Clarity? Edit

Because Black Isle Studios is the role-playing game developer which published the Baldur's Gate series, many people mistakenly believe that Black Isle Studios developed the Baldur's Gate series. This is false; the Baldur's Gate series was developed by BioWare, a company that is sometimes erroneously credited with developing the Icewind Dale series."

I am not sure if this afformentioned quote intended to have links for the respective versions of Baldur's Gate, but it doesn't. The lack of links is utterly confusing and makes little sense.

`actually sorry to burst your bubble but Baldurs gate was PUPLISHED by bioWare and PRODUCED by black isle, they BOTH have a hand in baldurs gates puplication, production and development. both companys took credit for the parts of the games. the engine and charchter models are of black isle while the story dialouge and the like are of bio ware

Obisidian/Black Isle Edit

Well seeing that Obsidain and Black isle are almost one in the same. i think that There should be more refrences between Each of the articles to eachother