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"Bugs" Edit

Both of the listed bugs are normal things that happen when you don't power them (or don't provide enough power). Can anyone please confirm for me that they have ENOUGH power for Radio Freedom (and the water purifier) and Radio Freedom still isn't working? Also can someone confirm for me that they did, in fact, run power to the armory and the door would not close? Seems like people just don't realize the power cost. Degrelescence (talk) 07:56, December 19, 2015 (UTC)

I can confirm the Radio Freedom bug. Went through the whole power grid and the guy still says it needs power. Karl-591 (talk) 08:17, December 19, 2015 (UTC)

do you need the Science perk to power Radio Freedom? Do you even need to power radio freedom at all?

Radio Freedom BugEdit

Sometimes, as a big F-U from the gods of Fallout, the Radio Freedom operator gets up and wanders around.

Everybody knows and hates this bug, my wife just recently had this in her game. The workaround we tried was to disconnect the radio from power, sleep, reconnect to power and he sat right down. This is on current PS4 patch 1.03. Will post link to video once video is posted. (this literally -just- happened five minutes ago) Honestly didn't expect it to work.

--|Taolan (|beep) @ 0215UTC 11 February 2016

Extra Guard Points? Edit

After scrapping everything in and around the Castle, including the Guard Posts already present, I built three new Guard Towers. When the first Settler arrived, I assigned him to one of the Guard Towers (expecting him to cover all three as happens at other settlements.)

However, he was only assigned to one of them, despite providing 6 points of defense. Instead of the other Guard Towers, he'll wander up on the walls of the Castle near the corners and stand for a bit as if he were standing at a Guard Tower.

It seems as though the Castle has some extra Guard points built in up there which provide defense without needing a Guard Post/Tower present there. Has anyone else encountered this?

BeerBaronx (talk) 17:39, June 14, 2016 (UTC)

Conflicting info on the date of the Castle's fallEdit

I saw the loading screen that said 2240, but that doesn't seem right at all. The ages of two Minutemen, Preston Garvey and Ronnie Shaw, would be damn old for both of them if that were the case.

Preston says he's glad to hear the thunder of Minutemen artillery again once you get it up and running, meaning he has seen it before. At the stretchiest, we could say he saw the Minutemen call down the thunder as a kid and that's part of what wowed him so much about the Minutemen. Say... Ten years old. Artillery requires coordination provided by the Radio Freedom, which requires the transmitter at the Castle, which can only be operated if the Minutemen hold the location.

Ronnie Shaw was a bit of a seasoned veteran by the time she said "f&@# it" to the collapsing Minutemen, and knew General Bekker, and also had enough knowledge on operating the artillery guns to instruct on the protocol of their use. Say... 30 years when the Castle fell; enough time to get some seasoning, but not an "old hand". This is also rather stretchy, as she made it seem like she was rather high up in authority, though not quite a Colonel.

The difference between 2287, the date of the Sole Survivor's thawing, and 2240, the supposed date of the Castle's fall, is 47 years. That would put Preston at 57, and Ronnie at 77... at the least. Ronnie looks like maybe late 50s, while Preston looks and sounds mid 30s at most.

This is just supposition so far... but now comes a much harder piece of evidence that the "2240" date is a problem: James Wire's terminal entries at Libertalia. The May 2282 entries talks of Bekker's death and the imminent collapse of the Minutemen as if it's a more recent thing. 2282 is a mere five years before the Sole Survivor's thawing; 42 years is in conflict with the "Been a long time since any of us knew life outside the Minutemen" line in Wire's journal.

Considering this age problem with Preston and Ronnie, and the conflicting information from Wire's terminal at Libertalia that provides a much more believable time frame, I propose that the Castle's fall date be amended to "before 2282". --MadCat221 (talk) 16:29, April 8, 2017 (UTC)

I'm not comfortable with making the change from 2240: The loading screen states that the Castle fell in 2240, which is a fact given to us by Bethesda. The rest of the arguments for changing the date are based on assumptions:
  1. Ronnie Shaw was an active Minuteman before the Castle fell. She could have been the child of a Minuteman stationed at the Castle before it fell. That would place her in her 50's.
  2. The Minutemen only had artillery at the Castle: Yes the schematics are at the Castle, that would have meant that artillery could not have been constructed after the loss of the Castle. What it doesn't mean is the Castle was the only location to have them installed prior to the fall. If each location has a supply of parts, how long could a single cannon remain active before falling into disrepair? This could explain Preston's knowledge
  3. Radio freedom is required to co-ordinate attacks: This may not have always been the case, we don't know much about the structure of the Minutemen between 2240 and 2287, they could have had localised means of co-ordination. At present the only means is Radio Freedom as they are starting to rebuild and wouldn't have the infrastructure they did historically.
  4. James Wire terminal entries: This is the exception to everything else. He either knew Bekker or has heard enough stories to make this conclusion. He foresaw the fall of the Minutemen and his group splintered from them, cracks do show for a long time before a collapse. 42 years is a long time so wouldn't be in conflict with the timeline of the Castle's fall, besides he never explicitly mentions the Castle's fall so I don't believe we can really count his information as eye witness testimonial.
Lets stick with the one thing we have been given as hard fact by the game, it may be contentious but it is what we have been given as canon. Sakaratte - Talk to the cat 17:15, April 8, 2017 (UTC)