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For an overview of teddy bears in the Fallout series, see teddy bear.

A teddy bear is a junk item in Fallout 4.


A teddy bear is a child's toy shaped like a little bear made from soft fabrics, and stuffing used for play and comfort. Can be found in abundance all across the wastes, in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.


The teddy bear can be broken down into its individual components for use in crafting:

Teddy bear (1)
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Cloth (3)


  • A unique clean variant can be found in Vault 81 in a box before one of the beds in the northeast bedroom.
  • Eight can be found in Fraternal Post 115.
  • Seven, including one small teddy bear, can be found on the bus in the eastern side of Mass Pike Tunnel.
  • Two found having fun in a locker in East Boston Preparatory School.
  • Two can be found in a cardboard box that is similar to the one at Fort Strong with a bottle of rum found West of Suffolk County charter school and Murkwater construction site in an unmarked, destroyed house guarded by yao guai.
  • Two bears are having 'fun' in the Beantown Brewery, surrounded by empty beer bottles.
  • Two teddy bears are playing checkers in The Shamrock Taphouse.
  • Two bears are kissing inside a refrigerator in the Med-Tek Research facility. They are lying on the 2nd shelf, surrounded by various empty alcohol bottles.
  • One can be found behind a staircase, cooking a fish with wine, in Saugus Ironworks.
  • One can be found in in Back Street Apparel. It is sitting on a toilet while wearing eyeglasses and reading a newspaper.
  • One can be found in a weird fashion in the the Super Duper Mart in Lexington. It is sitting under a waste basket with a chair on top of it while wearing a pair of handcuffs.
  • One is found in USAF Satellite Station Olivia next to an ammo box sporting an Army helmet and a cigar (mimicking General George Patton).
  • One can be found sitting in a cardboard box boat with a bottle of rum in the sea behind Fort Strong. The box has what appears to be a rudder attached to it. It is in the water at the base of the bluff below the cannonade at the southern tip of the peninsula.
  • One can be found wearing a Captain's hat and riding a Buttercup at Warwick Homestead hiding behind the building. He's next to the Life Preserver.
  • One can be found sitting in a chair opposite the hospital director's desk in the Medford Memorial Hospital. He's sitting behind an empty glass, as if he was a visitor.
  • One can be found inside an open yellow crate, playing checkers against a skeleton at Irish Pride Industries shipyard.
  • A large one wearing a hat can be found "driving" a broken bus across the bridge south-east of WRVR broadcast station. It shrinks in inventory, although, being outside it may be carried.
  • One can be found in the Boston mayoral shelter sitting in a tiny wheelchair holding a baby rattle.
  • Automatron (add-on)Gametitle-FO4 AUT In Fort Hagen satellite array a larger teddy bear is seen reading a book to a smaller one bear inside a crate made up to look like a child's bedroom, complete with a picture of a dog on the wall.
  • Nuka-World (add-on)Gametitle-FO4 NW Six can be found in the dressing room in King Cola's Court in Nuka-World. One bear is brushing another bear's fur, one is sleeping, another is reading, and the last two bears are playing checkers.


  • Dogmeat will occasionally play with a teddy bear if one is placed in his inventory.