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Aggravating Edit

With dynamite, you only have to have the dynamite equipped while the enemy dies in order to get credit.

This can be a problem, however, when one tries to do it the "correct" way. I had one dynamite left when I realized this challenge existed near the Blind Deathclaw area. So I did what any retard would do: Cripple the legs of all the Deathclaws in the area, bring them all to near-death, and toss my single stick of dynamite into the crowd for a fantastic showing of how useless Deathclaws are without their legs.

The issue is, the challenge won't register unless you have a stick of dynamite in your hand. Throwing my last stick means I get no credit for all my work.

Stupid, but perhaps the one in a million person who might wind up in the same situation could learn from my aggravation. 03:29, July 27, 2012 (UTC)

Machete? Edit

All of the listed weapons, minus the machete, are weapons from Symphony of the Night. So why machete? Also, why didn't the behind the scene section mention that all listed weapons are found in Symphony of the Night?