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For an overview of stimpak types in all games, see Stimpak.

An advanced healing chem. Very powerful. Superstims will cause a small amount of damage after a period of time due to powerful nature of the chemicals used.

Super stimpak is a more advanced version of the regular stimpak. While it heals more severe wounds, it also has unpleasant side effects, causing minor damage some time after use.

The super version comes in a hypodermic, but with an additional vial containing more powerful drugs than the basic model and a leather belt to strap the needle to the limb.


When injected, a super stimpak heals 75 HP immediately, but the powerful nature of drugs used in the process will cause an adverse reaction from the organism, resulting in draining 9 HP after two minutes.

The super stimpak is a rare sight in the wasteland, usually only available from high tech settlements, such as Vault City or San Francisco.


Sometimes, chemistry geniuses can whip up a super stimpak, which is the case with Myron, who could create one from 1 stimpak, 1 Nuka-Cola and 1 fruit or a medically-inclined player character. (76% Doctor skill or more).

Use for assassinationEdit

Super stimpaks also have a nefarious purpose. They can be used to assassinate friendly non-player characters in populated areas; no one would suspect killing a person with stimpaks, because they heal people. Having the Awareness perk helps, as one can see how much health the target has. Simply divide their maximum health by 9 and round up. The number reached is how many super stimpaks needed to kill the victim. Stick the stimpaks in a weapon slot (for convenience and speed) and use the applicable number of stimpaks on the victim. After waiting 2 minutes, they should die from the latent damage (9 points per stimpak).

Roger Westin in NCR, Big Jesus Mordino and Louis Salvatore in New Reno have an additional code that makes them susceptible to even a single super stimpak.



Fallout 2Edit

  • One of the clues of the Magic 8-ball is the code to activate the first terminal in Vault 8; it will give a super stimpak.
  • Harold will give the Chosen One 3 super stimpaks for helping solve the Gecko powerplant problem, by asking what he does and about the Vault Dweller. (Note that this cannot be done if having got into Lenny's thread about the G.E.C.K. ("Vault 13 owes us one").
  • Myron will have some items the first time he is either recruited, attacked, or told to give up all his stuff, among which are 3 super stimpaks.
  • Cal sells a few.
  • cutIcon cut Chemmie would have been able to make an unlimited supply of these.