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Boulder Dome 3
Before the Great War, Boulder was long a place where advanced scientific research took place. The University of Colorado, IBM and Bell Aerospace were located here. Supported by money from Denver's industry and an active military presence, Boulder scientists made advances in medicine, alternate energy sources, robotics and even developed a power armor prototype.

Unfortunately, leakage from the Rocky Mountain Arsenal (a nearby toxic waste dump/weapons storage location) caused a poisonous cloud that killed a lot of people in Denver. As an apology, the military funded a program to create a self-sustaining research dome, capable of withstanding a nuclear attack. This "city of the future" was to be a prototype for settlements on the moon and other planets.

After the War, the Boulder Dome is still standing in midst of the blasted remains of the city, poisoned by radiation and toxic waste. Inside the dome is a desperate team of scientists infected with a strange disease and trying to keep their ZAX unit from cannibalizing it memory to such an extent that it stops working. Beset by glowing ghouls and a large pack of cannibal primitives, the dome faces extinction.

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