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For more background information about various Tesla armor variants in Fallout games, see Tesla armor.
For an overview of metal armor variants in all games, see Metal armor.
Tesla armor
AC bonus15
effects-20% Sneak
weight40 pounds
normal35 DR4 DT
fire45 DR7 DT
gas0 DR0 DT
energy85 DR15 DT
electrical10 DR0 DT
explosive20 DR4 DT
Mini-FOT Logo The following is based on Fallout Tactics and some details might contradict canon.

Tesla armor is a type of metal armor in Fallout Tactics that makes its wearer resistant to energy attacks.


Main article: Tesla armor

This version was likely designed after the Great War by the Brotherhood of Steel, based on the pre-War model derived from plans left behind by Nikola Tesla, confiscated by the US government after his death. The main difference is that its Tesla attraction coils are not in the form of protruding rods, like in the earlier variant.


This shining armor provides superior protection against energy attacks. The three Tesla attraction coil rods disperse a large percentage of directed energy attacks.


For sale in all bunkers after the Buena Vista mission.

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