Tesla Science Magazine is a perk magazine in Fallout 4 that gives the player ranks of the Tesla Science perk.


Gives the player character a level of the Tesla Science perk which makes energy weapons inflict +5% critical damage. This perk can stack up to nine times.

Magazine issuesEdit

Issue Location Location description Base ID
#1 Will Robots Rule the World? ArcJet Systems In the CEO’s office on the second floor, next to his terminal. 00092a78
#2 What is Plasma, Anyway? General Atomics factory In the upper floor office, on a metal desk against the west wall, directly above the entrance lobby. 00092a79
#3 Rocket Science for Toddlers Rocky cave In Virgil’s laboratory on a broken fridge, just left of Virgil’s terminal. 00092a7a
#4 Tomorrow's technology for today's Super Soldiers (Blast Off To Adventure!) Mahkra Fishpacking Lowest floor filleting room, on a small table, northwest corner. Room below the one with the steamer trunk. 00092a7b
#5 Giant Super Weapons Mass Fusion building On the computer bank, ninth floor southeast mezzanine room, upper offices above the glass floor. 00092a7c
#6 Geckos and Gamma Radiation University Point Top floor, northern computer room, northeast corner on a small table. Access via the open curtains. 00092a7d
#7 U.S. Army Goes To Space HalluciGen, Inc. First floor, in the weaponization research lab, in the northeast corner. 00092a7e
#8 10 Number 1 Hits!!! Poseidon Energy On the metal desk with the bobblehead near the steamer trunk, in the central metal catwalk hut. 00092a7f
#9 Future of Warfare? Reeb Marina On the wooden bench in the kitchen of the warehouse, near the birthday sweetroll. 00092a80


pcIcon pc xboxoneIcon xboxone ps4Icon ps4 The perk does nothing in the current version of the game (v1.9).

  • The current condition to apply the critical damage is "hasKeyword DamageTypeEnergy [KYWD:0004A0CB]" which is never true as no weapon has the keyword. The proper keyword to determine a ranged energy weapon is dn_weap_EnergyGun [KYWD:0003E208].
  • There is a bug-fixing mod (game ver. 1.5, unofficial) that corrects this and numerous other defects.


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