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Better hip-fire accuracy and recoil.

Tactical grip is a grip weapon mod in Fallout 4.


Weapon Modified name Damage per shot changeIcon damage Effect damage per shot changeIcon effect Fire rate changeIcon attack Range change Accuracy changeIcon spread Magazine capacity (shots per reload) changeAssault carbine extended magazines Weight changeIcon weight Weapon value change in capsIcon merchant Base ID
Laser gun (tactical grip) (same) +2 +.2 +14 00000000



Adhesive (varies)
Cork (varies)
Rubber (varies)
Screw (varies)
Wood (varies)
rangeIcon range
levelIcon level
Tactical grip (1)
Weapon Ad Ck Ru Sc Wo
Pipe gun 2 1 1 2 3

Energy weaponsEdit

Adhesive (varies)
Fiberglass (varies)
Screw (varies)
rangeIcon range
Science! Rank 1
levelIcon level
Tactical grip (1)
Weapon Ad Fg Sc
Laser gun 3 4 4

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