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Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)

Infobox template for game-developing or game-publishing real-life companies.

Based on {{Infobox}}.


Place the following at the top of the article, below any page management templates:

{{Infobox game company
<!-- insert parameters -->


Specific parametersEdit

optionalIcon optional
closed in
If this company no longer exists; year of closure.
optionalIcon optional
Abbreviation(s) for Fallout games this company has developed or is developing. For accepted abbreviations please see {{abb}}.
optionalIcon optional
founded in
Year of foundation.
optionalIcon optional
founded by
Who founded this company.
optionalIcon optional
Location of company headquarters; use "city (country)" format.
optionalIcon optional
Official company homepage; simply type URL starting with "http://".
optionalIcon optional
key people
Key people of this company (like e.g. CEO or Vice Presidents); separate entries with <br/>.
optionalIcon optional
URL of this company's MobyGames profile; automatically linked.
optionalIcon optional
other developer
Other notable games this company is/was developer for; separate entries with <br/>.
optionalIcon optional
other publisher
Other notable games this company is/was publisher for; separate entries with <br/>.
optionalIcon optional
parent company
Parent company; if this company belongs to another company.
optionalIcon optional
Abbreviation(s) for Fallout games this company has published or is publishing. For accepted abbreviations please see {{abb}}.
optionalIcon optional
Subsidiaries of this companies; companies which belong to this one.
optionalIcon optional
Name of Wikipedia article about this company; automatically linked.

General infobox parametersEdit

optionalIcon optional
Content of row below main infobox content.
optionalIcon optional
File name of icon (without "File:"), i.e. the small image which is displayed in the top right corner of the main image area.
optionalIcon optional
icon offset
Offset for icon in pixels, i.e. the icon is moved "upwards" by the specified amount of pixels. Setting this to "@outside" results in the icon being placed completely outside (above) the image area.
optionalIcon optional
image up to image5
File name of image(s) (without "File:") to be displayed below main header and above main infobox content.
optionalIcon optional
image desc
Description for image, displayed below the image.
optionalIcon optional
(default: "240px")
image size up to image5 size
Width of corresponding image in pixels (e.g. "240px").
optionalIcon optional
Main title/"headline" of the infobox. By default, the name of the current page without any disambiguation suffixes (i.e. terms in brackets at the end) is used.
optionalIcon optional
Text in small font below the main infobox title.


Game company
Black Isle Studios
Black Isle logo
Company data
founded byFeargus Urquhart
founded in1996
closed in2003
headquartersOrange County, California (USA)
key peopleFeargus Urquhart
Corporate connections
parent companyInterplay Entertainment
Fallout games
Fallout 2
Van Buren
Other games
developerPlanescape: Torment
Icewind Dale
External links
WikipediaBlack Isle Studios
{{Infobox game company
|name            =Black Isle Studios
|image           =Black Isle logo.png
|founded by      =[[Feargus Urquhart]]
|founded in      =1996
|closed in       =2003
|headquarters    =Orange County, California (USA)
|key people      =[[Feargus Urquhart]]
|parent company  =[[Interplay Entertainment]]
|developer       =FO1, FO2, VB
|publisher       =
|other developer =''[[wikipedia:Planescape: Torment|Planescape: Torment]]''<br>''[[wikipedia:Icewind Dale|Icewind Dale]]''
|other publisher =
|homepage        =
|wikipedia       =Black Isle Studios
|mobygames       =


{{Infobox game company
|image           =
|founded by      =
|founded in      =
|headquarters    =
|key people      =
|parent company  =
|subsidiaries    =
|developer       =
|publisher       =
|other developer =
|other publisher =
|homepage        =
|wikipedia       =
|mobygames       =
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