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Tenpenny Tower suite
F3-Tenpenny Tower Suite
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ownersThe Lone Wanderer (optionally)
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questsThe Power of the Atom
Tenpenny Tower
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The Tenpenny Tower suite is located in Tenpenny Tower.

The suite becomes available to the Lone Wanderer if they assist Mr. Burke in destroying the town of Megaton and its residents.


It is a comfortable, roughly square-shaped room, with a king-sized bed on the left from the entrance and a large bookcase shelf to the right. There is also a bobblehead collector's stand, and a door that leads to a balcony with a very nice view that adjoins with Mr. Tenpenny's own balcony.


The suite has its own Mister Handy unit named Godfrey that is able to tell jokes, dispense purified water, and change your hairstyle. The suite has a wardrobe, a safe, a desk and a footlocker to store items in. If you choose the Vault theme, you also get an additional storage locker.

You can also access the Tenpenny Tower balcony from the suite. It can be used to fast travel to other locations.

Sleeping in the bed grants the player the "Well Rested" effect (+10% xp) for 12 hours.

Home improvementsEdit

You can enhance your suite with a variety of improvements, which can be bought from either Lydia Montenegro or Michael Masters (depending on the outcome of the Tenpenny Tower quest). If you kill either Lydia or Michael (or both of them), you will not be able to upgrade your suite.

These improvements include an infirmary, jukebox, laboratory, Nuka-Cola machine and a workbench, all of which add additional functionality to your home.

It is also possible to change the decor to one of the following themes: Raider, Wasteland Explorer, Vault, Science, pre-War and Love Machine.

Related questsEdit


The Tenpenny Tower suite appears only in Fallout 3.


  • xbox360Icon xbox360 ps3Icon ps3 pcIcon pc Agreeing to help Roy Phillips take over Tenpenny Tower may cause your suite to be permanently inaccessible despite killing all human residents and waiting over forty-eight hours outside. (You might be able to access it through exiting Tenpenny's Balcony and going around) You may access it by using the console command Activate. [verified]
  • xbox360Icon xbox360 ps3Icon ps3 There is a bug that for an unknown reason causes the game to freeze in the loading screen when you enter the suite. There are no known fixes other than loading up an old save. [verified]
  • pcIcon pc xbox360Icon xbox360 ps3Icon ps3 If Dogmeat is told to wait in the suite for several days, he may become unresponsive. On the PS3 and Xbox versions this can be fixed with Broken Steel, as the Puppies! perk allows the player to kill the unresponsive Dogmeat and get a new one with more health. Alternatively, one can reload an earlier save. On the PC version one can open the console and select Dogmeat by clicking on him (or typing prid 6a775) and then typing the following commands on separate lines in sequential order: kill, resurrect, disable, enable, resetquest 943ed. This causes the game to think you have never talked to Dogmeat before, allowing you to recruit him again. [verified]
  • pcIcon pc xbox360Icon xbox360 ps3Icon ps3 After completing the Tenpenny Tower quest in the favor of helping Roy Phillips take over the tower, if you leave after all the residents are killed on all three floors and do not talk to him beforehand, when you return later the dialog option to obtain a suite in the tower is missing. [verified]
  • xbox360Icon xbox360 ps3Icon ps3 pcIcon pc Even with patch 1.7, it may be possible to access the suite even if the player has completed The Power of the Atom by disarming the bomb, even though the player has not been officially rewarded the suite. While the front door will be locked, the back door leading out to the balcony at the top may be unlocked, and the apartment functions as if the player has unlocked it; Godfrey will even greet the player like normal. The only way in and out of the suite is through the back door leading out to the balcony. [verified]

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