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Unable to build food store here Edit

I'm able to build all three levels of Stores > Food And Drink in any other settlement I've tried but when I come to Oberland Station, with plenty of room left in the build department, the entire Food And Drink section is simply missing from the stores category. I can build any other sort of store. --BigMill (talk) 21:26, January 12, 2016 (UTC)

Random supply routes? Edit

Every now and then I notice I have a new supply route from Oberland station to someplace else. I already have all my settlements linked, so the new line doesn't do anything useful and just takes up a settler. I also can't find that provisioner in Oberland station...if I hang out there I'll eventually see two other provisioners (part of the network I built intentionally) but never the new one. I have to go to the other end of the route, where I can eventually find and reassign the provisioner. Anybody else see this behavior? Is there a way to make it stop? It's really kind of a pain.

I have had Oberland filled to the brim (18-19) for a long time, and only recently improved my charisma so it could hold more. And all of my settlers were assigned tasks, I like to assign a single person to each defense station so all three are constantly manned in the event of enemy attack. And I have more than a half-dozen farmers. I had a few settlers assigned to merchant routes, but as I also assigned many from other settlements to Oberland I have no idea which Provisioners are from Oberland and which are from other settlements. That said, I have no way to determine whether or not this has happened to me, as the lines on the map do not show directions, which settlement the provisioner is from. So I have to wonder, how did you know he was from Oberland, as opposed to the other settlement? And I wonder, when you reassign a provisioner from another settlement, to a different route, do they start at that settlement you are at, and create a route from there, or do they start another route from their previous home settlement? Do they switch home settlements? Personally, I would take a different method of assignment, just to make sure: I would first send them home to a settlement, go there (at least 12hrs. later), and then assign them to a route. And that way I also can make sure there is a bed assigned to him. IDK, I've never had any settler automatically assigned to a route by the game AFAIK. Also, please sign your posts from now on - 4 tildas at the end. HalloweenWeed (talk) 16:39, April 7, 2016 (UTC)