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Fake? Edit

Inside the bunker right after I confronted onion or whatever his name is, arcade approached me and I had 2 options. When I finished the quest and went out of the bunker he didn't approach me and said something about joining the remnants...

I can verify that it is not a fake as I have the armor and got it "legit," (as opposed to console commands.) After talking with each of the remnant members I responded to Arcade with the "positive/upbeat" responses. After getting them all together in the bunker I passed the 80 Speech check to keep Orion with the group to fight the Legion. Arcade then talked to me and I told him that I think he should go back and help out in Freeside, instead of fighting in the upcoming battle. He questioned my reply, (he said something about loyalty.) I then passed a 80 Speech check to tell him something like - he isn't a part of the remnant, his place is in Freeside. I went back into the room to talk to Daisy to get power armor training and remnant power armor. I left the bunker and Arcade approached me, said some things, gave me the armor and left. I don't know if this is the only way to do it, I just know that it's how I did it, (or close to it.) 10:22, November 4, 2010 (UTC)


Well I failed the speech check, and instead he said he'd go and sort something out in Freeside. Upon leaving the Bunker, he approached wearing his fathers armour, so I simply killed him and took it AR700SAW 21:56, October 30, 2010 (UTC)

I killed him too, since he disappears for the rest of the game, might as well take his stuff. Just wondering if it should be added to the notes that if you kill him you wont lose any karma and he wont be hostile when you shoot him.--Adam Sizzler 21:11, December 12, 2010 (UTC)

My face has dissapeared... Edit

The title pretty much says it all. i took the mask off and my face was missing! you could only see my teeth, eyeballs, hair and beard. any way to fix this? -- 19:41, November 22, 2010 (UTC)

  • Happen to me once, just put the mask back on and remove it again and see if it works, if that doesn't work go to a place that you can get a hair cut "Kings" or some thing and it should fix it.

Obtaining/Glitches Edit

I completed For Auld Lang Syne, but I never got to talk to Arcade about his future. I just killed Orion, took his stuff, got the Power Armor Training, and went back to the hangar. I really want this armor, but I only have an Xbox 360, so I can't do console commands. Can anybody tell me what to do? I might still have a save from before that, but it was over 200 saves ago, and I'm not going back. TJbrena 16:44, December 15, 2010 (UTC)

-if you told the remnants to fight for the legion there is no option to get the armor, he only gives you the option if you tell them to fight for the ncr. even then you may need to pass a speech check of 80 to get orion to stay and to get arcade gannon to stay in freeside. Once you convince him to stay in freeside for the fight he should leave party, then approach you once you leave the remnants bunker to give you the armor. If you told him to fight with the remnants you can only get the armor off of his dead body(if you kill him) during the battle for the dam.

  • You need Arcade as a current companion. Elavenger209 01:28, July 18, 2011 (UTC))

XBOX 360 getting it early Edit

You can get this armor very early on if your willing to run through a hefty portion of the game, I tried it out on my xbox 360 and here's how it worked.

-create character (should have a high intellect (9 worked for me)put your points into speech (you'll need 80 at some points, 70 if you have meeting people magazine, or 60 if you have meeting people magazine with perk boost) and science( you'll need 75{or 90 depending on what you want to do} science, 65 with programmers weekly, etc etc)after you have those two skills up to snuff your all set , start game. Leave the doctors house and go talk to Victor, exhaust all dialogue options and you should get "they went that-away" quest.

-Skip "back in the saddle" for now and head to Primm, talk to Johnson Nash, sneak in and rescue the deputy or (with an appropriate speech skill" intimidate him into telling you which way your attackers went. Once you have the next leg of "they went that-away" you can move on to nipton. no need to follow the road, go there by the most direct route possible and you should only run into some ants at most.

-Once your in Nipton go talk to vulpus inculta or whatever his name in to get "cold, cold heart" and follow the road west then north to novac. Once in Novac talk to Manny Vargas inside the dinosaur head who will tell you that you have to kill a bunch of ghouls in the quest "come fly with me", however you can skip that by going into Manny's room at the novac inn and reading his computer message from the khans. You'll recieve the next leg of "they went that-away" which will tell you to head to boulder city.

-Negotiating the release of the prisoners in boulder city should be easy if you have put points into your speech skill, fighting anything at this point is not recommended since your still probably low in level. once "boulder city showdown" is finished you should get "ring a ding" so head to vegas.

-In vegas you'll need one of three things to enter the strip, 500 caps and a speech skill to convince mick or ralph to forge you a pass, 2000 caps to pass a credit check, or a science skill of 80. Once you enter the strip Victor will talk to you and tell you to speak to house. oblige him, House will tell you to kill Benny and get the chip.

-Go to the tops talk to Swank at the desk and he should give you a key to Benny's room talk to yes man there and go back to talk to benny, but don't kill him, let him trick you into going into the tops penthouse then speech check your way out of the set up he has planned for you. Benny will run and once you leave the tops you'll get to see Caesars rep Vulpus Inculta again. He'll extend an invitation to have you meet Caesar, go ahead and accept it.

-Go to the fort, talk to Caesar, accept his quest and upgrade the robots(or not), you can negate the defenses of the vault with a science skill of 75. when you get back from Caesars quest kill benny and Caesar will send you to kill house.

-*Kill house*, it's insanely easy, you don't even have to fight his robots, you can just run by them and take the elevator to his control room, report your victory to yes man who will go to the lucky 38, follow him there and give him the platinum chip, he will then download himself onto houses mainframe and upgrade the securitron army. after this leave the lucky 38. (note at this point you will have two quests "beware the wrath of Caesar" and "Don't tread on the bear" these are just warnings, both factions will still be nice to you and you shouldn't have lost any rep with either. Just make sure you don't progress at all in "wild card: side bets"

-Now go recruit arcade gannon from the fort(If your accepted with Caesars legion you'll probably need an NCR disguise) you'll also need a speech skill of 75. All I needed to do was fast travel to the fort where arcade initiates a conversation, your reply should be something to the effect of getting in, listening to what Caesar has to say, and getting out" after your done with this conversation he should give you the quest. At this point even though you should only be about three hours into the game it should recognize that the storyline has progressed far enough to activate arcades quest.

  • important*- "for auld lang signe" will require a lvl 80 speech check to convince orion to rejoin the group(or you'll have to kill him) and may require a lvl 80 speech check to convince arcade to stay in freeside if you did not give the appropriate dialogue responses during his quest conversations(you need to tell him to stay in freeside to get the armor) see quest details with any questions. Also if your planning on siding with the legion you may have a problem here. Arcade will yell at you and leave group without giving you any option to get the armor if you tell the remnants to fight for the legion. You can have them fight for ncr and still support the legion, but you will have to kill them or try to avoid them during the battle for the dam.
  • things you should know*- killing house will kill any chance of you completing the snowglobe collection side quest. Alternately you can collect all the globes first, but that requires quite a bit of travelling and a visit to the boomers. Also completing for auld lang syne closes out the option to complete "guess who I saw today" and "you ain't nothin but a hound dog" because doctor henry, who is essential to both, will disappear. However it is pretty easy to do both those quests and doing both will probably only add on about an hour of gameplay at most. "guess who I saw today" only involves a quick clear of the mine north of Jacobstown after talking to doctor henry(however it should be noted that to attain the "happy" ending you'll need to be able to get your speech skill to 80 and science skill to 90) otherwise jacobstown won't fair well at the end of the game, and "hound dog" can be completed easily by doing a few quests for the king so he opens up the dialogue option to take rex as a companion, taking rex to doctor henry before visiting the fort (you'll have to go there eventually anyway) and once at the fort you can kill lupa for the appropriate brain on your way to talk to Caesar.(lupa is one option, it is also pretty easy to get old lady gibsons dogs brain, the fiends dog "violetta" can be difficult for low level players)

-Once all is said and done you should be about level 10-12 and three(without two side quests) or four(with side quests) hours into the game once Arcade Gannon hands over his sweet sweet armor, and you'll have a hefty portion of the game (around 80-90%) left to play, maybe even higher figuring in the numerous side quests.

Response Edit

The fuss is included for players(especially new players) who would want to start the game and get the armor straight away. which, as stated in the title "getting it early" is who it was written for.

  • A level 1 player in Goodsprings is going to have a hard time getting to Arcade Gannon in freeside, it's doable, but it will require making several runs by choosing to go through cazadors, death claws, sneaking around super mutants or going through scorpion gulch. furthermore, a level 1 player probably won't have ant nectar handy. The closest and easiest place to get ant nectar would be in the dry lake bed west of Nipton and if the player had to go there anyway why not progress the "They Went That Away" quest since they'll have to go through Primm, and should probably just continue through Nipton and then north anyway. The reason I set a path that followed quest progression is because the quest markers help newer players and your not skipping huge chunks of the game. In a game as glitchy as Fallout New Vegas skipping large chunks of things can trigger glitches and the big difference between Xbox and P/C Fallouts is that once a glitch is triggered there is usually nothing you can do to fix it. You end up having to replay hours of the game to get back to where you were, its annoying, and as someone who can sympathize I choose to set a path that will avoid those problems when giving other players gaming advice.
  • I've seen some of the pages you've edited and can see that you are knowledgable of the game. So I'm not sure why you think it would be easier to go to Repconn Headquarters and the Crashed Vertibird Sight as a low level player where you'll have to fight(well, be killed by) hardened robots and maybe high level ghouls when you could much more easily fast travel to the fort, have a 5 second conversation with Arcade and get the same result with the right response.
  • Yes you don't really need the PoS to recruit Arcade, and you can just kill Moreno, but with the speech and science skills you can have Moreno on your side at the end of the game and not have to run around looking for ant nectar and possibly(with an intelligence of 10) "another beverage", additionally you do need those speech and science checks to complete "guess who I saw today" with a favorable ending for Jacobstown, which should be completed along with "ain't nothin but a hound dog" before you do "for auld lang syne" because on an Xbox there is no way to bring Doc Henry back to complete those quests once he is gone(that would be another part of the fussiness). I didn't want people to follow my advice and get the armor 4 hours into the game only to realize 50, 60 or 70 hours into the game that two of the end game scripts (Jacobstown and Rex) were messed up because I didn't mention that completing the armor quests locked them out of those quests. Also there are several points from Goodsprings to New Vegas where those two skills can get the low level character out of some nasty fights, namely the fort bunker (especially if they destroy robots) and boulder city showdown.

The Easy Way Edit

I don't know if the game is substancially different in the XBox, I'm on PC, but you don't need to do all of these.

  • Recruit Arcade in Freeside using Ant Nectar, Dixon's Whiskey and another bevarage of yours (you need inteligence of 3 or lower to recruit him).
  • Go to the REPCONN Headquarters and Crashed Vertibird with Arcade, these are the only locations you need to visit
  • Kill Benny in his suit or let him escape. Letting him escape is the easy route, he's tough to fight in the beginning
  • Go to the Fort with Arcade (the choice to upgrade or not the robots are yours)
  • Let Benny be crucified (the easy way)
  • Go back and kill House, then install the Yes Man on the Lucky 38 mainframe
  • Arcade will offer the quest, then you visit the Remnants and every time after talking with one of them, choose the according responses (people should forget about the past and move on)
  • When in the Remnants bunker kill Moreno, you don't need the PoS, isn't right?
  • Arcade will stay in Freeside and gives you the Gannon Family Armor.

Done the easy way, without a lot of fuss. Brfritos 04:02, January 19, 2011 (UTC)

NO! Not the Tesla Armor! Edit

I have downloaded the 2nd patch for the Xbox 360 and I can no longer obtain the Gannon Family Tesla Armor after I complete For Auld Lang Syne and it saddens me to move on without it because I am somwhat of a perfectionist or an over-achiever when it comes to Fallout. I love to have (in my mind) the "Perfect" character. Does anyone know of another patch or somthing I could do to obtain it, that would be of so much help to me.*I have revised this talk page as of 5.11.11 because of my complaints towards Bethesda that were inappropriate. I recently have made a Wiki Account (Colemanpride) instead of loging in through facebook (Chase.Christopher.Coleman) and now use that.

--Chase.Christopher.Coleman 04:58, March 30, 2011 (UTC)

--Colemanpride 04:15, May 11, 2011 (UTC)

I have the 1.3.044 patch with the 360 and I have the armor. Just follow the advice, after installing the yes man, do the responses which involve giving up the past. Once I got to the bunker, told the dude to fight RNC, calmed moreno down, he left to go fetch the amour, giving it to me right as I left the bunker.

Can anyone confirm? Edit

whilst reading the page on 'Nelson' i noticed that in the bug's section it say's that sometimes a legion soldier near by is wearing Fallout 3 Tesla Armour and i was wondering if anyone could confirm this? I doubt this is true but it may be the case... --Obsidia 14:43, September 1, 2011 (UTC)

Definitely not true. --Wiseman of the Wastes 14:45, September 1, 2011 (UTC)