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This is a transcript for dialogue with Sydney's father.

Topics Edit

MS15FinSydneyDadMessage MS15FinSydneyDadMessage Sad 50 My dearest Little Moonbeam. I know you've been waiting to hear what happened to me. {You are weak... as if dying.} 1
Sad 50 I'm sorry I left you like I did. An important deal came up... one that might have let us to get away from that shack we were living in. {You are weak... as if dying.} 2
Sad 50 I came to the Statesman Hotel to meet the buyer and the deal went bad. We shot each other, and now I think I'm dying. {You are weak... as if dying.} 3
Sad 50 I won't make it out of this place... the ruins are crawling with Super Mutants. All I can do is record this and then hide up in one of the rooms. {You are weak... as if dying.} 4
Sad 50 You're a strong girl and I know you can use everything I taught you to survive alone. {You are weak... as if dying.} 5
Sad 50 Please forgive me, sweetie. I only wanted to make the best for us. Daddy loves you very much. Goodbye. {You are weak... as if dying.} 6

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