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In some conversations, you gain the ability to initiate combat while terrifying a mob of opponents, sending them fleeing away for safety.

— in-game description

Terrifying Presence is a perk in Fallout: New Vegas.


In some conversations, the player gains the ability to initiate combat while terrifying a mob of opponents, sending them fleeing away for safety or attacking you in fear of their lives.

Instances of useEdit

  • Ranger Milo can be scared after completion of the quest Back in Your Own Backyard.
  • Grecks can be frightened after taking his money for the Debt Collector quest.
  • Jean-Baptiste can be convinced to give Cass a little more time to live.
  • The Brotherhood of Steel troops that track Veronica down at the Follower's Outpost can be frightened into temporary submission after the character says, "I will cast down your Codex and bask in the dying agony of those who hold it dear." Humorously, Veronica will ask if the Courier actually meant that.
  • Benny can become scared before you murder him.
  • You can tell Vulpes Inculta that you are going to wear his head like he wears the dog's when you first meet him in Nipton. Note: Will turn him and his entourage hostile. You will lose less Legion reputation if you kill them this way (remains at neutral if you have not gained or lost reputation with them beforehand), but you will not gain good Karma for killing Vulpes Inculta.
  • You can tell Caesar you want to paint his tent with his guts.
  • Lieutenant Haggerty and crew can be told that you are Death. If you tell her that you wanted to explore, you can tell her that you will carve yourself a key out of her bones.
  • Pvt. Davey Crenshaw can be frightened by telling him you will pollute the NCR's air filtration system with his stinking corpse during the quest I Put a Spell on You for the Legion.
  • Greasy Johnny can be frightened during the second part of the quest Someone to Watch Over Me.
  • Chavez during the I Fought the Law quest. Note: Turns hostile immediately.
  • During the quest How Little We Know you are told that you need to speak to Cachino. To obtain the information where he is, you can either pass a Speech check of 28 with the receptionist, or for a much more entertaining option: terrify an Omerta thug into giving the information.
  • James Garret can be threatened into releasing Hadrian from his contract in the Atomic Wrangler casino so he can go work for Tommy Torini, for the quest Talent Pool.
  • Tomas can be terrified into giving up his Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle caps.
  • During the quest Oh My Papa, the legionaries Karl sends after you can be threatened and will run away.
  • When being pursued by Legion assailants a second time, they will greet you asking "Do you ever give up?" to which you are able to answer "Not while there are still spines left unshattered!" which will send the group of assassins running in terror.
  • The Legion Explorer that approaches you outside of Nelson can be scared.
  • Dead MoneyGametitle-FNV DM Christine can be frightened into taking the elevator in the switching station down to the cramped electrical control room in the quest Mixed Signals.

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