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Ok so I beat Honest Hearts and the game bugged in a weird way.

When I was doing the quest Crush the White Legs, Joshua got held up by something and it said he was lost from the party. Well the cut scene never played and I kept on through the cave and out the other side. Here is where things get interesting.

When I spawned into the new zone he still wasn't there so I kept going up towards the quest marker and fighting the guys. All the sudden I see killed Dead Horses on the ground.

His name was Dead Horse Cananite or something.

Anyways I get to Salt-Upon Wounds and he was hostile without any conversation. Killed him.

Got the Chaos in Zion quest. I went back to the pot and took the map from it.

Left the area. Cut scene plays for the ending of Honest Hearts.

Here is the gitch tho. The chest containing all the end game items never spawned. I'm guessing because of how the whole chain of events went?

Anyone got a solution? Thank you -- 10:14, February 16, 2012 (UTC)