's influence has grown over into the Commonwealth, and even as far north as Maine, with Children of Atom being active on the distant island of Far Harbor. The Children of Atom residing in the Commonwealth are also far more fanatical, with most members opting to attack the Sole Survivor on sight. However, those found in the Crater of Atom are passive during the quest The Glowing Sea.


The Church of the Children of Atom believe the war of 2077 was actually a great holy event perpetuated by their god, Atom.

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The Children of Atom believe that each atomic mass contains within it an entire universe, and when an atomic mass is split many universes are created. Therefore, instead of seeing the Great War as destructive, the Church believes it was a creative and unifying holy event. The Children of Atom also see death more as a celebration of life and unification to Atom through "the Glow." "The Glow" is the earthly embodiment of Atom and the Children of Atom's direct connection to Atom. The Children of Atom view the ghouls as "Atom's forsaken" or those who have unfinished business and, for denying the ghouls their unification with Atom himself, Atom touches them with "the Glow" and asks that they spread the word of Atom to those around the world. Those ghouls that refuse to accept the "gift of the Glow" and refuse to spread the word of Atom are doomed to becoming feral ghouls.


Fallout 3Edit

Fallout 4Edit


  • One sign directly below the Megaton church reads 'Local Cult', which means that either they acknowledge themselves as a cult, despite the Confessor's arguments, or that they are unaware of the sign or the meaning of the word.
  • Unlike the mostly peaceful Children of Atom encountered in the Capital Wasteland, members of the Commonwealth chapter will aggressively attempt to "convert" all nonbelievers by spraying them with lethal amounts of radiation, including the Sole Survivor. Their indiscriminate hostility often leads to three-way fights between the player, the cultists and whatever else happened to cross their path, be it animals or members of other factions like the Gunners or the Minutemen. The only cultists that can be talked to are the ones found in the Crater of Atom and Henri inside the Sentinel site, and even those boast a fairly volatile temper towards non-cultists.
  • True to their beliefs, church members in the Commonwealth rely almost exclusively on radiation weapons in combat, mainly the very dangerous Gamma gun and the even more devastating Nuka grenade. They also make liberal use of Nuke mines to secure their strongholds, making assaulting those an even more hazardous undertaking. While the cultists usually only wear rags they boast a significantly large health pool compared to similar NPC types. In addition, the amount of damage they can inflict is staggering, especially given their nearly unerring aim with their Gamma guns.
  • Quite contrary to their beliefs, they keep and feed a glowing one in Kingsport lighthouse. It could be possible that they are a splinter faction, quite like the Holy Light Monastery.


The Church of the Children of Atom appears in Fallout 3, Fallout 4, and the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Children of the Atom are a reference to the film Beneath The Planet Of The Apes which included a cult that revolved around the worship of an atomic bomb. Within the Fallout series, said cult previously served as inspiration for the town of Gravestone in Fallout Tactics.

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