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System recording: Vault 11 front entrance is a holodisk in Fallout: New Vegas.


Together with the Vault 11 note, it is given to player after activating the terminal near the Vault 11 door entrance.



Voice 1: Are we really gonna do this? It's open. We could just leave.
Voice 2: I couldn't. Not after that.
Voice 3: We don't deserve to leave.
Voice 4: "A shining example." That's what it called us.
Voice 1: But we were! We did what we were supposed to.
Voice 5: Not by a long shot.
Voice 1: Anybody would've done what we did.
Voice 2: You ask me, that's exactly the problem. Now let's get on with this.
Voice 3: I'll go first.
Voice 1: Wait. Wait. People should know what happened. They could learn from it.
Voice 5: If there's anyone out there at all, I hope they never have to find out. Ready, Harry?
Voice 3: Yeah.
Voice 1: No no no, wait!
<Four gunshots in succession>
Voice 1: <Whimpers>
<Sound of a pistol dropping to the floor>

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