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For the super tool kit that appears in Fallout Tactics, see Super tool kit (Fallout Tactics).

The super tool kit is a miscellaneous item in Fallout 2.


An impressive tool set made by "Snap-Off". When equipped, it temporarily increases the Repair skill by 40%. Skeeter in Gecko can be traded one for a fuel cell controller which is the vital component for getting the Highwayman in the Den working.


  • Valerie ordered one in Vault City to replace her lost tools. If given a tool and a wrench, she receives 5 kits on the next day. She can then be asked for one and she gives one, the other four can be stolen.
  • Jules in New Reno will sell one or it can be stolen or looted.
  • Smitty will occasionally have one in his inventory, which makes getting the fuel cell controller a lot easier, i.e. buying it from him, traveling to Gecko, giving it to Skeeter, then traveling back for the car.
  • Another can be found in Navarro in Raul's workshop.

Behind the scenesEdit

"Snap-Off" is a reference to the tool company "Snap-On."