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VB DD14 npc Willem Clark
Dr. Willem Clark is the leader of the ghouls at the Reservation. He was a gifted nuclear physicist in his smooth skin days. He worked at the Reservation as chief scientist in the nuclear research and development department on Sub-Level 3. Even then he commanded a loyal following of fellow scientists who are in awe of his scientific capabilities and his ability to bring out the best in his colleagues. So, when the bombs fell and everyone was too scared to move, Willem took charge and kept the survivors alive; alive with hope that one day they would all return to the surface and start life anew. For nearly two centuries, Willem Clark has brought ghouls from all over the wastes to the Reservation. Some have stayed topside, happy to eke out an existence among the debris, while others have taken to the Sub-Levels of the Reservation. Those who have gone to the Sub-Levels enjoy fruitful, meaningful work and much better accommodations than those who on the surface.

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