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Synth armor is a type of armor set in Fallout 4.


Synth armor is a type of combat armor plating created by the Institute for their first and second generation synth soldiers deployed in the Commonwealth.


It comes in regular, sturdy and heavy variants, with each successive tier being much stronger and heavier. Compared to regular combat armor, the regular synth armor has less ballistic resistance but more energy resistance. The sturdy and heavy variants are stronger than the respective combat armor variants but weigh slightly more.

It can be upgraded with pocketed, cushioned, strengthened, lead-lined and other standard modifications.



Name Weight Damage Resistance drIcon shield silver Energy Resistance energyIcon electrical Value Base ID
Synth chest piece 7 12 17 75 00187974
Synth right leg 3 6 9 30 00187970
Synth left leg 3 6 9 30 00187972
Synth right arm 3 7 10 30 0018796e
Synth left arm 3 7 10 30 0018796c
Synth helmet 3 9 11 33 00187976
Total 22 47 66 228


Name Weight Damage Resistance drIcon shield silver Energy Resistance energyIcon electrical Value Base ID
Sturdy synth chest piece 12 25 29 125 00187974
Sturdy synth right leg 7 11 14 80 00187970
Sturdy synth left leg 7 11 14 80 00187972
Sturdy synth right arm 7 12 15 70 0018796e
Sturdy synth left arm 7 12 15 70 0018796c
Total 40 71 87 425


Name Weight Damage Resistance drIcon shield silver Energy Resistance energyIcon electrical Value Base ID
Heavy synth chest piece 17 37 42 175 00187974
Heavy synth right leg 10 16 19 130 00187970
Heavy synth left leg 10 16 19 130 00187972
Heavy synth right arm 10 17 20 110 0018796e
Heavy synth left arm 10 17 20 110 0018796c
Total 57 103 120 665


Can be found on various generation 1 and generation 2 synth soldiers throughout the Commonwealth. Dirty variants of synth armor are worn by synths at:


  • The regular synth armor left arm does not show on the player character, because its only part is in the same wrist slot as the Pip-Boy. Unequipping the Pip-Boy with console commands then equipping the left arm shows the same wrist armor that normally appears for the right arm.
  • Synth armor sourced from within the Institute has a newer, cleaner finish compared to the weathered appearance of synth armor sourced from above ground. The dirty variant is sold by the Institute for the player character.
  • "Clean" versions can also be obtained from "Outpost Defense" Railroad radiant quests.
  • The synths Z4K-97B, XPN-20A and A-2018 in the Institute's reactor room have a unique shadowed heavy synth armor that cannot be looted or obtained by the player character and can be shot off by focus fire and explosives, much like power armor.
  • The unique shadowed synth armor is actually part of the three synth characters' model. One can pacify XPN-20A with the Wasteland Whisperer perk, however equipping new armor to the character will just layer it over the unique armor. The unique black armor will not appear in the character's inventory, regardless of acquisition techniques.
  • In the armor workbench there is no mod for an empty misc. slot so one cannot remove misc. mods. This means if one has a leaded synth right arm it is impossible to make it into a regular synth right arm.


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