Superior ghoul armor

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Superior ghoul armor
Ghoul armor2FOT Ghoul
AC bonus20
weight25 pounds
normal25 DR3 DT
fire15 DR1 DT
gas0 DR0 DT
energy25 DR1 DT
electrical0 DR0 DT
explosive20 DR1 DT
Mini-FOT LogoThe following is based on Fallout Tactics and some details might contradict canon.

Superior ghoul armor is an armor in Fallout Tactics.


A mixture of leather and metal patches, held together by rubber straps. It can only be worn by ghouls. Together with ghoul armor, it is one of the two armors available for ghouls. Superior ghoul armor also has marked advantages over regular ghoul armor, in that it actually has a damage threshold: regular ghoul armor absorbs every point of damage inflicted upon it.


There are no known locations where superior ghoul armor can be purchased, it only appears on several ghouls already equipped with it. These include Elliot Nesting, Jacob Young, and Martin, however, it cannot simply be stolen off of an NPC as a special weapon would. Martin is a ghoul recruit who becomes available as the Warrior progresses, and because they have access to the inventories of characters in their recruit pool they can simply bring Martin into the squad out of the pool and make him drop his superior ghoul armor. A different ghoul character in the squad can then equip the superior ghoul armor.


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