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For an overview of baseball bats in various Fallout games, see baseball bat.

No skull in the league can withstand a Swatter!

Moe Cronin

The Swatter is a weapon in Fallout 4.


This is a long, smooth wooden bat, typically made of ash, for use in the sport of baseball. Under MLB regulations, a baseball bat cannot exceed 2.61 inches in diameter at the widest point, can be no longer than 42 inches, and must be a single solid piece. Bats found in the Commonwealth have a base weight of three pounds, approaching the weight of bats used in the early 20th century by players like Babe Ruth.

Swatters are enhanced baseball bats sold by Moe Cronin in Diamond City at his shop, Swatters. Unlike generic baseball bats found in the wasteland, Moe's Swatters have a custom logo containing his name and that of his store etched into them.

Weapon modificationsEdit

Slot Mod Description Weapon prefix Damage per hit changeIcon damage Weight changeIcon weight Weapon value change in capsIcon merchant Perk needed Components Base ID
Upgrade No upgrade
Barbed Armor piercing. Improved damage. Barbed +4 +0.2 +5 Adhesive x1
Steel x2
Spiked Armor piercing. Better damage. Spiked +6 +0.5 +7 Adhesive x1
Screw x1
Steel x1
Sharp Targets bleed. Better damage. Sharp +6 + ? +0.5 +7 Adhesive x1
Steel x3
Chain-wrapped Superior damage. Chain-wrapped +12 +1.1 +10 Blacksmith 1 Adhesive x1
Steel x1
Bladed Targets bleed. Exceptional damage. Bladed +18 +1.5 +12 Blacksmith 2 Adhesive x1
Oil x1
Steel x5
Material Black Black Wood x5 00000000
Blue Blue Wood x5 00000000
Grey Grey Wood x5 00000000
Red Red Wood x5 00000000
Mahogany Mahogany Wood x5 00000000
Cedar Cedar Wood x5 00000000
Oak Oak Wood x5 00000000
Natural Wood x5 00000000
Aluminum Aluminum +4 -0.6 +7 Blacksmith 1 Aluminum x6 00000000



  • Sold at Swatters by Moe Cronin, with various mods attached.

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