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Sun of AtomEdit

Son of the Atom is actually Sun of Atom (SUN). Also, when attempting to resolve the problem as possitively as possible through dialoge, killing them in the end causes no loss of Karma. (this I can confirm, havent tried other options.) --Radnus 00:03 April 7 2009

Does this area only appear if Megaton is not destroyed.

It is extremelly hard to kill the feral ghouls in the basement unless you are at a high level. [I was continually killed at level 21 even with Fawkes, good weapons, and a crap-load of Stimpaks] --AleximMose 22:57, 8 May 2009 (UTC)

That didnt answer my question.

And, as we all should know, nothing else is permitted on this page until your question is answered and you pat the answerer on the head and give him a cookie.

Can't enter if you blow up the Citadel? Edit

(360) After destroying the citadel, with Megaton fully intact with no on killed at all, I wanted to do the Holy Light Quest.

However there was never any flyer on my megaton house door, and no one talked about it. And when going to where the monestary should be, There was an inaccessable basement door and no radiation trap.

Well... no one is distributing the water to the wastelands, thus Megaton's shipment never goes missing. Also, since no-one is getting the clean water out to the people, there's not really any need to re-irradiate the water. Blowing up the Citadel has consequences, you know. 17:26, May 5, 2010 (UTC)

pre war underground church Edit

This is probabley obvious but is this a underground shelter that tried to save probley anyone in springvale when the bombs fell.

Or some dudes basement, perhaps?

Can't find it + Re: blow up citadel? Edit

First of all, I can;t find the monastry, I just read it's in a basement. Does that mean it's nearby (or in) Springvale?

And the other dude mentioned that he blew up the citadel? Like in the brotherhood Citadel?? How??? Why??

Glitched Edit

It seems if you complete the full quest, where you either blow up the citidell, or the platform, you this quest becomes inaccessable.

This is incorrect. I just completed Holy Water and the Split Jack quest, and I'm all done with Broken Steel. The Monastery won't be there until you talk to Bigsley at Project Purity... so you can't complete the quest until you've taken the quest. Baseproduct 18:14, May 28, 2010 (UTC)

not showing up Edit

ok, I read that the monastary is supposed to show up after Take it back!, but it didn't. I then completed broken steel, and it still didn't show up. this is my second playthrough on Broken Steel, and it appeared the first time. so what up? NukaBot 18:52, October 5, 2010 (UTC)