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The Vertibird is a pre-War military multipurpose tiltwing aircraft extensively used by the Enclave in post-war America. It has a heavily armored fuselage and can be outfitted with a variety of offensive weapons and defensive countermeasures. It is powered by an internal fission reactor, which has been known to detonate under heavy fire. Vertibirds have a winch that can haul several tons of equipment. The Vertibird was still in prototype phase when the Great War struck in 2077, preventing it from entering full military service (scheduled for 2085). However, the trial aircraft that were already produced and in the field were seized by Enclave members and loyalists and either transferred to their bases or secured in shelters. The Enclave began mass-producing the design in secret, and now the Vertibird is the general-purpose delivery vehicle of the Enclave's military forces. Capable of surgical insertions and extractions and close air support alike, the Vertibird is synonymous with the Enclave in general, and a good representative of its power as a whole.

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