Icon cut contentThe following is based on Fallout 4 cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Terminals & holotapes, o my! is an unused cell in the game files of Fallout 4. It is marked as such in the local map.


After arriving at the location through the use of the console command coc zUnusedSubwayTerminalShowcase, the player can choose to go forward into the dead-end subway room, containing only a skeleton with a hard hat. Going backwards leads to the skeleton of a soldier, and some stairs leading down into a hallway. On the left in the corridor, Griswold's poetry collection and Griswold's terminal can be found.

Continuing along the hall, the player will come to a door on the left and right. The right door goes into a room with pipes, a terminal to open the door on the left, a safe containing the turret_override.exe holotape, and the RobCo defragmenter holotape. Opening the door on the left in the corridor proceeds to an open space with raiders and turrets. A second turret_override.exe holotape can be found next to the stairs. The stairs lead to a final room, with Sue's terminal, a Cooking station, and other generic loot.

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Terminals & holotapes, o my! appears in the game files of Fallout 4 as a test cell.

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