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For the Talon Company base near the Sewer waystation, see Talon Company camp.
Talon Company recon camp
Talon Company Outpost
Icon unmarked
Arlington Sewer loc
map marker(nearest Arlington Library)
factionsTalon Company
Other actors
robotsAutomated turret
One of the following:
Mister Gutsy
Sentry bot
cell nameFFTalonCompanyCamp01
ref id00000e16
terminal entriesTurret control system

The Talon Company recon camp is an unmarked location in the Capital Wasteland, located south of Arlington Library.


The outpost is located southeast of the Arlington Library. This outpost has three outdoor floors. On the bottom floor there are two shelves with numerous amounts of loot with a locked first aid kit (25 Lockpick is required to open it). Next to the shelves is a workbench and a bottlecap mine sitting on top of it. Below the workbench is a locked safe (50 Lockpick needed to open). Next is three ammunition boxes. One of them is locked and needs 50 Lockpick skill to open. They contain various amounts and types of ammo.

On the 2nd floor, that first platform is just that desk which contains various types of loot. If you walk back to the road and turn left and keep walk then take another left you will reach a walkway. This is the 2nd floor second platform. This room has a pool table with various loot. Behind the pillar when you walked in is a locked (50) gun case. It contains various loot. On the top floor, if you walk all the way down is three ammunition boxes. One of which is locked needs a Lockpick skill of 50 to open. They contain various ammo types and amounts.


The outpost is occupied by around 3-10 Talon Company mercs who have been seen to have a sentry bot, or robobrain, various heavy weapons and misc small arms. One of the mercenaries usually patrols just south of the library mostly carrying a missile launcher. A sentry turret can be found on the second floor, also a Talon company merc is found higher up sniping.

Notable lootEdit


  • After the Enclave arrives in force into the region, approaching this camp may cause a Vertibird to do two bombing runs over the camp. Approaching the sewer located to the west of the outpost will cause another bombing.
  • With the addition of Broken Steel, a water barrel can be found near the outpost between two bombed out buildings. When the player approaches the barrel, a group of 3 Talon Company mercs attack.


The Talon Company recon camp appears only in Fallout 3.

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