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FO3 sweetroll
Icon sweetroll
effects+5 Hit Points

The sweetroll, or sweet roll, is a unique food item in Fallout 3.

Related questsEdit

During the quest Growing Up Fast, the Lone Wanderer is given a sweet roll by Old Lady Palmer. Once Andy eviscerates the cake with his circular saw, Butch accosts the Wanderer and demands that he/she gives up the sweet roll.

The player has a variety of options for response: a simple dismissal, an attempt to share, a spiteful spit on the roll before giving it up, to a vicious verbal jab at his mother's drinking habits. Most responses will provoke Butch to get up and begin throwing punches at the player, which prompts Officer Gomez to intervene.

The item will disappear from the player's inventory when they complete the quest.


  • The player can eat the sweetroll before Butch has a chance of asking you for it, which will then activate a different scenario: Butch tells them that they'll "get it later".
  • The player can also drop the sweetroll on the ground before Butch confronts them, prompting a speech option about "throwing the sweetroll away".
  • Planting the sweetroll on Butch will result in the above two options appearing.
Icon cut contentThe following is based on Fallout: New Vegas cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
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Behind the scenesEdit

The "Sweetroll Scenario" is a running gag and scenario often postulated in character generation sequences in Bethesda-made games. Fallout 3 is the first time that the scenario is actually acted out instead of simply postulated.

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