In Fallout 4, supply lines can be created between settlements to share resources and inventory among them.

Requirements for creating supply lines:

  • At least two owned settlements
  • At least one free settler
  • The first rank of the Local Leader perk
  • The two settlements must not already be (directly) connected with a supply line

Benefits Edit

Linking the settlements with supply lines provides the following benefits:

  • When building at a workshop or using a crafting station inside a linked settlement, one can use the junk, aid and miscellaneous items in the inventory of all linked workshops from all linked settlements (junk does not have to be salvaged first).
  • Armor and weapons in the workshop are exclusive to the settlement. What is in the workshop inventory passes to that specific settlement's armor and weapon workbenches.
  • Excess food and water will be used to supply all the settlements in the supply network. How a "green" shortage affects happiness in a settlement is not covered here.
  • In the Pip-Boy "Workshop" menu, the game will show actual shortages for individual settlements with warning triangles, which causes unhappiness, but if the category is green, then the network is supplying the shortage.
  • Provisioners can double as friendly patrols, and will engage enemies that obstruct their paths. An abundance of supply lines intersecting the various settlements can make traveling across the Commonwealth much safer, particularly if the provisioner is equipped with proper weapons and armor to deal with the kinds of enemies that they might encounter on their route.
  • It is possible to establish supply routes between the Commonwealth and the Island, giving one access to stored resources in both places.
  • If a provisioner is encountered in the wasteland, they can be given items that they will carry to the settlement they are assigned to. Thus, provisioners can be used as "personal movers" to clear up inventory space.


To create a supply line, use the workshop in one of the settlements, highlight a settler and press [Q] (or RB/R1 on XBOX/PS4) to display a list of owned settlements. Select the settlement to which the player character wants to link the current settlement.

To review existing supply lines, open the world map and press [C] (or L1/LB on PS4/XBOX) to view all the settlements connected to the supply line network.

Settlers assigned to supply lines will become provisioners and will travel between settlements (usually leading a pack-brahmin). To remove the supply line, simply reassign the provisioner to some other work object in their settlement.

  • The provisioner will actually travel between the two connected settlements, so it may be difficult to reassign the worker, since they may not be in their home settlement. It is also possible to reassign the provisioner using the Vault-Tec Population Management System that came with the add-on Vault-Tec Workshop.
  • Provisioners still count towards the population limit of their respective settlements, as well as food/water requirements, despite hardly ever being in the settlement.
  • Settlements share resources with all other settlements that are part of its supply line network. Two settlements do not have to be directly connected. In other words, if the Sole Survivor connects settlement A → B, B → C and C → D, then A, B, C and D will also share resources with each other despite not directly being connected since they are still part of the same network.
  • Provisioners will engage hostile creatures and enemies along their path, so it is advisable to equip them with appropriate weapons and armor so they can defend themselves.
  • Like companions, provisioners cannot die by enemy fire; with enough damage, provisioners will be briefly knocked down, but they will get back up after a while. They will, however, die from damage taken from the Sole Survivor's mines.
  • To change or update the provisioner's clothing or weapons, initiate dialogue and trade items with them.
  • Creating a supply network with two overlapping circles (A → B → C → D → A and A → C) can make some of the settlements have their food/water set to 0. To fix this, one needs to remove one of the circles and then activate the workshop at the affected settlements to update their resources.


  • pcIcon pc ps4Icon ps4 When setting up a supply line, only settlements which are at least one settler under the population limit can be selected as a target. This may be a possible bug, since provisioners do not change the population of the targeted settlement.[verified]
  • ps4Icon ps4 Provisioners will occasionally disappear, requiring a re-establishment of a supply line. Possibly, the missing provisioner may be pinned down in combat. Arriving and 'rescuing' the provisioner will re-establish the supply line.[verified]
  • ps4Icon ps4 Provisioners that were moved to the destination of their supply lines may keep the title of provisioner and their backpack appearance. The provisioner can be assigned any regular settler task and the supply line indeed ceases to exist.[verified]
  • ps4Icon ps4 xboxoneIcon xboxone Supply caravans and their respective provisioners can become stuck on their routes or just disappear despite the Pip-Boy still showing a supply line connected between two settlements. This can make it extremely difficult or impossible to make any changes to your supply lines after they have been established.[verified]
  • ps4Icon ps4 pcIcon pc When a provisioner is assigned a new supply route or another task or is moved to another settlement while they are visiting another settlement, the old supply route will remain active in the Pip-Boy supply lines map, and the resources from the previous route will still be available to the provisioners original settlement.[verified]