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This whole article gave me cancer as I was reading it. I tried to fix one section, but stopped as I could not decipher what a certain other user was trying to say. I wanted to make a table to better depict what tried to show users as a "strategy", but his way of expressing himself... I see no dots, no actual ends to his thoughts, his edits contain too much subjective content and so on. So if you want to continue what I started, use this table below.


Advantages of each system

triple-room facility single-room facility
requires less time, incidents are dealt with quicker produces more caps (although the caps rewarded is equal to fail change, ie 80% fail chance = 80 caps, fighting and extinguishing requires more time until you can rush 20 times, hence you would think that rushing a room at 90% fail change with reward 90caps 10 times,ie 10(tries)*90(reward)*10%(success change)=90caps, is just as good as rushing 10 rooms with 10% fail change, ie 10*10*90%=90caps , but in fact it is not because the fighting is animation takes A LOT of time, so in essence it would be best to use the smaller rooms);

upgraded vs non upgraded: upgraded rooms have more difficult enemies which take longer to kill, for a reward not much greater (except for the clinic and science, which give twice much resources on 1st upgrade and trice on 2nd)

--Bl4ckscy7he (talk) 13:15, November 30, 2015 (UTC)

Merging rooms Edit

If you have 2 double room and you placed one in the middle, which side will it be merged? **ReignBough**Usap 08:08, August 6, 2018 (UTC)