T-51b power armor (Fallout: New Vegas)

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For more background information about the T-51b and its appearances in other games, see T-51b power armor.
For an overview of power armor models in general, see power armor.

The T-51b power armor is a type of armor in Fallout: New Vegas.


The Mojave variant of the T-51b is a type of powered infantry armor. In order to wear the armor, the player must first acquire Power Armor Training, which can be obtained by completing the quest Still in the Dark and then completing Eyesight to the Blind or Tend to Your Business, or by completing For Auld Lang Syne. The armor is relatively rare in the Mojave Wasteland, as the Brotherhood of Steel-the only faction which regularly uses power armor-has their own faction-specific version of the armor.

The armor is fitted with a back-mounted TX-28 MicroFusion Pack which generates an output power of 60,000 Watts to power the HiFlo hydraulic systems built into the frame of the suit. Made of a poly-laminate composite, the outer shell of the T-51b is lightweight and capable of absorbing over 2500 Joules of kinetic impact. The 10-micron-thick silver ablative coating can reflect laser and other radiation emissions without damage to the composite subsurface, and the eyeslit for the helmet is made of bullet proof glass to protect the wearer from any projectiles.[1] The armor usually carries enough fuel to last for about a century. The armor is completely sealed, and offers excellent protection from Radiation.




  • The T-51b power armor is different from the Brotherhood T-51b power armor because the chest, shoulder, and calf armor pieces, as well as a few other parts, are green instead of white/gray. This is similar to the differences between Fallout 3's version of the T-51b power armor and the winterized T-51b power armor.
  • When wearing this armor, back-sheathed weapons will be holstered differently than if the player was not wearing this armor. For example, when not wearing power armor, the player holsters the hunting shotgun with the butt of the gun behind the players right shoulder. With the armor on, the butt of the gun will now be behind the players right hip.
  • T-51b power armor, with 2000 hp, is the most durable armor in the entire game, surpassing even Remnants armor, which has only 400 hp. In the lore, the Remnants power armor (advanced power armor, Mk. I) would greatly surpass the T-51b's ability to withstand damage although it does provide 5 more DT.


  • ps3Icon ps3 pcIcon pc xbox360Icon xbox360 When you sit down the shoulder pads will rotate and clip inside the body. The same glitch also occurs with the T-45d. It will only occur if the player sits on a chair. Sitting on a sofa will not make the shoulder pads clip through the armor, although sometimes this will be reversed.
  • ps3Icon ps3 xbox360Icon xbox360 When using large weapons like miniguns, the armor's hip will become see-through, and the player will appear hipless.
  • pcIcon pc If spawning the armor portion of this set from the console, and if the PC is currently wearing it as well, the armor will not show up in inventory. It will apply the weight associated with carrying the armor however. This seems to be due to the fact that although you cannot view nor interact with the item it is indeed in your inventory. If you drop the set you are currently wearing, the newly spawned armor will appear in your inventory.
  • pcIcon pc ps3Icon ps3 This armor seems to mesh with some rifle-gripped weapons (e.g. sniper rifle and assault carbine).
  • ps3Icon ps3 xbox360Icon xbox360 If you give the armor to a companion to wear, and the response is "This follower will not wear this faction's armor", the armor might disappear. The only way to resolve this is reload a save.


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