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Supply plant
Power Plant
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Supply Plant loc
World map: The Pitt
part ofSteelyard (The Pitt)
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questsMill Worker achievement
cell nameDLC01SupplyPlant
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Gametitle-FO3 TP

The supply plant is a place in the Fallout 3 add-on The Pitt, accessed from the steelyard.

Inside the plant, the player can find several steel ingots as well as uncover a small side story about the fate of its workers.


A pair of wildmen can be found in the second room of the supply plant, just past the main entrance. There are more wildmen further in by the carts usually fighting Trogs. The rest of the supply plant is occupied by several trogs. There is also a Factory protectron inside a repair chamber that can be activated by hacking a nearby average terminal. The protectron is friendly towards the player, and helps assist in clearing the plant area of trogs.


The plant's pre-War management began to replace the workers with protectrons, initially claiming the robots would only be used for plant security. When the workers were laid off en masse despite the supervisor Tom McMullin's stalling efforts, they revolted and attempted to chase after their supervisor who they mistakenly believed to be at fault. McMullin, suspecting this as soon as he heard the management order, tried to escape but was chased into a small room where he locked himself in. When the new protectron work force arrived, the robots proceeded to kill the human workers. Alarmed by the noise, the supervisor left his room but went back soon after, shocked by what he had witnessed, planning not to leave the room again. As a skeleton is found in the room where the terminal with McMullin's accounts of the event are located it can be assumed he died in there. After reading McMullin's entries on the terminal, a friendly protectron will appear outside of the previously locked door.

Entry transcripts

Notable loot

  • 18 steel ingots (See steel ingot for exact locations)
  • The Man Opener, a unique auto axe, on the top floor of the plant on a large double bed.
  • There are a lot of doses of jet in the room with the Man Opener, 12 total. 2 jet on the table in the hall at the top of the stairs before entering, and 10 more jet in the actual room (1 on the mattress, 1 on the floor by the bed, 3 on the shelf by the FAK, 2 by the skeleton on the left path, and 3 by the skeleton on the right path).


  • In the 8 steel ingots' stash location, i.e. a dead end with three wildmen with flamers filled with trog, giblets, and mining carts, it's suggested to pay particular attention if using Energy weapons as any ash/goo piles created will cover the ingots, making them impossible to retrieve for a while.
  • Activating the switch at the 'end' that opens the shortcut back to the entrance will close behind you after some time or if you leave. However, you can simply aim at the switch through the door (First or Third Person, it doesn't matter) and activate it to get a shortcut through the 'end' area.
  • Don't bother looking, or jumping into the generator/turbine areas to the sides of the terminal in the Man Opener room as there is no loot hidden here, and there is a good possibility you will get stuck and have to reload.
  • A pitching machine and bases have been set up as a makeshift baseball field in the room containing the Man Opener.
  • Sleeping in the bed next to the trip wire will activate the explosion even if the trip wire has been deactivated.
  • After reading through the last log on the terminal, in which its described how the sound of the 'killer' protectron walking was heard you will instantly hear a protectron walking by after logging off the computer. Note: only if you've run the maintenance routine for the protectron a few rooms down. The protectron you need to activate will also seem to disappear if you take your eyes off it, you'll find it when mentioned above, you read the last log.


The supply plant only appears in the Fallout 3 add-on The Pitt

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