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Secret Vault Garden
The Garden is a leasure facility in the Secret Vault, Vault-Tec's private Vault. The Garden includes a large beautiful park with trees and grass.

Some time after the war, the Secret Vault was torn apart by a local civil war between Vault-Tec scientists and Blake, the chief security officer, who believed the researches with FEV and radiation, conducted on living subjects, including humans, are "evil". Their battles led to a major explosion that devastated a large portion of the Vault and enabled some spicies of radroaches and Deathclaws, native to the Vault, escape into the wasteland, at the same time allowing radscorpions and rats invade the Vault.

Many people, including security officer Patty and chief scientist Dubois (hide in the Garden, looking for a way to survive. It becomes the only safe haven the inhabitants of the Vault have left.

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