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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Generic tauntsEdit


Generic_Advance={*Huf*...I...*Huf*...need more...*Huf*.... action points}
Generic_Advance={At least you'll know you fell to the best}
Generic_Advance={Better hope you packed some stimpacks...}
Generic_Advance={Damn! Must have left my shield belt in my other pants...}
Generic_Advance={Don't take this personally, but I'm gonna kill you now}
Generic_Advance={Eat this!}
Generic_Advance={Everybody! It's target practice!}
Generic_Advance={Fresh meat!}
Generic_Advance={Hey you!}
Generic_Advance={I didn't want to have to do this}
Generic_Advance={I don't think you're going to like this}
Generic_Advance={I hate you and all that you stand for}
Generic_Advance={I hope this is a challenge, for a change}
Generic_Advance={I love's to watch 'em squirm}
Generic_Advance={I sure hope you have *some* staying power}
Generic_Advance={I think I'll kill you slow}
Generic_Advance={I want to take my time with you}
Generic_Advance={I wonder how much blood you got in you?}
Generic_Advance={I wonder how much noise you'll make when I bleed you}
Generic_Advance={I'm going to enjoy this..}
Generic_Advance={I'm going to like seeing your guts spread out on the ground}
Generic_Advance={I'm going to use you for target practice!}
Generic_Advance={I'm gonna beat your sorry ass into oblivion}
Generic_Advance={I'm gonna dance on your grave}
Generic_Advance={I'm gonna fuck you up!}
Generic_Advance={I'm gonna kill you, your family, then your dog}
Generic_Advance={I'm gonna pin your ears back!}
Generic_Advance={I'm gonna send you straight to hell}
Generic_Advance={I'm gonna settle your hash!}
Generic_Advance={I'm gonna teach you some manners}
Generic_Advance={I'm gonna tear your heart out}
Generic_Advance={I'm mad as hell and I'm just not going to take it anymore!}
Generic_Advance={I'm really going to enjoy this}
Generic_Advance={I've had just about enough of you}
Generic_Advance={It's party time!}
Generic_Advance={It's too late to run}
Generic_Advance={Kill this fool!}
Generic_Advance={Kiss your ass good-bye..}
Generic_Advance={Lay down some suppressing fire! Keep their heads down!}
Generic_Advance={Let the hurtin' commence}
Generic_Advance={Let's bury this loser!}
Generic_Advance={Let's dance}
Generic_Advance={Let's get it on!}
Generic_Advance={Let's see how good you really are}
Generic_Advance={Let's see what you're really made of}
Generic_Advance={Lock and Load!}
Generic_Advance={Look who just walked into the free fire zone..}
Generic_Advance={Looks like we'll be doing this the hard way..}
Generic_Advance={Love to hear them bones crack}
Generic_Advance={Mmm, gonna really enjoy this}
Generic_Advance={No mercy for you!}
Generic_Advance={Oh yeah! I've been waiting for this}
Generic_Advance={Prepare to die}
Generic_Advance={Rock and roll!}
Generic_Advance={Scramble, boys, we got an intruder!}
Generic_Advance={Somebody cover me!}
Generic_Advance={Stand still and I'll get this over real quick for you}
Generic_Advance={Surrender and I'll kill you quickly}
Generic_Advance={Take em!}
Generic_Advance={That's it, I've had enough of your type}
Generic_Advance={The bomb shoulda weeded all you trash out..}
Generic_Advance={There's always idiots like you around to mess up a shift}
Generic_Advance={This is going to feel real good}
Generic_Advance={This is gonna feel good}
Generic_Advance={This one's mine!}
Generic_Advance={This sure doesn't look like much of a challenge}
Generic_Advance={This won't take too long}
Generic_Advance={Time to correct another mistake of mother nature..}
Generic_Advance={Time to dust this mother fucker..}
Generic_Advance={Time to take out the trash..}
Generic_Advance={Time to tango!}
Generic_Advance={Wait til I get you..}
Generic_Advance={We got us an intruder, boys!}
Generic_Advance={We'll let god sort out what's left of ya}
Generic_Advance={Welcome to the major leagues, rookie}
Generic_Advance={Who do you think you are?}
Generic_Advance={Who let you in here?}
Generic_Advance={Why'd you go and hafta do that?}
Generic_Advance={Would someone please kill this waste of flesh!}
Generic_Advance={You got about ten seconds to surrender..}
Generic_Advance={You just made my day!}
Generic_Advance={You need to learn some manners}
Generic_Advance={You need to learn some respect!}
Generic_Advance={You ready bitch!}
Generic_Advance={You're already dead..}
Generic_Advance={You're gonna be a long time dying..}
Generic_Advance={You're gonna be my bitch!}
Generic_Advance={You're history!}
Generic_Advance={You're not going to like this, but I sure will}
Generic_Advance={You're not welcome here}
Generic_Advance={You're one dead sonuvabitch to pick a fight with me..}
Generic_Advance={You've never been gone over by a real pro before, have ya?}
Generic_Advance={Your days here are through}
Generic_Advance={Your ears will make a nice trophy!}
Generic_Advance={Your guts sure are going to look pretty on the ground}
Generic_Arm={*Hrkkkk* arm...hurts like the devil..}
Generic_Arm={*Nfff*...nearly tore my arm clean off...!}
Generic_Arm={*Urkkk*...can still....hit you...with the other hand..}
Generic_Arm={...another...damn arm wound..}
Generic_Arm={...just my's just my arm..}
Generic_Arm={...nice arm's...taken worse..}
Generic_Arm={Ack! Good thing I'm ambi... whatever}
Generic_Arm={Aggghhh! My arm}
Generic_Arm={Arrrrgh! Help me find my fingers!}
Generic_Arm={Bone sticking out of arm, arrrrrgghhh}
Generic_Arm={Can't...feel my arm..}
Generic_Arm={Crap, there go a couple more fingers}
Generic_Arm={Dammit arm's...useless..}
Generic_Arm={Damn, snapped my arm right in two}
Generic_Arm={Damn, that's gonna take away from my swing}
Generic_Arm={Damn, you got my arm}
Generic_Arm={Dislocated my goddamn arm..}
Generic_Arm={Gonna need some stims for my arm. After I kill you}
Generic_Arm={Gonna...need...some...more...arm protection..}
Generic_Arm={Got me in the fucking arm...!}
Generic_Arm={Holy Christ! I didn't think I could feel this much pain}
Generic_Arm={I can beat you with one arm!}
Generic_Arm={I can take you one-handed}
Generic_Arm={I can't feel anything, my arm's all numb}
Generic_Arm={I don't need that arm anyway}
Generic_Arm={I don't need those fingers anyway}
Generic_Arm={I got blood all over my arm...!}
Generic_Arm={I only need one arm to take you out}
Generic_Arm={I only need one finger for you bub}
Generic_Arm={I'll never write that novel now}
Generic_Arm={I've still got another hand to use against you}
Generic_Arm={Looks like I can't polish my gun with that hand anymore..}
Generic_Arm={Medic! My arm's fucked!}
Generic_Arm={My arm hurts, it's a bad one}
Generic_Arm={My arm! You broke my fucking arm!}
Generic_Arm={My arm!}
Generic_Arm={My arm's all tore up}
Generic_Arm={My arm's broken!}
Generic_Arm={My arm's broken, here...and here...}
Generic_Arm={My elbow!}
Generic_Arm={My hand's almost torn off!}
Generic_Arm={My stroke hand! Have you no shame?!}
Generic_Arm={Not the arm, why my arm?}
Generic_Arm={Only need one arm to kill you}
Generic_Arm={Shit! My arm's shot!}
Generic_Arm={Someone bend my arm back, pleeeeeaassee?!?}
Generic_Arm={That hit dislocated my arm!}
Generic_Arm={Think that broke my arm..}
Generic_Arm={Think that arm..}
Generic_Arm={Took off another finger. That hurt}
Generic_Arm={Took out my elbow!}
Generic_Arm={Trying to disarm me huh?}
Generic_Arm={Unh, you tore my arm backwards}
Generic_Arm={You broke my arm! Now the fight is fair!}
Generic_Arm={You broke my arm!}
Generic_Arm={You broke my arm, but I'll break your neck}
Generic_Arm={You broke my arm, so I'm gonna break your neck}
Generic_Arm={You broke my goddamn arm!}
Generic_Arm={You take my finger, I'll take your Goddamn hand}
Generic_Arm={You winged me!}
Generic_Arm={You'll need to remove more than my arm to save your ass!}
Generic_Attack={Ain't used to someone who fights back, are you?}
Generic_Attack={Asta la Vista, Baby}
Generic_Attack={Asta la vista!}
Generic_Attack={Cum'on bitch, take the pain!}
Generic_Attack={Death and dismemberment. Just two of my favorite things!}
Generic_Attack={Die! Die! Die! Die! Die!}
Generic_Attack={Do you feel lucky?}
Generic_Attack={Don't bother screaming for mercy..}
Generic_Attack={Don't worry, I'll comfort your widow when you're gone..}
Generic_Attack={Drill the scraggin' bastard!}
Generic_Attack={Eat this!}
Generic_Attack={Enjoy the last few seconds of your life}
Generic_Attack={Ever see a skull open up like that, man?}
Generic_Attack={Feel good?}
Generic_Attack={Feel that one?}
Generic_Attack={Feel the burn}
Generic_Attack={Feel the pain!}
Generic_Attack={Feels good huh?}
Generic_Attack={Feels good to be striking back!}
Generic_Attack={Fine. You asked for this}
Generic_Attack={Get critical!}
Generic_Attack={Get some!}
Generic_Attack={Goddamn, I love this!}
Generic_Attack={Going to fuck you up, bigtime!}
Generic_Attack={Gonna feed you to the dogs}
Generic_Attack={Gonna get cha!}
Generic_Attack={Gonna grind you into a thin red paste..}
Generic_Attack={Gonna kill you, then kill you again..}
Generic_Attack={Gonna whale the holy, howling tar outta you..}
Generic_Attack={Got any last words?}
Generic_Attack={Hope you don't die too quick}
Generic_Attack={Hope you got your grave all picked out..}
Generic_Attack={How do you like this?}
Generic_Attack={I eat punks like you for breakfast}
Generic_Attack={I got your number, you little cocksucker..}
Generic_Attack={I hope this hurts}
Generic_Attack={I hope you don't die too quick}
Generic_Attack={I hope you made out a will}
Generic_Attack={I just want to hear your bones cracking!}
Generic_Attack={I love doing this to you!}
Generic_Attack={I love the smell of napalm in the morning}
Generic_Attack={I wanna see what the inside of you looks like}
Generic_Attack={I'll kill you slow..}
Generic_Attack={I'll make a necklace out of your teeth!}
Generic_Attack={I'm going to kick your ass so hard you'll be wearing your ass as a hat}
Generic_Attack={I'm going to put my boot so far up your ass, you'll be smelling shoe polish for a week}
Generic_Attack={I'm gonna beat you like a red-headed stepchild..}
Generic_Attack={I'm gonna beat you until you're ugly}
Generic_Attack={I'm gonna feed you to my pet iguana}
Generic_Attack={I'm gonna loot your corpse!}
Generic_Attack={I'm gonna reduce you to an undertaker's nightmare}
Generic_Attack={I'm putting you away for good}
Generic_Attack={I'm sorry I have to do this. Just kidding}
Generic_Attack={If you're looking to die, you came to the right place}
Generic_Attack={Kiss your ass good-bye..}
Generic_Attack={Let's get it on!}
Generic_Attack={Let's open you up a little..}
Generic_Attack={Let's see how tough you are..}
Generic_Attack={Look at the blood-spray! Yeah, goin' the distance!}
Generic_Attack={Looks like you could profit from a beating or two..}
Generic_Attack={Love the way you're bleedin'!}
Generic_Attack={Love to taste the splashed blood}
Generic_Attack={No mercy!}
Generic_Attack={No retreat! No surrender!}
Generic_Attack={Not so fun when you're doing the dying is it?}
Generic_Attack={Nothing like breaking bones to make a man feel alive..}
Generic_Attack={Nothing wrong with you a critical to the eyes won't cure}
Generic_Attack={Now I have you!}
Generic_Attack={Now you die!}
Generic_Attack={Oh yeah! That's great!}
Generic_Attack={Oh yeah, this is where it's at}
Generic_Attack={Only one of us is walking away}
Generic_Attack={Please don't beg. Death should be dignified}
Generic_Attack={Prepare to die}
Generic_Attack={Say hello to the angels for me..}
Generic_Attack={See you in Hell}
Generic_Attack={Shouldn't start what you can't finish}
Generic_Attack={Starting to slow down a bit huh?}
Generic_Attack={Take it all!}
Generic_Attack={Take it, take it hard!}
Generic_Attack={Take that!}
Generic_Attack={Take the pain, motherfucker!}
Generic_Attack={Take this!}
Generic_Attack={That's a bleeder!}
Generic_Attack={The last thing you'll see is my grinnin' face}
Generic_Attack={This ain't just a job to us}
Generic_Attack={This is gonna hurt you more than it does me}
Generic_Attack={This is my favorite job}
Generic_Attack={This is the best part..}
Generic_Attack={This is what we do to vermin!}
Generic_Attack={This'll learn ya!}
Generic_Attack={This'll teach you some manners}
Generic_Attack={Time to do a little genetic weeding..}
Generic_Attack={Time to play!}
Generic_Attack={Time to put you out of your misery..}
Generic_Attack={Troublemaking scum!}
Generic_Attack={Try this on for size}
Generic_Attack={Waste 'em!}
Generic_Attack={We take care of our own}
Generic_Attack={Where's your mama now?}
Generic_Attack={Wish I had a limit break..}
Generic_Attack={Wish I had a quad damage..}
Generic_Attack={Yeah baby, yeah!}
Generic_Attack={Yeah buddy, lean into the blow}
Generic_Attack={Yeah, feels good don't it?}
Generic_Attack={Yeah, take that!}
Generic_Attack={You are mine to kill!}
Generic_Attack={You deserve what's coming to you!}
Generic_Attack={You have to learn sometime}
Generic_Attack={You shoulda left it alone}
Generic_Attack={You want more of this!!! Huh?!}
Generic_Attack={You want some of this?! YOU WANT SOME OF THIS?!}
Generic_Attack={You want some of this?!}
Generic_Attack={You won't do this again!}
Generic_Attack={You'd better start praying}
Generic_Attack={You'll regret setting foot in here!}
Generic_Attack={You're a stubborn one..}
Generic_Attack={You're dogfood, friend}
Generic_Attack={You're going down like a 2-cap whore..}
Generic_Attack={You're not so tough}
Generic_Attack={You're one sorry motherfucker!}
Generic_Attack={You've fought the rest, now it's time for the best!}
Generic_Attack={Your heart is mine!}
Generic_Attack={Your mommy ain't here to save you}
Generic_Attack={Your weapons will be my trophies!}
Generic_Damage={*Unnffff*...need to wear more armor..}
Generic_Damage={*Urgggg*...think that knocked...some organs loose..}
Generic_Damage={A little blood ain't hurt no-one}
Generic_Damage={Ahhh! Aiee! Ahh!}
Generic_Damage={Argghhh! Sonuvabitch..}
Generic_Damage={Bleeding all over the fucking place..}
Generic_Damage={Blood just makes me angry}
Generic_Damage={Bone, so white}
Generic_Damage={Christ, just make the pain stop!}
Generic_Damage={Clipped my shoulder...that's all...keep fighting..}
Generic_Damage={Damn! I spit on you!}
Generic_Damage={Damn, that almost hurt}
Generic_Damage={Damn, that burns a little}
Generic_Damage={Damn, that hurt}
Generic_Damage={Damn, that hurts!}
Generic_Damage={Damn, you're better than you look, 'spose you'd hafta be}
Generic_Damage={Do that again, pig}
Generic_Damage={Enough playing nice}
Generic_Damage={Everything's still workin' well enough to take you out}
Generic_Damage={For that, I'm gonna rip off your leg and beat you with it}
Generic_Damage={Fuck! You bastard!}
Generic_Damage={Fuck, that hurts}
Generic_Damage={Fucking coward!}
Generic_Damage={ a catch my breath...then I'll kill you..}
Generic_Damage={Glad I'm dusted on Phycho, or that would have hurt}
Generic_Damage={Goddamn that hurts!}
Generic_Damage={Gonna need a stimpack for that one..}
Generic_Damage={Gotta try harder than that, but not much harder}
Generic_Damage={Hey! Watch it!}
Generic_Damage={Hey, that stings a bit}
Generic_Damage={Hmmm. Ow. Hmmm}
Generic_Damage={Hnrgggg! Can't... breathe..}
Generic_Damage={Hope you think it's just as funny when I do that to you}
Generic_Damage={I can see my insides, uh oh}
Generic_Damage={I can't breathe and I keep coughin' up blood, that's bad ain't it?}
Generic_Damage={I didn't even feel that one}
Generic_Damage={I didn't like that at all}
Generic_Damage={I don't need to stand to kill you!}
Generic_Damage={I hope that was your best shot, you won't get another}
Generic_Damage={I like the pain!}
Generic_Damage={I must be getting old. That actually hurt}
Generic_Damage={I sure do have a lot of blood in me, well I used to anyway}
Generic_Damage={I think I just want to lay down for a while}
Generic_Damage={I think I'll go into shock now}
Generic_Damage={I think I'm gonna faint}
Generic_Damage={I think something's broken inside, I hurt real bad}
Generic_Damage={I'll feel that in the morning}
Generic_Damage={I'll make sure that hurts you more'n it did me}
Generic_Damage={I'll tear out your liver for that}
Generic_Damage={I'm bleedin' out}
Generic_Damage={I'm feeling kinda warm and sleepy now}
Generic_Damage={I'm going snap every bone in your body}
Generic_Damage={I'm going to replace those organs you just holed, with some of yours}
Generic_Damage={I'm gonna carve you like a turkey}
Generic_Damage={I'm gonna cut out both your eyes for that...slowly}
Generic_Damage={I'm gonna rip out your teeth for that..}
Generic_Damage={I'm starting to feel cold and sleepy}
Generic_Damage={I'm starting to get annoyed}
Generic_Damage={I've been torn open}
Generic_Damage={I've got a hole all the way through me}
Generic_Damage={I've had worse}
Generic_Damage={If it don't hurt much is it a bad one?}
Generic_Damage={It hurts real bad}
Generic_Damage={It's getting so dark now}
Generic_Damage={It's just a scratch..}
Generic_Damage={Just a scratch, I've had worse}
Generic_Damage={Let me lie down for a second, then I'll come kill you}
Generic_Damage={Let me show you how we kill people here}
Generic_Damage={Let's see how you like that}
Generic_Damage={Let's talk about revenge now}
Generic_Damage={Lucky shot that time}
Generic_Damage={Mmm, that's going to leave a mark}
Generic_Damage={My insides are on the outside, that can't be good}
Generic_Damage={Nobody hits me like that, and lives}
Generic_Damage={Now you've got me pissed off}
Generic_Damage={OK, now it's my turn}
Generic_Damage={Oh man, that hurts!}
Generic_Damage={Oh yeah, that hurts}
Generic_Damage={Ohhh, pain!}
Generic_Damage={Ohhh... owwww}
Generic_Damage={Okay, that does it. You're dead}
Generic_Damage={Okay, that hurt}
Generic_Damage={One more scar won't make me any uglier}
Generic_Damage={Oof! I'm gonna scrag you for that..}
Generic_Damage={Ouch, that's going to cost you}
Generic_Damage={Ow! That hurt!}
Generic_Damage={Ow! That really hurt!}
Generic_Damage={Ow! You son of a..}
Generic_Damage={Owww! Fuck!}
Generic_Damage={Owwwww! Somebody get me a stimpack! Or some Afterburn!}
Generic_Damage={Owwwww! Somebody get me a stimpack! Or some Buffout!}
Generic_Damage={So much's everywhere}
Generic_Damage={So much blood}
Generic_Damage={Sweet mother of GOD!}
Generic_Damage={That ain't nothing!}
Generic_Damage={That all you got? Piss poor show, rookie}
Generic_Damage={That barely gouged me}
Generic_Damage={That burns, a little}
Generic_Damage={That coulda' been worse}
Generic_Damage={That got my interest}
Generic_Damage={That hurt!}
Generic_Damage={That hurt, a little}
Generic_Damage={That just makes me mad}
Generic_Damage={That stings!}
Generic_Damage={That the best you can do?}
Generic_Damage={That took some meat outta my shoulder..}
Generic_Damage={That was a real cheap shot!}
Generic_Damage={That won't help you any}
Generic_Damage={That'll be a cool scar!}
Generic_Damage={That'll leave an unpleasant scar}
Generic_Damage={That'll need stitches}
Generic_Damage={That's going to leave a scar}
Generic_Damage={That's more than a scratch}
Generic_Damage={That's not going to stop me}
Generic_Damage={That's not nice at all. I'm going to have to teach you some manners}
Generic_Damage={That's... that's... painful..}
Generic_Damage={That...was stupid...let me show you why}
Generic_Damage={The pain! Oh, the pain!}
Generic_Damage={The pain, the pain..}
Generic_Damage={Think...I just snapped a rib..}
Generic_Damage={This fight is getting worse by the second}
Generic_Damage={Ugh! That hurt!}
Generic_Damage={What do you think this is? Some cheap action flick?}
Generic_Damage={Whatta fuckin' sissy you are}
Generic_Damage={Where's a tourniquet when you need one}
Generic_Damage={Yeah, bring it on}
Generic_Damage={Yeah, that just got me started}
Generic_Damage={You bastard!}
Generic_Damage={You better run after that one}
Generic_Damage={You call that a hit?}
Generic_Damage={You don't know what you just started}
Generic_Damage={You fucking pansy}
Generic_Damage={You got lucky, shithead..}
Generic_Damage={You hit like a baby-girl}
Generic_Damage={You just made the biggest mistake of your life}
Generic_Damage={You stupid bastard. Now I'll kill you slow}
Generic_Damage={You'll have to do a lot better than that}
Generic_Damage={You'll pay for that one}
Generic_Damage={You're gonna be a long time dying..}
Generic_Damage={Youch, that hurt, a little}
Generic_Eyes={Aggghhh! I'm blind!}
Generic_Eyes={Ahhhh, shit! My fucking eye!}
Generic_Eyes={Can't see a fucking thing! Where are you?! I'll kill you!}
Generic_Eyes={Can't see...just red..}
Generic_Eyes={Crap, my eye's dangling by the optic nerve here}
Generic_Eyes={Don't havta see ya, I can still smell ya!}
Generic_Eyes={Don't you ever touch my fucking eyes again!}
Generic_Eyes={Fuck! What happened to the lights?}
Generic_Eyes={Fucking world's going dark..}
Generic_Eyes={Hey, I'm blind}
Generic_Eyes={I can still hear where you are}
Generic_Eyes={I can still hear you}
Generic_Eyes={I can't see you but I can still kill you}
Generic_Eyes={I can't see!}
Generic_Eyes={I can't see. That'll make this fair}
Generic_Eyes={I don' see kill you..}
Generic_Eyes={I sure wish I could see just one more sunset}
Generic_Eyes={I think you detached my retina!}
Generic_Eyes={I'd give anything to see again}
Generic_Eyes={I'm blind! I'm blind!}
Generic_Eyes={I'm fuckin' blind here!}
Generic_Eyes={It's so dark, and lonely all of a sudden}
Generic_Eyes={Just for that, I'm going to pop your eyes like ripe grapes}
Generic_Eyes={My eye! Aiiieeeee!}
Generic_Eyes={My eye! You'll pay for that one!}
Generic_Eyes={My eye, I can't see anything!}
Generic_Eyes={My eyes! My eyes!}
Generic_Eyes={My eyes!}
Generic_Eyes={My eyes, bitch!}
Generic_Eyes={My eyes...can't see..}
Generic_Eyes={My fucking eyes are on fire!}
Generic_Eyes={ eye patch...won't cure..}
Generic_Eyes={Shit! Not the eyes!}
Generic_Eyes={Thank god that eye was fake..}
Generic_Eyes={Trying to cripple my depth perception, huh?}
Generic_Eyes={Where's my eye, if I could just push it back in...}
Generic_Eyes={Who turned out the lights?}
Generic_Eyes={You fucked up my Goddamn eyes!}
Generic_Eyes={You prick, you blinded me!}
Generic_Eyes={You tore my eye out}
Generic_Eyes={You tore my fucking eye out!}
Generic_Flee={Bastards really working me over..}
Generic_Flee={Better to live again to fight another day}
Generic_Flee={Crap, time to scram}
Generic_Flee={Damn you're good}
Generic_Flee={Fall back! Fall back!}
Generic_Flee={Fall back!}
Generic_Flee={Flee! Flee!}
Generic_Flee={Fuck, shit, crap!}
Generic_Flee={Gotta get outta here!}
Generic_Flee={Heeeeelp! There's a psycho on the loose!}
Generic_Flee={Hold it right there, I'll be back in a few}
Generic_Flee={I ain't dyin' for this!}
Generic_Flee={I don't have anything! Just let me live!}
Generic_Flee={I don't want to go like this!}
Generic_Flee={I have better things to do}
Generic_Flee={I'll be back, 'til then you can dream about me}
Generic_Flee={I'll be back}
Generic_Flee={I'll get you next time!}
Generic_Flee={I'm bad, but you're the baddest}
Generic_Flee={I'm gonna go get sloshed, then I'll be back}
Generic_Flee={I'm outta here}
Generic_Flee={I've got some friends that'll want in on this action}
Generic_Flee={If I was just twenty years younger, I coulda made it through this fight..}
Generic_Flee={It can't end like this}
Generic_Flee={Knew I should have taken more Buffout..}
Generic_Flee={Last time I get into a fight without more body armor}
Generic_Flee={Later punk!}
Generic_Flee={Let's do that again, real soon}
Generic_Flee={Let's do this again soon!}
Generic_Flee={Maybe this wasn't a good idea}
Generic_Flee={Mom was right. A person can get killed doing this}
Generic_Flee={More of a challenge elsewhere}
Generic_Flee={Need to find some stimpacks, fast..}
Generic_Flee={Next time for you, you sonuvabitch..}
Generic_Flee={Next time the luck's going to be on my side}
Generic_Flee={No way am I staying in this clusterfuck..}
Generic_Flee={Retreat! Retreat!}
Generic_Flee={Run for your life!}
Generic_Flee={See ya around}
Generic_Flee={Shit, I didn't think you'd be so much work}
Generic_Flee={Somebody help me!}
Generic_Flee={That was fun, ta ta}
Generic_Flee={That was great, I broke a sweat!}
Generic_Flee={That's too much for me}
Generic_Flee={This ain't worth it!}
Generic_Flee={This isn't the last you'll see of me}
Generic_Flee={This round is yours, but the fight's gonna be mine}
Generic_Flee={This was fun, but I'm gone!}
Generic_Flee={Time for more ammo and stimpacks!}
Generic_Flee={Time to get the hell outta Dodge..}
Generic_Flee={Time to go get some of the other boys..}
Generic_Flee={We'll have to do this again sometime}
Generic_Flee={Whoa, this shit's getting too heavy}
Generic_Flee={Whoa, time for my lunch-break}
Generic_Flee={You ain't killing me today!}
Generic_Flee={You ain't seen the last of me!}
Generic_Flee={You bore me}
Generic_Flee={You got lucky}
Generic_Flee={You got the better of me...this time}
Generic_Flee={You may have won the battle..}
Generic_Flee={You won this time}
Generic_Flee={You'll get what's coming to you!}
Generic_Flee={You'll pay for this -- later!}
Generic_Flee={You're just lucky I ain't got no stimpacks on me..}
Generic_Flee={You're not worth the trouble}
Generic_Flee={You're one nasty motherfucker!}
Generic_Flee={You've gotta sleep sometime, and I'll be there when you do}
Generic_Groin={*Hurhkkkk* Balls...not good}
Generic_Groin={*Unnfffff*...I think my}
Generic_Groin={*unh* low blow}
Generic_Groin={Ack! Mr Pinky is all red}
Generic_Groin={Ain't been hurt that bad since that whore clocked me..}
Generic_Groin={Below the belt! Son of a bitch...!}
Generic_Groin={Erg! Right in the jewels!}
Generic_Groin={Excuse me for a moment while I throw up all over myself}
Generic_Groin={Gettin' your jollies?}
Generic_Groin={Great. A player character with a ball fixation}
Generic_Groin={Great. I get to fight someone with a ball fixation}
Generic_Groin={Heh, heh, can't hurt that, it's brass-plated}
Generic_Groin={Hell, you got my family jewels!}
Generic_Groin={Hit me in the jimmy again, and I'm gonna kill you twice}
Generic_Groin={Hitting me in the balls...THAT'S a new one}
Generic_Groin={I ain't gonna look down. I ain't gonna look down}
Generic_Groin={I think I need to sit down, for a while}
Generic_Groin={I'm gonna tear yours off and make you eat them}
Generic_Groin={I'm so dusted on Afterburn, I barely felt that., wait}
Generic_Groin={I'm...gonna cut for hitting my balls..}
Generic_Groin={In..the..nuts...Cow...ard, unh...}
Generic_Groin={Let me lie down for a second, then I'll come kill you}
Generic_Groin={Low blow, asshole..}
Generic_Groin={My balls! My fucking balls!}
Generic_Groin={My balls!!! Come here and let me do that to you!}
Generic_Groin={My genitals! My poor genitals!}
Generic_Groin={My pecker's taken worse}
Generic_Groin={No hitting below the belt!}
Generic_Groin={No more kids for me}
Generic_Groin={Not the groin! Not the groin!}
Generic_Groin={Now I can't sound off like a got a pair}
Generic_Groin={Nuts! Oh well, no kids for me}
Generic_Groin={Oof, my groin!}
Generic_Groin={Oooh! Baaaaalls!}
Generic_Groin={Oooooo, my groin!}
Generic_Groin={Stay away from my groin, you bastard!}
Generic_Groin={That was a ballsy move}
Generic_Groin={We playing...rochambeau...?!}
Generic_Groin={Well, there go my brass balls}
Generic_Groin={You cretin, I'm gonna neuter you}
Generic_Head={'Nother hit to the head like that an' I'm done for..}
Generic_Head={*Hrkkkk*...fucker just scalped me..}
Generic_Head={*Nfff* Nearly...took...head clean off..}
Generic_Head={ me in the...fucking head!}
Generic_Head={Another hit to the head like that, an' I'm a goner..}
Generic_Head={At least you only hit my head}
Generic_Head={By doath! Dew tore off by doath!}
Generic_Head={Can' out...gotta stay conscious..}
Generic_Head={Dizzy...blood in my eyes...somebody..}
Generic_Head={Do smathed by teef out!}
Generic_Head={Hah, at least you didn't hit anything important}
Generic_Head={Head feels like it's in a vise..}
Generic_Head={Hey, I part my hair on the *other* side}
Generic_Head={I feel kinda dizzy}
Generic_Head={I see stars}
Generic_Head={I still have *some* teeth left}
Generic_Head={I think you broke my jaw!}
Generic_Head={I'll take your head off!}
Generic_Head={I've been scalped!}
Generic_Head={My aching skull}
Generic_Head={My brains hurt}
Generic_Head={My cheekbone!}
Generic_Head={My ear! You tore off my goddamn ear!}
Generic_Head={My face! My face!}
Generic_Head={Nearly...nearly got me...with that one...head spinning..}
Generic_Head={Not the fricken head you..}
Generic_Head={Nrgggg! Clocked me in the skull..}
Generic_Head={Oh, look at all the pretty birdies}
Generic_Head={Oooh, my head}
Generic_Head={Thank god for that metal plate in my head, or I'd be dead..}
Generic_Head={That ringing sound I hear is your death-knell}
Generic_Head={What just hit me in the head?}
Generic_Head={Where's my ear?}
Generic_Head={Whoa. Something just hit me in the face}
Generic_Head={Why's everything spinning like that?}
Generic_Head={You broke my nose!}
Generic_Head={You hit my fuckin' skull!}
Generic_Leg={*Ergg* Gonna have a limp after that one..}
Generic_Leg={A limp isn't going to stop me}
Generic_Leg={Aggghhh! My leg}
Generic_Leg={Ahhh! Got me in the fucking knee!}
Generic_Leg={Break my leg? I'll tear you apart!}
Generic_Leg={Can't see...head spinning..}
Generic_Leg={Can' leg..}
Generic_Leg={Clocked me in the leg..}
Generic_Leg={Come here, don't make me hobble after you}
Generic_Leg={Dammit! My leg!}
Generic_Leg={Damn near tore my leg off}
Generic_Leg={Damn, you took my toes off}
Generic_Leg={For that, I'm gonna rip off your leg and beat you with it}
Generic_Leg={Fuck, my leg hurts}
Generic_Leg={Gonna have to keep off this leg for a while..}
Generic_Leg={Gonna need a stimpack for my leg..}
Generic_Leg={Hah-hah, that was my prosthetic leg anyhow}
Generic_Leg={I can't feel my foot!}
Generic_Leg={I can't feel my leg at all}
Generic_Leg={I don't need that leg to kick your ass}
Generic_Leg={I don't need to stand to kill you!}
Generic_Leg={I don't need two legs to kick your ass}
Generic_Leg={I guess I better find myself a parrot and an eyepatch}
Generic_Leg={I love the sound of a femur crunching}
Generic_Leg={I still have one leg left}
Generic_Leg={I was never much of a dancer anyhow}
Generic_Leg={I'll get you if I have to crawl after you}
Generic_Leg={I'll never be able to support my family now}
Generic_Leg={I'll teach you to tear my toes off}
Generic_Leg={I'm going to tear your leg off with my teeth}
Generic_Leg={I'm gonna break both your kneecaps for that..}
Generic_Leg={I'm gonna make a dishrag outta your face}
Generic_Leg={I'm no good to anyone as a cripple. (sob, sob)}
Generic_Leg={I've been hit. I can't feel my leg}
Generic_Leg={I've got another leg}
Generic_Leg={It hurts to move}
Generic_Leg={It hurts, somebody make it stop!}
Generic_Leg={Just call me stumpy}
Generic_Leg={Leg's shot...time for some payback}
Generic_Leg={My achilles tendon!}
Generic_Leg={My dance career's over}
Generic_Leg={My knee!}
Generic_Leg={My kneecap's just gone man, gone}
Generic_Leg={My leg!}
Generic_Leg={My leg, I can't feel it}
Generic_Leg={My legs, I can't feel my legs}
Generic_Leg={Ow, my leg}
Generic_Leg={Ripped my fucking leg open, you bastard!}
Generic_Leg={Shit! I can't feel my leg}
Generic_Leg={Talk about a hot-foot}
Generic_Leg={That fucked my knee up good..}
Generic_Leg={That leg didn't work too good anyhow}
Generic_Leg={That opened up the old wound in my leg..}
Generic_Leg={That'll bench me for sure}
Generic_Leg={That's going to give me a nice limp for a while}
Generic_Leg={That's going to slow me up for the whole season}
Generic_Leg={That's gonna cost you *both* legs}
Generic_Leg={There goes my foxtrot}
Generic_Leg={There goes my knee}
Generic_Leg={Well, I guess I'll never be a Rockette now}
Generic_Leg={Where's the lower half of my leg? Where is it?!?}
Generic_Leg={You broke my leg! Now I'm gonna break your face}
Generic_Leg={You broke my leg, but I'll break your neck}
Generic_Missed={And I thought this was going to be a *fight.*}
Generic_Missed={C'mon loser. Gimme a fight!}
Generic_Missed={C'mon, punk. Give me a fight!}
Generic_Missed={Close one, but no cigar}
Generic_Missed={Close one..}
Generic_Missed={Close, but not close enough}
Generic_Missed={Either I'm lucky or you're a bad shot}
Generic_Missed={Excuse me, were you aiming at me?}
Generic_Missed={Goddamn amateurs!}
Generic_Missed={Ha! Missed!}
Generic_Missed={Ha! You missed me}
Generic_Missed={Hah hah, you suck!}
Generic_Missed={Hey now! That almost hit me}
Generic_Missed={Hit me! Come on you fucking wimp! Hit me!}
Generic_Missed={I ain't no pushover}
Generic_Missed={I am indestructible!}
Generic_Missed={I cannot be touched!}
Generic_Missed={I didn't even have to dodge that one}
Generic_Missed={I hope that wasn't your best shot}
Generic_Missed={I knew that Phycho would make me faster..}
Generic_Missed={I live!!}
Generic_Missed={I must be better at this than I thought}
Generic_Missed={I thought you had me for sure}
Generic_Missed={I'm so high, you'll never touch me!}
Generic_Missed={I've seen smarter Brahmin than you}
Generic_Missed={If you tried to hit the air, you'd miss}
Generic_Missed={Is that the best you can do?}
Generic_Missed={Just pathetic..}
Generic_Missed={Leave it to the professionals next time}
Generic_Missed={Looks like you need more practice}
Generic_Missed={Looks like you need to lay off the sauce before getting' inta combat}
Generic_Missed={Looks like you're stupid AND blind}
Generic_Missed={Maybe we should stop long enough for you to get some practice shots in!}
Generic_Missed={Missed me by a few % points}
Generic_Missed={My mother's a better shot than you}
Generic_Missed={Never seen anyone make point and click look so difficult}
Generic_Missed={Nice form but I'm over here!}
Generic_Missed={What? Your sentry mode busted?}
Generic_Missed={Nice one. I'll show you how it's done in a sec}
Generic_Missed={Not even close}
Generic_Missed={Not today, friend}
Generic_Missed={Now that was a wild shot}
Generic_Missed={Sand in your eyes?}
Generic_Missed={Shee-it, you suck}
Generic_Missed={Shit, I thought this was gonna be some kind of challenge!}
Generic_Missed={Slow ass sonuvabitch..}
Generic_Missed={Some advice: Next time, hit the target you're aiming at}
Generic_Missed={That was your last mistake}
Generic_Missed={That woulda connected if you had some skill}
Generic_Missed={That'll be a limper.}
Generic_Missed={The safest spot to be is right in front of you}
Generic_Missed={This is going to be easier than I thought}
Generic_Missed={This is gonna be easier than I thought}
Generic_Missed={This your first time kid?}
Generic_Missed={Too fast for you..}
Generic_Missed={Too slow!}
Generic_Missed={Try aimin' *at* me next time}
Generic_Missed={Try aiming next time}
Generic_Missed={Try training some}
Generic_Missed={Was that your best shot?}
Generic_Missed={Wasted effort!}
Generic_Missed={Weak AND slow, I see}
Generic_Missed={What? Did you fail the tutorials as well?}
Generic_Missed={Which one of me are you aiming at?}
Generic_Missed={Whoa! Be careful with that you might hurt someone}
Generic_Missed={Would it help if I painted a target on myself}
Generic_Missed={Yeah! You missed me!}
Generic_Missed={You aim to please. I shoot to kill}
Generic_Missed={You ain't gonna get a second chance}
Generic_Missed={You ain't good enough}
Generic_Missed={You aren't that good after all}
Generic_Missed={You better put that thing down before you hurt yourself}
Generic_Missed={You blind and stupid?}
Generic_Missed={You bore me to tears}
Generic_Missed={You can't hit me!}
Generic_Missed={You didn't even wing me}
Generic_Missed={You don't got the guts do ya?}
Generic_Missed={You fight like old people fuck!}
Generic_Missed={You got me! Oh? Maybe you didn't!?!}
Generic_Missed={You got the shakes don'tcha kid?}
Generic_Missed={You hit like a bitch..}
Generic_Missed={You just suck!}
Generic_Missed={You learn to fight in bars?}
Generic_Missed={You missed!}
Generic_Missed={You must be one wall-eyed sonuvabitch}
Generic_Missed={You should try aiming next time}
Generic_Missed={You suck!}
Generic_Missed={You sure ain't nothing special}
Generic_Missed={You're a joke}
Generic_Missed={You're just a common thug}
Generic_Missed={You're just a fuckin' clown}
Generic_Missed={You're making this easy}
Generic_Missed={You're not as good as you think}
Generic_Missed={You're slower than a dead turtle}
Generic_Missed={Your Mamma teach you that move?}
Generic_Missed={Your body is weak and pitiful!}
Generic_Missed={Your hands must be shaking pretty hard for you to miss}
Generic_Torso={(Cough, cough) Can't breathe}
Generic_Torso={*Gasp* Why can't I breathe right?}
Generic_Torso={*Ooooof* God I hate that..}
Generic_Torso={*Unffff*...knocked...the wind outta me..}
Generic_Torso={Ack! Something tore loose inside my chest}
Generic_Torso={Ahhg! Gut shot!}
Generic_Torso={Anybody got some stims?! I've taken a hit in the chest!}
Generic_Torso={Arrrgh, my spine}
Generic_Torso={Can' out...gotta stay conscious..}
Generic_Torso={Chest wound...that's nothing}
Generic_Torso={Chest's on fire..}
Generic_Torso={Dammit! Musta broke some ribs..}
Generic_Torso={Damn, you popped a goddamn lung}
Generic_Torso={Feels like that shattered some ribs..}
Generic_Torso={Felt a rib snap..}
Generic_Torso={Felt my spine crack..}
Generic_Torso={Fuck! Not my spleen! Anything but my spleen!}
Generic_Torso={Gonna need some extra stitches across my chest..}
Generic_Torso={Gonna need some stims for my chest. After I kill you}
Generic_Torso={Gonna...*hrkkk*...need...some...more...chest armor..}
Generic_Torso={Got me in the chest..}
Generic_Torso={Heavy weight on chest, gasp, gasp, so thirsty}
Generic_Torso={Hit opened up that old chest wound..}
Generic_Torso={I don't even slow down for gut wounds}
Generic_Torso={I just keep bleeding, it won't (cough, cough) stop}
Generic_Torso={I love the sound of cracking ribs!}
Generic_Torso={I think you got my kidney!}
Generic_Torso={I'll have time to patch this up, when you're dead}
Generic_Torso={Just missed my lung, I think}
Generic_Torso={My lungs keep hissing and (cough, cough, gasp) burbling}
Generic_Torso={My ribs hurt. Soon I will remove yours! It's only fair!}
Generic_Torso={My solar plexus!}
Generic_Torso={My spleen!}
Generic_Torso={Nggg! Solar plexus!}
Generic_Torso={Nice...hit. Now I'm gonna break every rib in YOUR body}
Generic_Torso={Oh Christ, not a gut wound!}
Generic_Torso={Oh, I think you broke a rib!}
Generic_Torso={Oh, my ribs!}
Generic_Torso={Only a worm like you would try for a gut-wound}
Generic_Torso={Oof! My ribs hurt}
Generic_Torso={Ouch, just a few ribs more or less}
Generic_Torso={Ow!!! My spleen!}
Generic_Torso={Somebody got some stims?! My chest's bleeding bad!}
Generic_Torso={Soon as I catch my breath (cough, cough) I'm coming for you}
Generic_Torso={Thanks, my back feels much better now}
Generic_Torso={That'll take hours to slow me up}
Generic_Torso={Think my spine just cracked..}
Generic_Torso={ lung's been pierced..}
Generic_Torso={Why's it have to hurt so damn much?}
Generic_Torso={You tore something up inside me}
Generic_Torso={Yup, that cracked some ribs alright}

Ghoul tauntsEdit


Ghoul_Advance={Be vewy quiet. Wew hunting Wabbits}
Ghoul_Advance={Come an' get it!}
Ghoul_Advance={Fresh meat..}
Ghoul_Advance={Ghoul to the rescue!}
Ghoul_Advance={Guess who's comin' to dinner}
Ghoul_Advance={Hope I can keep your head intact..}
Ghoul_Advance={I could use some fresh parts}
Ghoul_Advance={I just don't think I'm cut out for this}
Ghoul_Advance={I knew I heard the chow-bell}
Ghoul_Advance={I'm gonna dig your grave..}
Ghoul_Advance={I'm not sure that this is such a great idea}
Ghoul_Advance={I've got a bad feeling about this}
Ghoul_Advance={Is it soup yet?}
Ghoul_Advance={Mmm, I just love smoothskins}
Ghoul_Advance={More Brains...}
Ghoul_Advance={My spidey-sense is definitely tingling}
Ghoul_Advance={Parts is parts}
Ghoul_Advance={Ready or not, here I come!}
Ghoul_Advance={Send more cops!}
Ghoul_Advance={Send more paramedics!}
Ghoul_Advance={So, you're my next organ donor huh?}
Ghoul_Advance={Someone's going to get hurt, probably me}
Ghoul_Advance={Steak Tartar comin' up}
Ghoul_Advance={Tell, me when I have to open my eyes}
Ghoul_Advance={Watch out, here I come}
Ghoul_Advance={Where's the beef?}
Ghoul_Advance={Yeah, they've gotta be scared now}
Ghoul_Advance={You crossed my shadow...or sumthin'}
Ghoul_Advance={You go first, I'll watch the rear}
Ghoul_Advance={You're history!}
Ghoul_Arm={Damn, there go some fingers}
Ghoul_Arm={Hah, hah. Wrong arm, ya' putz!}
Ghoul_Arm={Hey, where'd my fingers go?}
Ghoul_Arm={I can't feel my toes..err, I mean fingers!}
Ghoul_Arm={I guess I'll give you a hand then}
Ghoul_Arm={I only need one finger for *you* bub}
Ghoul_Arm={I only need one finger for you}
Ghoul_Arm={I really like my elbow the way it was}
Ghoul_Arm={I'll kick you to death then}
Ghoul_Arm={I'll stab you with my stump!}
Ghoul_Arm={I've still got a couple fingers left}
Ghoul_Arm={My breaststroke's never going to be the same}
Ghoul_Arm={That crunching sound isn't good}
Ghoul_Arm={That hand was going bad anyhow}
Ghoul_Arm={That skin was starting to rot anyway}
Ghoul_Arm={That's just gonna kill my backswing}
Ghoul_Arm={That's really going to effect my swing}
Ghoul_Arm={That's worse than a hangnail}
Ghoul_Arm={There goes Wimbledon}
Ghoul_Arm={There goes my silver-sequined glove!}
Ghoul_Arm={There goes my thumb!}
Ghoul_Arm={This'll be great for that Capt. Hook look}
Ghoul_Arm={You broke my arm!}
Ghoul_Arm={You've disarmed me!}
Ghoul_Attack={...and the crowd goes wild!}
Ghoul_Attack={And this!}
Ghoul_Attack={Delicious & nutritious too!}
Ghoul_Attack={Don't bother screaming for mercy..}
Ghoul_Attack={Give me some sugar, baby!}
Ghoul_Attack={He shoots, he scores!}
Ghoul_Attack={Hope you don't die too quick}
Ghoul_Attack={How can anything this messy be bad?}
Ghoul_Attack={I eat punks like you for breakfast, and lunch}
Ghoul_Attack={I got sumpin' for ya!}
Ghoul_Attack={I loves to watch 'em squirm}
Ghoul_Attack={I'll give you *such* a pinch!}
Ghoul_Attack={I'll moiderize ya'!}
Ghoul_Attack={I'm gonna eat your liver!}
Ghoul_Attack={I'm gonna enjoy this}
Ghoul_Attack={I'm gonna git you sucka!}
Ghoul_Attack={I'm guessin' that's more fear than excitement}
Ghoul_Attack={Lemme' just have a taste!}
Ghoul_Attack={Now you are the learner}
Ghoul_Attack={Oooo, that's gotta hurt!}
Ghoul_Attack={Slicin' & Dicin' time}
Ghoul_Attack={Stay still! It'll hurt less}
Ghoul_Attack={Stop your twitchin', the chef's in the kitchen!}
Ghoul_Attack={Take that!}
Ghoul_Attack={Tremble in fear, mighty Ghoul now is here!}
Ghoul_Attack={Yah, that's right, who's the badass now!}
Ghoul_Attack={You hate me, you really hate me!}
Ghoul_Attack={You sure bleed a lot. Must be tender & juicy}
Ghoul_Attack={Your number is up!}
Ghoul_Damage={Ack! That hurt}
Ghoul_Damage={Anyone wanna see some anatomy?}
Ghoul_Damage={Damn, I've been filleted}
Ghoul_Damage={Damn, anyone got some duct-tape?}
Ghoul_Damage={Entry wound, exit wound, collect the hole set!}
Ghoul_Damage={Geepers that hurt!}
Ghoul_Damage={Heh, heh, went right through me, didn't feel a thing}
Ghoul_Damage={Hey, we've got a bleeder, and it's me!}
Ghoul_Damage={I had no idea that I was so dry and brittle}
Ghoul_Damage={I outa wrap that with clothe before flies get in there}
Ghoul_Damage={I'm being moyderd heya}
Ghoul_Damage={If my vital organs weren't already preserved in a jar that woulda hurt}
Ghoul_Damage={Is all that blood mine?}
Ghoul_Damage={Hey, check this out! I can see my appendix}
Ghoul_Damage={It's getting so cold all of a sudden}
Ghoul_Damage={Just a little more to the right, ahhh, that's better}
Ghoul_Damage={Just a little off the edges there, doc}
Ghoul_Damage={Kai, yai, yippee, ai, ay!}
Ghoul_Damage={Like I really needed *that* flensing}
Ghoul_Damage={My legs, I can't feel my legs}
Ghoul_Damage={Not another damn scar}
Ghoul_Damage={Nothing trims you down like a disembowelment}
Ghoul_Damage={Now, I'll have to patch my skin again}
Ghoul_Damage={Oohh, that hurt}
Ghoul_Damage={Ooohh, da pain, da pain}
Ghoul_Damage={Shit! I've got termites!}
Ghoul_Damage={Spank me Mommy, I've been naughty}
Ghoul_Damage={That crunch couldn't have been good}
Ghoul_Damage={That was my bad side anyway}
Ghoul_Damage={That'll scab-up nicely}
Ghoul_Damage={That's going to blister}
Ghoul_Damage={That's one way to lose ugly pounds and inches}
Ghoul_Damage={To understand life, you must fuck the gallbladder}
Ghoul_Damage={Uh, oh, that's a bad one}
Ghoul_Damage={You broke my brittle bones!}
Ghoul_Damage={You can raise welts like nobody else}
Ghoul_Damage={You're gonna pay for that!}
Ghoul_Damage={You're gonna regret that!}
Ghoul_Eyes={Aiyeee! Aiyeee! my eye!}
Ghoul_Eyes={Arrrr, matey, brings a tear to me one good eye}
Ghoul_Eyes={Damn blood in my eyes!}
Ghoul_Eyes={Eye'll get you for that}
Ghoul_Eyes={Eye've had it with you!}
Ghoul_Eyes={Eye, yai, my, eye!}
Ghoul_Eyes={Guess I'll need an eyepatch-just call me Nick Dangerous}
Ghoul_Eyes={Hah, that was my glass-eye!}
Ghoul_Eyes={I can still find you with my super-hearing}
Ghoul_Eyes={I can still track you by sound alone!}
Ghoul_Eyes={I've got my eye on you, uh, can I have it back now?}
Ghoul_Eyes={Mother? It's getting dark}
Ghoul_Eyes={My eye! You'll pay for that one!}
Ghoul_Eyes={Squishes like a ripe grape, don't it?}
Ghoul_Eyes={That's me one good eye, Arrr}
Ghoul_Eyes={Who turned out the lights?}
Ghoul_Eyes={You're blinding me 'cause you're afraid, ain't ya}
Ghoul_Flee={Damn, they've got kryptonite. I'm out of here}
Ghoul_Flee={Exit, stage left}
Ghoul_Flee={Feets don't fail me now!}
Ghoul_Flee={For the love of God, get me out of here!}
Ghoul_Flee={Gotta get outa here!}
Ghoul_Flee={Gotta run. See ya}
Ghoul_Flee={Hey, stop backing away from me}
Ghoul_Flee={I ain't dyin' twice}
Ghoul_Flee={I guess, you've learned your lesson, I'm outa here!}
Ghoul_Flee={I'll be back..}
Ghoul_Flee={I'll be right back. Don't wait up}
Ghoul_Flee={I'm gonna make like a shepherd and get the flock out of here!}
Ghoul_Flee={I'm just executing a retrograde advance}
Ghoul_Flee={I'm late for my root-canal. See you later}
Ghoul_Flee={I'm makin' like a banana and splitttin'}
Ghoul_Flee={I've gotta go reattach some parts}
Ghoul_Flee={It's later than I thought}
Ghoul_Flee={It's not the years, it's the mileage}
Ghoul_Flee={Jesus Christ! Run for it!!!!!}
Ghoul_Flee={Just let me live through this one}
Ghoul_Flee={Later, normie!}
Ghoul_Flee={My super-powers are useless against this foe!}
Ghoul_Flee={No one told me it would be dangerous!}
Ghoul_Flee={No, no, no. You go ahead. I'll catch up-later}
Ghoul_Flee={Oh, please, please, please, please}
Ghoul_Flee={Run awaaaaay!}
Ghoul_Flee={Run for it!}
Ghoul_Flee={These old bones can't take this anymore}
Ghoul_Flee={Uh, I've got to talk to a man about a horse}
Ghoul_Flee={Uh, oh, my spidey-sense is tingling}
Ghoul_Flee={Uh, time for a tactical withdrawal here}
Ghoul_Flee={What, do you mean they're armed?}
Ghoul_Flee={You ain't heard the last of me!}
Ghoul_Flee={You ain't killing me today!}
Ghoul_Flee={You'll pay for this -- later!}
Ghoul_Groin={Aren't you chivalrous}
Ghoul_Groin={Chopped nuts anyone?}
Ghoul_Groin={Did that...? Oh, yeah, that hurts}
Ghoul_Groin={From a bull to a steer in one blow}
Ghoul_Groin={Gee, if there were any female ghouls I'd be angry with you}
Ghoul_Groin={I feel like I should be guarding a harem now}
Ghoul_Groin={I think I need to sit down for a bit}
Ghoul_Groin={I'd never sing Bass anyway}
Ghoul_Groin={If there were any ghoul gals, I'd be upset with you}
Ghoul_Groin={Like *that's* going to cramp my style}
Ghoul_Groin={Maybe if I just don't move for a while...}
Ghoul_Groin={No more writing my name in the snow}
Ghoul_Groin={That's my beef bologna!}
Ghoul_Groin={There goes my social life}
Ghoul_Head={Brings a tear to me one good eye}
Ghoul_Head={Damn, there goes my nose}
Ghoul_Head={Hey, that's my last tooth}
Ghoul_Head={I've been scalped!}
Ghoul_Head={Just a little more off the top}
Ghoul_Head={Let me give you a piece of my mind}
Ghoul_Head={My brains hurt}
Ghoul_Head={Now I look like Van Gogh}
Ghoul_Head={Oh dear, I think I lost more hair}
Ghoul_Head={Oh, my pretty face. Actually, thats not too bad}
Ghoul_Head={Uh, oh. I can't remember anything}
Ghoul_Head={You crunched my face!}
Ghoul_Leg={And I just shaved them too}
Ghoul_Leg={Anyone got a board and some nails to hammer this back together?}
Ghoul_Leg={Argh! You break my leg, I break your neck!}
Ghoul_Leg={Damn, there go my toes}
Ghoul_Leg={Damn, there goes my Tango}
Ghoul_Leg={Gee, it feels as though it's still attached}
Ghoul_Leg={I can't feel my toes!}
Ghoul_Leg={I don't need those toes anyhow}
Ghoul_Leg={I guess I need a leg up}
Ghoul_Leg={I wonder if I can reattach that somehow}
Ghoul_Leg={I'll bite your kneecaps off!}
Ghoul_Leg={Just call me stumpy}
Ghoul_Leg={Just need a parrot and an eye-patch now}
Ghoul_Leg={My leg!}
Ghoul_Leg={My legs, I can't feel my legs!}
Ghoul_Leg={No more line dancing for this old ghoul}
Ghoul_Leg={Not my blue suede shoes!}
Ghoul_Leg={Ouch! Hey! That's below the belt!}
Ghoul_Leg={Ouch, shin-splint!}
Ghoul_Leg={Ow, my leg}
Ghoul_Leg={Shattered just like dry-rotted wood}
Ghoul_Leg={Thanks for taking care of that for me, it was gangrenous,}
Ghoul_Leg={That leg was going bad anyhow}
Ghoul_Leg={That shin was starting to dry-rot anyway}
Ghoul_Leg={There go my toes!}
Ghoul_Leg={There goes my electric hustle}
Ghoul_Leg={Who needs kneecaps anyway?}
Ghoul_Missed={And you think *Ghouls* are slow?}
Ghoul_Missed={Are you lookin' at me?}
Ghoul_Missed={Betcha didn't expect that move didja?}
Ghoul_Missed={Combat requires total concentration}
Ghoul_Missed={Heh, heh, tricked ya}
Ghoul_Missed={Hey, watch it, you almost hit me}
Ghoul_Missed={I just don't think you're trying}
Ghoul_Missed={Missed me!}
Ghoul_Missed={My turn's next!}
Ghoul_Missed={No, no, no, the *pointy-end* goes towards *me.* Got it?}
Ghoul_Missed={Nyah, nyah-nyah, nyah-nyah}
Ghoul_Missed={OK, let's try that at full speed now}
Ghoul_Missed={Oh, come now}
Ghoul_Missed={Oy vey!}
Ghoul_Missed={Phew, that was close}
Ghoul_Missed={Shame that your first time is gonna' be your last too}
Ghoul_Missed={This is not a charade}
Ghoul_Missed={This old ghoul's more spry than you bargained for huh?}
Ghoul_Missed={This whole tactics thing kinda went over your head didnt it?}
Ghoul_Missed={Too slow!}
Ghoul_Missed={Was that really your *best* shot? Man, are you in trouble}
Ghoul_Missed={Was that the best you can do? Was it really?}
Ghoul_Missed={Were you actually aiming at me?}
Ghoul_Missed={What is your major malfunction numb-nuts?}
Ghoul_Missed={What was that?}
Ghoul_Missed={What were you aimin' at, or were you aimin' at all?}
Ghoul_Missed={You ain't never did this before have ya?}
Ghoul_Missed={You can do better than *that.*}
Ghoul_Missed={You can't kill what you can't hit!}
Ghoul_Missed={You cannot hurt me!}
Ghoul_Missed={You missed, normie!}
Ghoul_Missed={You suck!}
Ghoul_Missed={You wanna try this again when you know what you're doin'?}
Ghoul_Missed={Your heart's not in this is it?}
Ghoul_Torso={Arrggghh, my spine!}
Ghoul_Torso={Arrrg! My spleen!}
Ghoul_Torso={Arrrrrrgh! My spine}
Ghoul_Torso={Even better than liposuction!}
Ghoul_Torso={Hey, I've got ribs!}
Ghoul_Torso={Lungs are for sissies}
Ghoul_Torso={Now that you've eviscerated me, I'm sooo svelte! Thanks!}
Ghoul_Torso={That tickled my ribs}
Ghoul_Torso={That's *my* liver, give it back!}
Ghoul_Torso={There goes my gall bladder!}
Ghoul_Torso={What's that musty smell? Oh, it's my innards}
Ghoul_Torso={Who needs an appendix anyway}
Ghoul_Torso={You cut my nipple off!}

Mutant tauntsEdit


Mutant_Advance={Advance and annihilate!}
Mutant_Advance={Bad ass moving in!}
Mutant_Advance={Bend over, pal..}
Mutant_Advance={Best kiss your ass goodbye while you still can}
Mutant_Advance={Come and get it!}
Mutant_Advance={Come here so I can hit you!}
Mutant_Advance={Don't make me kill you}
Mutant_Advance={Feet, hands, head... all going in your asshole}
Mutant_Advance={Getting up close and personal}
Mutant_Advance={Go on! Get out of here!}
Mutant_Advance={Gonna have to break out the big guns, huh?}
Mutant_Advance={Gun, meet enemy. Enemy, meet gun}
Mutant_Advance={Here comes trouble}
Mutant_Advance={Human weapons cannot harm me!}
Mutant_Advance={I see enemies to destroy!}
Mutant_Advance={I'll see you on the front line!}
Mutant_Advance={I'm going to fall on you like ugly on a human!}
Mutant_Advance={I'm going to paint you red!}
Mutant_Advance={I'm gonna enjoy this..}
Mutant_Advance={I'm heading in!}
Mutant_Advance={Idiots... flee!}
Mutant_Advance={Im gonna beat you to death with your own arm}
Mutant_Advance={Imagine this fist down your throat}
Mutant_Advance={It's party time!}
Mutant_Advance={It's you or me... and I vote you!}
Mutant_Advance={It's your funeral!}
Mutant_Advance={One asskicking, comin' up}
Mutant_Advance={Prepare to meet your doom!}
Mutant_Advance={Shit, it looks like you're outnumbered}
Mutant_Advance={There's a storm coming!}
Mutant_Advance={This is going to hurt you}
Mutant_Advance={This is gonna hurt you a lot more than it hurts me}
Mutant_Advance={This oughta be fun}
Mutant_Advance={Time to add another notch to the gun}
Mutant_Advance={Time to get physical!}
Mutant_Advance={When I fight, I kill!}
Mutant_Advance={Who is stupid enough to anger us?}
Mutant_Advance={You better run, suckah}
Mutant_Advance={You screwed with the wrong guy}
Mutant_Advance={You want some of this?}
Mutant_Advance={You will suffer, suffer great!}
Mutant_Advance={You're all mine!}
Mutant_Advance={Your death comes!}
Mutant_Arm={Arghh, difficult to move mouse with broken arm}
Mutant_Arm={Damn that arm hurts!}
Mutant_Arm={Hey! That's my wanking hand!}
Mutant_Arm={Hey, that's my fighting arm!}
Mutant_Arm={I can take the likes of you with only one arm}
Mutant_Arm={I don't need both arms to ruin your day!}
Mutant_Arm={I don't use that arm anyway}
Mutant_Arm={I think you smacked my funnybone}
Mutant_Arm={I'll kill you with my other arm}
Mutant_Arm={If I can't type anymore, you're dead}
Mutant_Arm={My bicep!}
Mutant_Arm={My elbow!}
Mutant_Arm={My humerus!}
Mutant_Arm={My tricep!}
Mutant_Arm={One arm down, one to go!}
Mutant_Arm={Ouch! I can use a sling over here}
Mutant_Arm={Ow, my shooting hand}
Mutant_Arm={Ow, my wrist}
Mutant_Arm={You hit my arm. I tear off your arm!}
Mutant_Attack={Contact sports. I love it!}
Mutant_Attack={Did that hurt? If not I can do it harder next time}
Mutant_Attack={Die Human Fool!}
Mutant_Attack={Die, crapsucker}
Mutant_Attack={Give my best to St. Peter}
Mutant_Attack={Gonna give up?}
Mutant_Attack={Have any last words?}
Mutant_Attack={Head, meet ass}
Mutant_Attack={Here a rip, there a rip, everywhere a rip rip..}
Mutant_Attack={Here it comes}
Mutant_Attack={Here's a little mutant love tap}
Mutant_Attack={Here... you... GO!}
Mutant_Attack={I don't care who started it, I intend to finish it!}
Mutant_Attack={I hope you have medical insurance. You're going to need it}
Mutant_Attack={I hope you're enjoying this as much as I am!}
Mutant_Attack={I love the sound of tearing flesh, don't you?}
Mutant_Attack={I'm going to hurt you... bad!}
Mutant_Attack={If there's a part of you that doesn't hurt, it's next!}
Mutant_Attack={It'll take more than a stimpak to fix you when I'm done}
Mutant_Attack={It's better to give than to receive!}
Mutant_Attack={Just warming up, the best is yet to come}
Mutant_Attack={Let me see your pain!}
Mutant_Attack={Lie down, shithead!}
Mutant_Attack={Nobody save you now!}
Mutant_Attack={Now I crush you}
Mutant_Attack={Now you die a screaming death}
Mutant_Attack={Now you die burning death!}
Mutant_Attack={Now you die}
Mutant_Attack={Ooops! Hope you didn't need that!}
Mutant_Attack={People never learn}
Mutant_Attack={Regards, pal}
Mutant_Attack={Suffer, human!}
Mutant_Attack={Take it like a little girl!}
Mutant_Attack={Tell me your name so I can contact your next of kin}
Mutant_Attack={This is going to hurt you a lot more than it does me!}
Mutant_Attack={We have a bleeder over here!}
Mutant_Attack={Why don't you just lie down and die?}
Mutant_Attack={You cannot fight the Chosen!}
Mutant_Attack={You got relatives?}
Mutant_Attack={You like this?}
Mutant_Attack={You want more of this?}
Mutant_Damage={A little lower and I'd be sterile}
Mutant_Damage={Ahhhgh! I rend you into bits!}
Mutant_Damage={Ahhhgh! I shall snap your neck for that!}
Mutant_Damage={Ahhhgh! I snap your neck for that!}
Mutant_Damage={Ahhhgh! I will torture you many days!}
Mutant_Damage={Ahhhgh! Miserable human! I am blind!}
Mutant_Damage={Ahhhgh! Pain! What have you done!}
Mutant_Damage={Are you having fun yet?}
Mutant_Damage={As soon as I can move again, you've had it}
Mutant_Damage={Did a bee just sting me?}
Mutant_Damage={Did your mama teach you how to fight?}
Mutant_Damage={Do you really think you're tough?}
Mutant_Damage={Grrr! I look forward to your death}
Mutant_Damage={Grrr! You anger me}
Mutant_Damage={Hmm, you might be trouble}
Mutant_Damage={I am impervious to pain!}
Mutant_Damage={I kill you for that!}
Mutant_Damage={I laugh at your feeble attack!}
Mutant_Damage={I think you grazed me}
Mutant_Damage={I will hurt you for many hours}
Mutant_Damage={I will return this pain to you!}
Mutant_Damage={I'm going to kick your ass for that one}
Mutant_Damage={I'm gonna dip you!}
Mutant_Damage={I'm minus a couple of ribs after that one}
Mutant_Damage={I've had ENOUGH!}
Mutant_Damage={I've taken worse in practice}
Mutant_Damage={Is this a fight or are you just trying to get my attention?}
Mutant_Damage={Let me know if that was supposed to hurt. I'll cry for you}
Mutant_Damage={Let me return the favor}
Mutant_Damage={Mother of god!}
Mutant_Damage={Normal, you've got a lot of nerve}
Mutant_Damage={Oh the pain (yawn). Please don't hurt me any more}
Mutant_Damage={Oh... gods..}
Mutant_Damage={Okay, this isn't funny}
Mutant_Damage={Ouch! Dammit!}
Mutant_Damage={Ow! Quit it}
Mutant_Damage={Ow! That wasn't good idea to hurt me}
Mutant_Damage={Ow. Ow. OW!}
Mutant_Damage={Stop hitting me!}
Mutant_Damage={Stop that}
Mutant_Damage={Stupid normal!}
Mutant_Damage={That didn't hurt at all}
Mutant_Damage={That's gonna scar}
Mutant_Damage={That... hurts..}
Mutant_Damage={The pain, the pain..}
Mutant_Damage={Was that supposed to hurt?}
Mutant_Damage={Where's a stimpak when you need one?}
Mutant_Damage={Whoa! That stings a bit}
Mutant_Damage={Yeeeouch! That hurts!}
Mutant_Damage={You are really pissing me off}
Mutant_Damage={You are stupid, human!}
Mutant_Damage={You call that a hit. Let me show you how it's done!}
Mutant_Damage={You call that pain? I laugh!}
Mutant_Damage={You can hurt me but you cannot win!}
Mutant_Damage={You no hurt me when you dead!}
Mutant_Damage={You're making a big mistake}
Mutant_Damage={You do realise you're just pissing me off dont you?}
Mutant_Eyes={Blood... in eyes... can't see}
Mutant_Eyes={Can't see!}
Mutant_Eyes={Get me an eyepatch!}
Mutant_Eyes={I'm blind! I'm blind!}
Mutant_Eyes={I'm going to need glasses after that one!}
Mutant_Eyes={My cornea!}
Mutant_Eyes={My iris!}
Mutant_Eyes={My retina!}
Mutant_Eyes={Not the eyes!}
Mutant_Flee={::shakes his head and runs::}
Mutant_Flee={Fall back!}
Mutant_Flee={Feet, don't fail me now}
Mutant_Flee={Fuck this!, Im outa here}
Mutant_Flee={I am NOT a merry mutant!}
Mutant_Flee={I got your backs}
Mutant_Flee={I will be back!}
Mutant_Flee={I'm leaving!}
Mutant_Flee={I'm not retreating, this is a strategic withdrawal}
Mutant_Flee={I'm out of here!}
Mutant_Flee={I've got to get out of here!}
Mutant_Flee={I've had enough of this shit!}
Mutant_Flee={Let's get out of here!}
Mutant_Flee={Let's move it out!}
Mutant_Flee={Man oh man... running away}
Mutant_Flee={Must be slipping in my old age}
Mutant_Flee={My friends get you for me!}
Mutant_Flee={Never thought I'd see the day, I'm outa here..}
Mutant_Flee={Never used to have to run}
Mutant_Flee={Out of the way, I'm moving out!}
Mutant_Flee={Shit. I gotta go}
Mutant_Flee={Strategic retreat! Let's go!}
Mutant_Flee={There is no honor in retreat}
Mutant_Flee={Time to bail!}
Mutant_Flee={You pay for this -- later!}
Mutant_Flee={You will not kill me!}
Mutant_Groin={Crotch shot... good thing I'm not human!}
Mutant_Groin={I HATE groin shots! Unngh..}
Mutant_Groin={My testicles!}
Mutant_Groin={No... hitting... below... the belt!}
Mutant_Groin={Shit! Now I'm sterile for sure!}
Mutant_Groin={That's fighting dirty. How about if I hit you in the crotch?}
Mutant_Groin={The groin is such a cheap shot!}
Mutant_Groin={Why you attack me there?}
Mutant_Head={Ahhhgh! My face!}
Mutant_Head={Arrrgh! Dizzy..}
Mutant_Head={I can do head shots too you know!}
Mutant_Head={I think you took off an ear!}
Mutant_Head={I'm thick skulled but that still hurt}
Mutant_Head={I've got one hell of a headache}
Mutant_Head={My face! You shall suffer!}
Mutant_Head={My noggin!}
Mutant_Head={Oooh, my brains}
Mutant_Head={Umph. Not the head!}
Mutant_Leg={Ahhhgh! My leg}
Mutant_Leg={Arrggh! That knee hurts!}
Mutant_Leg={Damn it! The leg..}
Mutant_Leg={Gonna make it harder to kick your ass}
Mutant_Leg={Great. A bum leg}
Mutant_Leg={I don't need two legs to kill you}
Mutant_Leg={I guess I'll have a limp}
Mutant_Leg={I'll miss that leg..}
Mutant_Leg={My ankle!}
Mutant_Leg={My calf!}
Mutant_Leg={My knee!}
Mutant_Leg={Not the leg... can't walk right as it is}
Mutant_Leg={Oh, my bad leg!}
Mutant_Leg={Ooh, my thigh}
Mutant_Leg={Ouch! My leg..}
Mutant_Leg={You cripple my leg, I cripple your leg}
Mutant_Missed={::looks at his watch::}
Mutant_Missed={A little to the left....and you still would have missed me}
Mutant_Missed={Are you trying to make me laugh myself to death?}
Mutant_Missed={Did you just miss me or what!}
Mutant_Missed={Doesn't that just piss you off?}
Mutant_Missed={Don't cry. Maybe you'll get lucky next time}
Mutant_Missed={Ha! Argh grrnnngh thppppt! (Mutant ridicule)}
Mutant_Missed={How did you manage to miss something as big as I am?}
Mutant_Missed={I hope you aren't making a career out of this}
Mutant_Missed={I'm beginning to think you're not cut out for this}
Mutant_Missed={Is that best humans can do!}
Mutant_Missed={Keep at it. Maybe you'll hit me someday}
Mutant_Missed={Let me know when you get scary}
Mutant_Missed={Oh! You were aiming at ME!}
Mutant_Missed={So, you're trained to miss the target?}
Mutant_Missed={Take a number}
Mutant_Missed={Target practice, kid}
Mutant_Missed={Thanks, try again}
Mutant_Missed={That the best you can do?}
Mutant_Missed={That was a shinning example of missing the target}
Mutant_Missed={That's not it}
Mutant_Missed={Was that an attack?}
Mutant_Missed={Way to go, Grace. What do you do for an encore?}
Mutant_Missed={When does the action start?}
Mutant_Missed={Where's the excitement?}
Mutant_Missed={Why are you aiming over there when I'm over here?}
Mutant_Missed={Why do you struggle?}
Mutant_Missed={Would it help you if I just stood here?}
Mutant_Missed={You fanned the air on that one!}
Mutant_Missed={You have no power!}
Mutant_Missed={You make me laugh hard!}
Mutant_Missed={You need me to paint a target for you?}
Mutant_Missed={You people ever quit?}
Mutant_Missed={You practice missing that badly?}
Mutant_Missed={You really should consider getting more practice}
Mutant_Missed={bzzt! That's a miss!}
Mutant_Torso={Arrgghh! Chest pains!}
Mutant_Torso={God! My stomach!}
Mutant_Torso={I am NOT a merry mutant}
Mutant_Torso={I've had about all I can take of you}
Mutant_Torso={My appendix!}
Mutant_Torso={My innards feel like jelly}
Mutant_Torso={My liver!}
Mutant_Torso={My solar plexus!}
Mutant_Torso={Normal, you're going to pay for that}
Mutant_Torso={Ouch! I hate gut shots}
Mutant_Torso={Solar plexus... eegad that hurts!}
Mutant_Torso={Umph... can't... breathe}
Mutant_Torso={You knocked the breath outta me!}
Generic_Flee={You fuckers just wait, I'll get you when Tactics 2 comes out..}

Robot tauntsEdit


Robot_Advance={Analysis complete: Advance recommended}
Robot_Advance={Analyzing enemy}
Robot_Advance={Attempting combat maneuver}
Robot_Advance={Closing distance to optimal extermination range}
Robot_Advance={Combat sequence initiated}
Robot_Advance={Computing threat level of target}
Robot_Advance={Moving to attack positions}
Robot_Advance={Scanning enemy capabilities. Adjusting attack pattern to compensate}
Robot_Advance={Switching to tactics mode}
Robot_Advance={Target acquired}
Robot_Advance={Target selected for termination}
Robot_Advance={Terminate the intruder}
Robot_Advance={Terminate! Terminate!}
Robot_Advance={The humanoid must not escape}
Robot_Advance={Uploading combat program}
Robot_Advance={Hey baby! Wanna kill all da humans?}
Robot_Arm={Arm rotation severely damaged}
Robot_Arm={Manipulator damage registered}
Robot_Arm={Manipulator hit registered. Attempting to compensate}
Robot_Arm={Repair systems reports damage to retractor circuit}
Robot_Arm={Restrictor coils severed. Factory service required}
Robot_Arm={Sensors register damage to arm}
Robot_Arm={Servos malfunction in arm}
Robot_Arm={Unit struck in main manipulator. Damage assessment}
Robot_Attack={Attack pattern Omega initiated }
Robot_Attack={Attacking target}
Robot_Attack={Combat sequence initiated}
Robot_Attack={Commencing attack}
Robot_Attack={Enemy termination sequence begun}
Robot_Attack={Initiating attack sequence}
Robot_Attack={Now attacking target}
Robot_Attack={Now eliminating threat}
Robot_Attack={Offensive selection completed}
Robot_Attack={Optimal attack range reached}
Robot_Attack={Positive lock on target confirmed}
Robot_Attack={Resuming assault target}
Robot_Attack={Tactical options selection completed}
Robot_Attack={Target must be eliminated}
Robot_Attack={Terminating hostile entity}
Robot_Attack={The intruder must be destroyed!}
Robot_Attack={The target will be destroyed}
Robot_Damage={Armor penetrated}
Robot_Damage={Hydraulic pressure falling. Leak detected..}
Robot_Damage={Initiating repair sequence }
Robot_Damage={Main structure under attack. Correcting}
Robot_Damage={Main structure under attack}
Robot_Damage={Minor damage}
Robot_Damage={Oil levels decreasing}
Robot_Damage={Secondary relays damaged. Adjusting to compensate}
Robot_Damage={Systems malfunction}
Robot_Damage={This unit under attack}
Robot_Damage={Voltage spike detected, Compensating...}
Robot_Eyes={Imaging scanners hit. Picture resolution deteriorated}
Robot_Eyes={Lens damaged on main sensors. Switching to infrared}
Robot_Eyes={Optical relays hit. Attempting to compensate}
Robot_Eyes={Primary vision interface severed. Activating backup systems}
Robot_Eyes={Sensor hit! Sensor hit!}
Robot_Eyes={Sensor system malfunction, attempting bypass}
Robot_Eyes={Sensors impaired! Sensors impaired!}
Robot_Eyes={Targeting systems impaired. Auto tracking disabled}
Robot_Flee={Analysis of enemy complete. Suggested tactic: Retreat}
Robot_Flee={Battle analysis complete: Retreat recommended}
Robot_Flee={Combat effective minimal. Retreat advised}
Robot_Flee={Downloading escape program}
Robot_Flee={Engaging self preservation program}
Robot_Flee={Evasive maneuvers engaged}
Robot_Flee={Initiating evacuation protocol}
Robot_Flee={Leaving hostile territory}
Robot_Flee={Retreat option initiated}
Robot_Flee={Retreat sequence initiated}
Robot_Flee={Returning to factory for repairs}
Robot_Flee={Tactical analysis complete. Retreat recommended}
Robot_Flee={Tactical plan: retreat}
Robot_Groin={Damage to regulator registered}
Robot_Groin={Regulator damage! Regulation impaired!}
Robot_Groin={Regulator damaged! Rerouting critical system!}
Robot_Groin={Regulator fused. Rerouting functions}
Robot_Groin={Regulator hit. Fluid levels dropping}
Robot_Groin={Regulator malfunction registered!}
Robot_Head={CPU casing ruptured}
Robot_Head={CPU connection failing}
Robot_Head={CPU voltage dropping}
Robot_Head={CPU voltage spiked}
Robot_Head={Computing damage to propulsion system}
Robot_Head={Internal sensors indicate damage to CPU}
Robot_Head={Leak detected in CPU casing}
Robot_Head={Main leg component impaired}
Robot_Head={Warning! CPU damage! Processing impaired!}
Robot_Head={Warning! CPU damaged! Rerouting critical system!}
Robot_Head={Warning, CPU malfunction registered!}
Robot_Leg={Bogie out of alignment}
Robot_Leg={Drive damage detected}
Robot_Leg={Motivator damage registered}
Robot_Leg={Motivator hit registered. Attempting to compensate}
Robot_Leg={Motivator hit. Damage severe}
Robot_Leg={Sensors indicate damage to Leg}
Robot_Leg={Unit struck in main motivator. Damage assessment}
Robot_Leg={Warning! Movement impaired}
Robot_Missed={Analysis. Defensive program success}
Robot_Missed={Analysis. Target erred in tactical selection. Unit undamaged}
Robot_Missed={Analysis. Target offense negligible}
Robot_Missed={Enemy missed. Recalibrating targeting sensors}
Robot_Missed={Negative damage inflicted}
Robot_Missed={Recalculating target's offensive abilities}
Robot_Missed={Sensors indicate enemy target missed}
Robot_Missed={Target analysis complete, results: No Threat}
Robot_Missed={Target attack failed. Calculating response}
Robot_Missed={Unit was unharmed by attack}
Robot_Torso={Frame hit. Correcting for damage}
Robot_Torso={Frame hit. Internal repairs initiated}
Robot_Torso={Main hull integrity compromised. Main circuits exposed}
Robot_Torso={Power conditioning unit damage. Operating at 75% capacity}
Robot_Torso={Power systems fluctuating. Activating reserve power}

Tribal tauntsEdit


Tribal_Advance={Ancestor guide my weapon arm!}
Tribal_Advance={Ayah! Nabataluk!}
Tribal_Advance={Come, let our blades dance}
Tribal_Advance={Great will be my glory}
Tribal_Advance={I shall dishonor your tribe}
Tribal_Advance={Let it begin!}
Tribal_Advance={Spirits be with me!}
Tribal_Advance={The spirits are with me!}
Tribal_Advance={Your strength will be mine}
Tribal_Arm={I didn't need that many fingers anyway}
Tribal_Arm={I only need one hand to kill you}
Tribal_Arm={I will take both your arms for that}
Tribal_Arm={I'll use my other arm to kill you}
Tribal_Arm={Is your aim that bad?}
Tribal_Arm={That arm was a little too long anyhow}
Tribal_Arm={You seek to cripple me?}
Tribal_Arm={You take my arm, I'll take your head!}
Tribal_Attack={Give up now and we will not eat your heart}
Tribal_Attack={Glory in battle buys life everlasting! I honor you, strange one}
Tribal_Attack={I bring you peace, lost one}
Tribal_Attack={I do not fear you!}
Tribal_Attack={I will bathe in your blood!}
Tribal_Attack={Let us drink from the cup of battle!}
Tribal_Attack={My blade grows thirsty }
Tribal_Attack={Our ancestors thirst for your soul}
Tribal_Attack={The mists beckon to you}
Tribal_Attack={You fight bravely--I will eat your courage. The Shamans will sing of my victory }
Tribal_Attack={Your ancestors have deserted you}
Tribal_Attack={Your bones shall bleach in the wastes!}
Tribal_Attack={Your defeat will bring me great honor. My magic knows not defeat!}
Tribal_Damage={Ancestors, I am coming}
Tribal_Damage={At least I will die with honor}
Tribal_Damage={Bone? So white...}
Tribal_Damage={Can't walk. Oh the pain...}
Tribal_Damage={Damn these pesky intestines}
Tribal_Damage={Do not let me shame myself in death}
Tribal_Damage={For that, I kill you slow}
Tribal_Damage={Help, help me}
Tribal_Damage={I am killed}
Tribal_Damage={I butcher you like animal for that}
Tribal_Damage={I can't feel my legs}
Tribal_Damage={I don't feel good}
Tribal_Damage={I will burn off your foot for that}
Tribal_Damage={I will dine on your entrails for that}
Tribal_Damage={I will never see the village again}
Tribal_Damage={It burns, it burns!}
Tribal_Damage={May I live long enough to finish you}
Tribal_Damage={Must continue, must slay enemy...}
Tribal_Damage={My brothers shall avenge me}
Tribal_Damage={My insides burn!}
Tribal_Damage={My life-spirits flee from me}
Tribal_Damage={So much blood}
Tribal_Damage={Something to show the young-ones}
Tribal_Damage={Suddenly, I feel warm and sleepy}
Tribal_Damage={That will scarr nicely}
Tribal_Damage={The Shaman was right, I do not return}
Tribal_Damage={The darkness beckons to me}
Tribal_Damage={The hour of my death approaches}
Tribal_Damage={The outworlder has slain me}
Tribal_Damage={The pain}
Tribal_Damage={You bastard--I kill you slow for that}
Tribal_Damage={You will take a long time to die}
Tribal_Damage={You would mutilate me?}
Tribal_Damage={Your magic cannot kill me}
Tribal_Damage={Your magic is powerful}
Tribal_Damage={Your pain will be even greater!}
Tribal_Eyes={Come here so I can kill you!}
Tribal_Eyes={I can still hear you}
Tribal_Eyes={My sight has been stolen}
Tribal_Eyes={Seeking to blind me? You Coward!}
Tribal_Eyes={The darkness is here}
Tribal_Eyes={The darkness, the darkness, Aaaiiiieee!}
Tribal_Eyes={Where are you?}
Tribal_Eyes={Where's my eye, where is it!?!}
Tribal_Eyes={You can take my eyes but not my courage!}
Tribal_Flee={Run from the Evil One!}
Tribal_Flee={Our foe has used powerful magics--Run! Someone get the Shaman!}
Tribal_Flee={The dark one is here!}
Tribal_Flee={The dark one seeks to punish us. Run! My soul flees and I must follow!}
Tribal_Flee={The dark-spirit runs strong in this one. Death walks the earth!}
Tribal_Flee={The spirits bid me to save myself}
Tribal_Groin={Gasp...can't breath...}
Tribal_Groin={I have too many young all ready}
Tribal_Groin={I'm married, didn't use it anyway}
Tribal_Groin={In high, squeaky, voice--Ouch!}
Tribal_Groin={Unnhhh. I need to sit down for a bit}
Tribal_Groin={You fight without honor}
Tribal_Groin={You know nothing of honor}
Tribal_Head={Holy spirits, the world just exploded}
Tribal_Head={I can hear my ancestors calling me}
Tribal_Head={My head is filled with evil spirits}
Tribal_Head={My head is on fire!}
Tribal_Head={You cannot steal my soul that way}
Tribal_Leg={Do not make me run to catch you!}
Tribal_Leg={I will crawl to kill you}
Tribal_Leg={Leg burns like fire}
Tribal_Leg={Leg feels like fire}
Tribal_Leg={Must keep standing, must...}
Tribal_Leg={Why can't I walk?}
Tribal_Leg={You would cripple me, Coward!}
Tribal_Missed={Are all of your tribe so weak?}
Tribal_Missed={Fear is the mind-killer }
Tribal_Missed={My battle-song is working!}
Tribal_Missed={My magic makes me invincible!}
Tribal_Missed={Our children know more of battle!}
Tribal_Missed={Our magic is working!}
Tribal_Missed={You have known peace too long}
Tribal_Missed={Your eyes are clouded with hatred}
Tribal_Missed={Your life-force is weakening!}
Tribal_Missed={Your spirits have abandoned you}
Tribal_Torso={Gack! cough, cough}
Tribal_Torso={Hey, look here, I can see my lunch}
Tribal_Torso={I have no breath left in me}
Tribal_Torso={I'm gutted like a brahmin}
Tribal_Torso={I've been torn open!}
Tribal_Torso={My guts are loosened from my spine!}
Tribal_Torso={My guts are on fire!}
Tribal_Torso={Where has all the air gone?}
Tribal_Torso={You have taken my soul}

Wimpy tauntsEdit


Wimpy_Advance={Don't make me do this}
Wimpy_Advance={Don't make me hurt anyone}
Wimpy_Advance={Hmm, uh, stop!}
Wimpy_Advance={I don't like your kind..}
Wimpy_Advance={I don't really want to do this}
Wimpy_Advance={I don't want to kill again, please don't make me}
Wimpy_Advance={I guess I have to defend myself}
Wimpy_Advance={I really hoped it wouldn't come to this..}
Wimpy_Advance={I think that's all I have to say}
Wimpy_Advance={I'll cut you!}
Wimpy_Advance={I'll kick your fucking ass}
Wimpy_Advance={I'll try to make this as painful as possible}
Wimpy_Advance={I'm gonna make you wish yer daddy pulled out early!}
Wimpy_Advance={I'm really dangerous, you better run}
Wimpy_Advance={Just go away, and no one will get hurt}
Wimpy_Advance={Just leave and I won't get hurt}
Wimpy_Advance={Oh dear, oh my}
Wimpy_Advance={Please don't make me do this}
Wimpy_Advance={Shoo! Go away! Shoo!}
Wimpy_Advance={Uh, I don't *want* to attack you}
Wimpy_Advance={Watch out, I'm really dangerous. Really. I am}
Wimpy_Advance={Why does it always come to this?}
Wimpy_Advance={You just better watch yourself, I've got a lot of friends}
Wimpy_Arm={Christ, my arm's been torn off!}
Wimpy_Arm={How can I support my family now?}
Wimpy_Arm={How will I earn a living now?}
Wimpy_Arm={Just don't kill me}
Wimpy_Arm={My God! My arm!}
Wimpy_Arm={My arm's been torn off. Oh God, no}
Wimpy_Arm={My arm's so broken}
Wimpy_Arm={Not my fingers, anything but that. Noooooo!}
Wimpy_Arm={Oh God, not my arm}
Wimpy_Attack={Boy, you are a bleeder, aren't ya?}
Wimpy_Attack={Don't move that way!}
Wimpy_Attack={Eat this!!}
Wimpy_Attack={Hey, this isn't so hard after all}
Wimpy_Attack={How do you like this?}
Wimpy_Attack={I am, one bad-ass. You just better watch yourself}
Wimpy_Attack={I didn't want this fight, but..}
Wimpy_Attack={I don't want to do this!}
Wimpy_Attack={I feel so empowered}
Wimpy_Attack={I'm armed, and I'm uh, dangerous, yeah, that's it}
Wimpy_Attack={I'm gonna take you out!}
Wimpy_Attack={Oh, is that your face?}
Wimpy_Attack={Oh, yeah, I'm bad, I'm bad}
Wimpy_Attack={Shagadelic, bay-by!}
Wimpy_Attack={Take this!}
Wimpy_Attack={Wow, I really can do this!}
Wimpy_Attack={Y'you just better w'watch out!}
Wimpy_Attack={Yeah! Feel the pain, bitch!}
Wimpy_Attack={Yeah, baby, yeah!}
Wimpy_Attack={Yeah, who's afraid now!}
Wimpy_Attack={You asked for this!}
Wimpy_Attack={You beast!}
Wimpy_Attack={You cad!}
Wimpy_Attack={You shouldn't have started this!}
Wimpy_Attack={You want some of this?}
Wimpy_Attack={You're a face full of ugly, aintcha?}
Wimpy_Attack={You're goin' down}
Wimpy_Damage={(Sob, sob)}
Wimpy_Damage={Bone, so white, pain so great...}
Wimpy_Damage={Christ, don't kill me, please!}
Wimpy_Damage={Christ, why did you have to do that?}
Wimpy_Damage={Don't hurt me anymore}
Wimpy_Damage={Feeling faint, can't keep going}
Wimpy_Damage={Help me,eeeeellp meeeeee!}
Wimpy_Damage={I didn't mean nothin'. Just don't kill me}
Wimpy_Damage={I never wanted to die like this}
Wimpy_Damage={I won't get in your way, just let me live}
Wimpy_Damage={I'm a gonner}
Wimpy_Damage={I'm dying!}
Wimpy_Damage={It's a bad one, oh God, why me}
Wimpy_Damage={Just leave me alone!}
Wimpy_Damage={Oh Christ, that hurt so bad...}
Wimpy_Damage={Oh God, oh God, oh God...}
Wimpy_Damage={Stop, please stop}
Wimpy_Damage={The pain, the pain..}
Wimpy_Damage={What did I ever do to you?}
Wimpy_Damage={Who'll take care of my family}
Wimpy_Damage={Why does it have to hurt so much?!?}
Wimpy_Damage={Why me? Why?}
Wimpy_Damage={You're killing me!}
Wimpy_Eyes={I'm blind, just kill me. (sob, sob)}
Wimpy_Eyes={My face! My eyes! Arrrrgh!}
Wimpy_Eyes={Not my eyes, anything but that}
Wimpy_Eyes={Not my eyes, please not that}
Wimpy_Eyes={Oh God, I'm blind!}
Wimpy_Eyes={Ow!! My eyes!}
Wimpy_Eyes={You tore my eye out! Oh God, nooooo}
Wimpy_Eyes={You've blinded me, noooooo}
Wimpy_Flee={Aieeeeeee! Don't hurt me! Don't hurt me!}
Wimpy_Flee={Attack someone else, okay!}
Wimpy_Flee={Attack someone else, please!}
Wimpy_Flee={Back to the hospital!}
Wimpy_Flee={Don't kill me!}
Wimpy_Flee={Don't, please, don't hurt me anymore!}
Wimpy_Flee={For the love of God, just leave me alone}
Wimpy_Flee={Help me! Hellllllllp!}
Wimpy_Flee={Help me! Oh, please! Heeeellllp!}
Wimpy_Flee={Help! I'm being killed! Help!}
Wimpy_Flee={Hey, whatever I did, I'm sorrrrryyy!}
Wimpy_Flee={I can't take it any more!}
Wimpy_Flee={I didn't do nothin' to you!}
Wimpy_Flee={I have a wife and kids!}
Wimpy_Flee={I need a bigger gun!}
Wimpy_Flee={I'm being killed! Help me!}
Wimpy_Flee={Just don't hurt my any more}
Wimpy_Flee={Just don't kill me, pleeeeaaasssssee!}
Wimpy_Flee={Just leave me alone}
Wimpy_Flee={Must... protect. .. spleen hole..}
Wimpy_Flee={No, stop, please, noooooo!}
Wimpy_Flee={Noo... it's my birthday!}
Wimpy_Flee={Not again, I've got to get out of here}
Wimpy_Flee={Not me, just don't kill me, please!}
Wimpy_Flee={Oh God, oh God, oh God, noooooo!}
Wimpy_Flee={Oh God, oh God, oh God...}
Wimpy_Flee={Oh, my aching liver}
Wimpy_Flee={Ow... my spleen..}
Wimpy_Flee={Please don't kill me}
Wimpy_Flee={Please stop hurting me!}
Wimpy_Flee={Please stop!}
Wimpy_Flee={Somebody help me!}
Wimpy_Flee={Somebody help meeeee!}
Wimpy_Flee={Stop picking on me!}
Wimpy_Flee={Whoa. I am SO outta here}
Wimpy_Groin={And I wanted a family too}
Wimpy_Groin={I think I need to sit down}
Wimpy_Groin={It burns, it burns}
Wimpy_Groin={Now I'll never have more kids}
Wimpy_Groin={Ooooooooo, my groin! Ooooooo..}
Wimpy_Groin={Oww...It burns!}
Wimpy_Groin={That wasn't fair}
Wimpy_Groin={Why there? Why?}
Wimpy_Head={My face is gone, oh God nooooo!}
Wimpy_Head={No one will ever be able to look at me again!}
Wimpy_Head={Ouch! I need some ice for my head}
Wimpy_Head={You've torn off my head! Oh God, my head's gone!}
Wimpy_Leg={I can't feel my toes}
Wimpy_Leg={I can't walk}
Wimpy_Leg={I'll never dance again}
Wimpy_Leg={I'll never run again}
Wimpy_Leg={My foot, where's my foot?}
Wimpy_Leg={My knee's been ripped open!}
Wimpy_Leg={My toes are missing}
Wimpy_Leg={Ow, my leg}
Wimpy_Leg={You tore my leg off}
Wimpy_Missed={(Raises a finger towards you)}
Wimpy_Missed={(Thumbs nose at you)Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah}
Wimpy_Missed={Am I bleeding anywhere?}
Wimpy_Missed={Damn, you suck!}
Wimpy_Missed={Good thing I'm so shifty}
Wimpy_Missed={Ha ha! I rule!}
Wimpy_Missed={Hah, hah. You suck!}
Wimpy_Missed={Hey! That could have hurt!}
Wimpy_Missed={I knew you weren't really shooting at me!}
Wimpy_Missed={I knew you wouldn't really try to kill me}
Wimpy_Missed={I'm dead...hey, no I'm not}
Wimpy_Missed={I'm wilier than I look}
Wimpy_Missed={Oh, good one..}
Wimpy_Missed={Ouch! That...hey, you missed me}
Wimpy_Missed={Stop shooting at me!}
Wimpy_Missed={That was too close}
Wimpy_Missed={Want me to stand still for you?}
Wimpy_Missed={Whew! I'm still alive!}
Wimpy_Missed={Wow, that could have hurt!}
Wimpy_Missed={You missed me!}
Wimpy_Missed={You missed? I can't believe it}
Wimpy_Missed={You suck, I can't believe I was afraid of you}
Wimpy_Missed={You're not so hot}
Wimpy_Torso={Hey! What did you hit me in the chest for, asshole?!}
Wimpy_Torso={W'wait, where's my spleen?}
Wimpy_Torso={Damnit....cant breathe!}

//end 2001-01-24

Deathclaw tauntsEdit


Deathclaw_Advance={Your head will be a plaything for my pups}
Deathclaw_Advance={I'm going to peel the skin off your body one strip at a time}
Deathclaw_Advance={I'll eat half of you now, half later}
Deathclaw_Advance={It will be over sssoon}
Deathclaw_Advance={::smacks chops::}
Deathclaw_Advance={I will supper on your groin. I promise you}
Deathclaw_Advance={How sweet, Fresh meat!}
Deathclaw_Advance={I will suck the marrow from your bones}
Deathclaw_Advance={Im going to carve you like a christmas turkey}
Deathclaw_Advance={Im going to slice you open}
Deathclaw_Advance={Time to see what you look like from the inside}
Deathclaw_Advance={Time to carve}
Deathclaw_Advance={::flexes his claws::}
Deathclaw_Advance={Feeding time}
Deathclaw_Arm={::clutches arm::}
Deathclaw_Arm={My paw!}
Deathclaw_Attack={It hurts, yessssssssssss?}
Deathclaw_Attack={I will teach you sssuffering}
Deathclaw_Attack={Die, Sssnack, die!!}
Deathclaw_Attack={Like a baby in a blender}
Deathclaw_Attack={Tassste the pain!}
Deathclaw_Attack={You like that?}
Deathclaw_Attack={There'sss more where that came from}
Deathclaw_Attack={Reap the whirlwind...reap it!}
Deathclaw_Attack={::howls with bloodlust::}
Deathclaw_Attack={I can feel your sssufering}
Deathclaw_Attack={Time for you to die}
Deathclaw_Attack={Thisss wont take long}
Deathclaw_Damage={You'll pay for thisss with blood}
Deathclaw_Damage={Ahh burning pain pain}
Deathclaw_Damage={Who will look after my pupssss?}
Deathclaw_Damage={You will sssuffer!}
Deathclaw_Damage={I will have you for sssupper!}
Deathclaw_Damage={Sssssearing pain!!!}
Deathclaw_Damage={Deathclaw pupsss sssuckle harder than that}
Deathclaw_Damage={I will feast on you flesh for that}
Deathclaw_Eyes={Rike! }
Deathclaw_Eyes={I can still smell your blood}
Deathclaw_Flee={All I wanted was a good home}
Deathclaw_Flee={::shakes his head and runs::}
Deathclaw_Flee={Grrr!, Time to leave}
Deathclaw_Flee={I will not be food for vultures!}
Deathclaw_Flee={You pay for this -- one day!}
Deathclaw_Flee={You will not kill me!}
Deathclaw_Flee={::tail between legs::}
Deathclaw_Groin={::licks groin::}
Deathclaw_Groin={yip yip yip}
Deathclaw_Head={::shakes head::}
Deathclaw_Miss={Rah Roh!}
Deathclaw_Miss={::licks crotch::}
Deathclaw_Miss={Tooo SSSSlow!}
Deathclaw_Miss={Are you white meat or dark?}
Deathclaw_Miss={That will cossst you little one}
Deathclaw_Miss={Not quite}

Reaver tauntsEdit


Reaver_Advance={Die! Die! Die!}
Reaver_Advance={For Tech!!!!}
Reaver_Advance={For TECH!!!!}
Reaver_Advance={Give me your technology you pagan scumbag}
Reaver_Advance={I eat inductors like you for lunch!}
Reaver_Advance={I run with the speed of a gamma!}
Reaver_Advance={Kill them, all of them}
Reaver_Advance={Kill them. Take their Tech. Save your souls}
Reaver_Advance={Stay on target. Stay on target}
Reaver_Advance={The Tech-Gods will punish you}
Reaver_Advance={We eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast}
Reaver_Advance={You're mine fucker!}
Reaver_Advance={You're next!}
Reaver_Advance={Better hope you packed some tech...}
Reaver_Advance={Damn! what a day to leave my mech at home...}
Reaver_Advance={Lets see what you got primitive}
Reaver_Advance={Eat my tech!}
Reaver_Advance={Everybody! It's target practice!}
Reaver_Advance={Time to dance}
Reaver_Advance={Time to make you bleed}
Reaver_Advance={I hope this is a challenge, for a change}
Reaver_Advance={Time to get some frags}
Reaver_Arm={Arrrrgh! Help me find my fingers!}
Reaver_Arm={Going to have to rig up a replacement for that arm}
Reaver_Arm={Can't...feel my arm..}
Reaver_Arm={Crap, there go a couple more fingers}
Reaver_Arm={That's my welding arm}
Reaver_Arm={That hit the bone!}
Reaver_Attack={Don't bother screaming for mercy..}
Reaver_Attack={Eat this!}
Reaver_Attack={Enjoy the last few seconds of your life}
Reaver_Attack={Ever see a skull open up like that?}
Reaver_Attack={Feel good?}
Reaver_Attack={Feel that one?}
Reaver_Attack={damn pagans}
Reaver_Attack={Die, pagan!}
Reaver_Attack={Don't move!}
Reaver_Attack={I bet that stings!}
Reaver_Attack={Let's see what Tech you have!}
Reaver_Attack={You're about to go off-line!}
Reaver_Damage={By Tech that hurts}
Reaver_Damage={Don't do that again!}
Reaver_Damage={Lucky shot!}
Reaver_Damage={Medic!!! Medic!!}
Reaver_Damage={My turn!}
Reaver_Damage={no fair}
Reaver_Damage={Securing life force}
Reaver_Damage={Shit! I don't got time to bleed}
Reaver_Damage={You really!}
Reaver_Eyes={My eyes. My fucken eyes!!}
Reaver_Eyes={what? that light}
Reaver_Flee={Fine, keep your trinkets}
Reaver_Flee={I must go solder my wounds}
Reaver_Flee={Later, pagan!}
Reaver_Flee={Next time your tehnology will be mine}
Reaver_Flee={No Can't be}
Reaver_Groin={*Squeeeeeeeellll!!!* *Squeeeeel* *Squeeeeeeeeeeel*}
Reaver_Groin={::eyes go wide::}
Reaver_Groin={cheap pagan bastard!}
Reaver_Head={Blacking out}
Reaver_Head={Gotta stay conscience}
Reaver_Head={OW. My CPU}
Reaver_Head={Powering down}
Reaver_Leg={Argh! Funnybone!}
Reaver_Leg={I need to sit down}
Reaver_Leg={My calf!!}
Reaver_Miss={Did anyone see that?}
Reaver_Miss={Hah hah!}
Reaver_Miss={I eat circuits like you for dinner!}
Reaver_Miss={I think you need more practice}
Reaver_Miss={Must have been the wind right?}
Reaver_Miss={My tech is responsible}
Reaver_Miss={The Gods of Tech protect me}
Reaver_Miss={What tech will you offer to our gods?}
Reaver_Miss={You're just a waste of AP!}
Reaver_Miss={You need better targeting tech}
Reaver_Torso={*Burp* Thanks!}
Reaver_Torso={Is that *gasp* all?}
Reaver_Torso={Oh my God NO Nooooooooooooo!}
Reaver_Torso={Ow! My Torso!}

//end 2/6/2001