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Ah, Bison Steve, you old shithole.


The Bison Steve Hotel is a building located in Primm in 2281.


According to Johnson Nash, the Bison Steve Hotel used to be an old hotel and casino and that a woman named Laurie used to rent out rooms in the hotel until she "took off" a few months before October 2281.[1]



The semi-broken "El Diablo" roller coaster track wraps around the building. Three escaped convicts have taken positions along these tracks, and will often try to snipe the player off. 2-4 more are on the ground outside of the hotel.[2]


There are three floors, all of which are inhabited by convicts. A large rotunda can be found on the first floor, along with a kitchen. There is an elevator that can be repaired with a Repair skill of 35. Once repaired, it leads to the second floor from the first, and vice versa. There is a crumbling platform/ceiling on the second floor that provides access to the third floor. A stairwell on the first floor also provides second-floor access, as does a door after a section of the roller coaster track outside. There are also several lock-pick options in the hotel.

Notable lootEdit

  • Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor - Northeast room on the first floor (there is a sign beside it that reads "Gift Shop"), lying on the ground against a Hard locked floor safe behind the cash registers.
  • Bison Steve maintenance key - On the table in the Hard locked storage room imediately to the right when entering.
  • Lucky - A unique revolver in the same room, just beyond the entrance, inside a Hard (75) locked floor safe behind the cash registers.
  • A Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap is on a sofa's end table next to a bottle (the side table which is opposite the elevator).
  • Incinerator - Carried by the escaped convict leader in the main room on the first floor.
  • Ransom note - on a desk in the southeastern most room of the second floor.
  • Numerous Psycho and Med-X on the second floor in a room past a locked door at the end of the corridor, on a desk with a suitcase, and in the bathroom.
  • A worn key - can found on one of the convicts' bodies. It opens a gun cabinet at the top of one of the two ramps leading up to the third floor.


  • It is possible to get to the highest point of the roller coaster by following the track from behind the hotel or using the door on the second floor of the hotel. However, no items are to be found there.
  • It is possible to get on the roof of the hotel but there is nothing there other than the sign and a roller coaster car on the lower roof.
  • At 8 PM, room lights can be seen turning on from the exterior, but there's no corresponding event taking place on the interior of the building.


The Bison Steve Hotel appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Its name, style, and the roller coaster built in front of the hotel is a reference to Buffalo Bill's Resort & Casino (and its famous roller coaster Desperado), in Primm, Nevada.
  • El Diablo is Spanish for "the Devil".


  • pcIcon pc xbox360Icon xbox360 ps3Icon ps3 If the Courier completely clears the first floor of the building and then leaves without going to the upper floors at all, and finishes My Kind of Town with any choice of sheriff, he/she may on returning find all convicts on the second and third floors dead, their bodies scattered over the rooms and corridors. They can then be picked clean with no interference. The Courier may also be met by a NCR trooper walking down one of the corridors and out of the hotel; the trooper is not named and will only give a stock response to inquiries. [verified]
  • ps3Icon ps3 xbox360Icon xbox360 It is possible that the convict that is guarding Deputy Beagle will not attempt to harm the Courier, companions or Beagle when he is freed, even though the compass indicates that the convict is hostile. The convict may also be in a seated position in mid-air to one side of the stool that's he's supposed to be sitting on. [verified]



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  2. "El Diablo" is written on both the car on the ground and the one on the roof.

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